January Febuary issue of Awareness Magazine : Mavis McCovey A Medicine Way of Life, Deanna Campbell Saving Tibetan Culture

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By Suzanne Banken


The Merkaba is a divine light vehicle of geometric fields created through consciousness to connect with and reach higher dimensional realms. It is an eight-pointed geometric shape consisting of two interlocking tetrahedrons (3D triangles). When seen in 2D it resembles the Seal of Solomon. In ancient days this formation would naturally vibrate in and around us. Over time our vibration slowed to the point that it became non active.

This Vehicle of Light was instrumental for many things including access into all possible dimensions, and in each dimension utilized the laws of that dimension to manifest and extend life on this planet. Reactivating your personal Merkaba can assist individually and collectively during this momentous time in history.

The adventure of reactivating my personal Merkaba began 5 years ago, when a friend gave me a Merkaba Crystal. I was fascinated by the formation and loved it, but knew nothing about it. A short time later, I came across a meditation at www.crystalinks.com, and for the next 3 months devoted myself to the meditation daily. I began noticing “interesting” things.

During one session (with two other people present) the Merkaba Crystal actually changed weight depending on which hand it was held in. Other times, I would notice that I had better command over my breath, elongating it much further than what had previously been normal for me. There was a marked enhancement of my intuitive abilities. I was able to expand and increase my capacity to see auric colors around others. I knew that I had to teach this to others….

I scheduled the first class and began an incredible journey with a new style of teaching that has become most rewarding, but at the time, the scariest way I had ever taught. Through channeling, I was told that Isis and Thoth would be giving me information over the coming months. I had scheduled and begun setting up for the class when I became aware that the books I had ordered to give me background information were not to arrive until the very week before the class started!

I had no choice but to trust that all would be unveiled to me at the proper time. And it was. The channeled information, given to me by Isis and Thoth (predominantly by Isis), has been and continues to be life changing for me and has transformed the lives of my students.

This Merkaba class, as dictated by Isis, goes through the eight main chakras (she has shared that there are 8 main chakras in lieu of the traditional 7) removing debris and expanding the light capacity of each vortex (chakra). This process allows everyone’s personal vibration to more easily attain an expanded level and not atrophy. In this awareness, the person can have access beyond space and time limitations, remembering their Divine status.

For more information about this Merkaba course (taught at the Common Ground) please go to www.directintuition.com or contact me directly at (949) 325-3055.

Suzanne Banken is a gifted Intuitive, Channeler and Reiki Master (teaching and consulting) and teaching Intuitive Development classes. She also hosts a weekly radio show answering questions intuitively regarding career, relationship and personal development. Suzanne teaches in California and across the Midwest. For more information, visit www.directintuition.com, www.academyofreiki.org and www.Blogtalkradio.com/DirectIntuition.