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A Mayan Encounter with Earth Changes
Surviving Volcanoes, Sink Holes and Storms

By Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Raa


“There but the grace of god goes I.” A popular phrase often invoked in recognition that perhaps your life is really not all that bad, especially when compared to another! The breath you are enjoying while reading this article supports you to enjoy the experience of living and the gift of reading this article supports you to expand through the living experience. These are two universal truths that propel us all through eons of time: the experience of living in form and the energy of expanding through it.

To fully understand these two energies is to also let go of any and all need to control them. Your choice of these two experiences on THIS PLANET, at THIS MOMENT in time is to also call forth the greatest gift of all… your soul’s completion of a mission you consciously started long ago.

What does this really mean and why should you care?

Have you noticed that our beloved planet is starting to speak to us in ways she has not done before?

Has your internal knowing started to heat up to the point where you “know” that something “big” is getting ready to come forward on our planet?

Does your heart keep calling you to wake up to a greater reality?

Since you are reading this article right now, most likely the answers to most of those questions, if not all of them, is yes! The ignition of the two primary energies of experience and expansion, are not limited to simply the human. This energetic propulsion is fully present for ALL sentient beings and the planet herself. This energy is also the dynamic fuel that sends the signal throughout the universe that support and continually re-ignite our collective missions.

Over the past three years we have been honored to develop a beautiful and lasting relationship with the indigenous Maya of Guatemala. With each visit and extended time spent in the highlands, we experience expansion in ways distinctly in contrast to the linear minded/solution oriented fast pace of technologically-advanced cultures.

Here we live and expand through what is naturally brought forward each day. Sometimes it is as simple as the choices of food for the evening meal based solely upon what was made available from the field, and on some days, it is as large as dealing with the immediate experience and expansion that is thrust upon an entire village through a sudden volcanic eruption and tropical storm.

This was our exact experience during the last week of May, 2010.

Nothing can ever fully prepare you for the immense impact of the earth changes so many have predicted. You cannot mentalize your way through a large-scale natural disaster of biblical proportion. You cannot make deals with god in the moment or hide behind an illusion that this only happens to others.

You are Here! You are Ready! And, if you are open to fully harnessing the gift of experience and expansion, you are also guided to flow with all experience as you allow the greater forces of the universe to express and lovingly direct you through the perceived chaos.

We had just left our beloved Lake Atitlan retreat center and were on our way to Guatemala City to board a plane to the U.S. the next day. Our intuition had guided us to stay outside of the city that evening, and without questioning this, we found a lovely spot in the beautiful city of Antigua, (about an hour outside of Guatemala City).

The weather was unusually ominous and there was a stark air of stillness in the energy of the area that was not “usual”. As we prepared to make our way to dinner an urgent text message arrived from our friends in Guatemala City announcing that the Pacaya Volcano had just erupted.

They were on their way to join us and were also being met by torrential rain that was making their journey hazardous. Stunned by the news, we sat, took in a deep breath and began to ask others about the situation.

“Yes,” the girl at the front desk shared, “the Pacaya has started erupting spewing rocks, lava and a great amount of ash into the sky. It is covering the city and this has not happened for many years. The last time I remember I was a very young child. I believe they will close the airport, and suggest you stay here and do not try to go to the city any time soon.”

Making sense of what she was saying, we agreed to stay and focused our energies upon our friends as we watched the streets outside begin to flood in record time as the sky emitted an eerie glow from the volcano.

Hours later our friends appeared, tired and strained, yet safe. They too, were here overnight and unable to return to their home just an hour away. As we sat together and held presence, the news came in. A tropical storm named Agatha was on her way and promised to be powerful. The airport was going to be closed down for many days.

Waking up the next morning we were greeted by torrential rains, very dark skies and news that the volcano had erupted again overnight, killing many. There had also been the sudden appearance of a large sinkhole in the center of Guatemala City that had literally swallowed a three-story building and looked so perfectly formed one would think that only Hollywood could have created it. As if that was not enough, we were told that the storm was moving in a direct path toward our village at Lake Atitlan, San Antonio Palopo.

This beautiful remote village is one of the few remaining authentic Maya towns. The people still wear traditional beautifully hand-woven clothing, and a deeper experience of true community exists here in all ways. While our retreat center is a 20-minute boat ride from the village, our connection to the village is strong. We are the god-parents of several indigenous children, assist with school supplies, employ as many villagers as possible, and assist with ongoing education and environmental projects. This is our village too!

The next two days were a blur. Torrential Rain, ominous thunder, ash, darkness… it was a surreal mix of awestruck presence and the recognition that we ARE IN THE earth changes of 2012 NOW.

We awoke on the third day to calm skies and a hint of blue and sun; our hearts were warmed and optimism ran high. During our breakfast we were given the first of the news that would forever shift our focus in a large way.

Our beautiful village of San Antonio Palopo had been struck by 22 mudslides. At least 15 villagers were dead with many still missing. Homes had been literally carried away and roads into the village were impassable.

Acting quickly, we started making calls to those who we knew in the village. The first one we reached was Michael, the father of our Godson. He was in shock and his voice trembling as he shared that during the deluge he and his family suddenly felt the need to go visit his wife’s brother. They arrived at what had been his home within moments of it having been swept into a ravine. They discovered his brother-in-law hanging down the ravine with his young son in his arms. Because of their quick action, they were able to pull him out prior to his falling using a rope lying by the ravine.

As they visited more of the family, they found them already dead. The mudslide claimed most of their immediate family, and all who survived are now living in his tiny 10ft x10ft home (about 15 of them).

We next contacted Agapito, a beautiful man whose family is 100% supported by TOSA La Laguna and the TOSA Miracle Team. His immediate family was OK, however they had lost their home and six members of their extended family were dead with three more missing. He was busy helping to dig out as many bodies as possible and relocating his family to safer shelter. He was one of the lucky ones, they found a house to rent that was still standing.

Within a 24-hour period, this sleepy, beautiful village was virtually washed into the lake by mud, and over 600 people lost their homes and all belongings. Most were left with the very literal clothes on their back, and nothing more. No food, no money, no shelter, no water, all gone within 24 hours.

You would think that they would be defeated. You would think that they would be consumed by their tragedies. And, while the shock of the 24 hours was still setting in, what did come forward was a truly magnificent experience of ascended community in action.

Together, this village began digging for their lost loved ones. Those who had the skills began creating a makeshift water pipeline deep into the lake to pump water. Boats were driven to nearby villages to get food so that at least even one small meal a day could sustain the victims. Funerals were attended by everyone and together they modeled the power of love in action.

There was no looting. And there were no crimes committed against each other. Food is not being hoarded, all is being shared and all are calm as they move forward with their lives.

These humble people love the land. These beautiful beings are not cursing Gaia for sending the mudslides through their village. These light-filled villagers are caring for each other and the energy of mine is yours is abundant everywhere.

Through this “tragedy” humanity is being gifted, as a planet, with a model of true community; the opportunity to lift through self-defeating experience and join together for the higher good. In this space there is no room for ego, there is no room for competition, there is simply the room to BE.

Tonight as you lay your head on your pillow on a bed that is comfortable and safe, and as you drink a glass of clean water and notice that your stomach is not yearning for food, we invite you to recognize that your life is really quite amazing.

All your needs are met. And, the greater needs of our planet are inviting us all to pay closer attention. Gaia is speaking, loudly, are you listening?

A humanitarian aid effort is underway to assist with the people of San Antonio Palopo. To learn more about this project and offer donations, (100% goes to the people directly), please visit www.SriandKira.com and click on the TOSA La Laguna tab under Perspectives.

San Antonio Palopo Update!
December 2010

The gentle breezes are once again blowing across Lake Atitlan as she has risen to a historic 60 year high. (Over a 9 feet rise in water level that spreads across the entire 12 mile long by 7 mile wide span of the lake causing many to have lost homes, farm land and more!) This rise began with the storm that created what turned out to be the first of two significant mudslides causing great damage to this tiny remote village.

As the rainy season came to a close, many discovered that the gift of impermanence is one we are all being called to harness. The villagers demonstrate a resilience and trust in their innate ability to move forward in spite of physical loss. Multiple challenges faced this village, and yet the village lives on.

Our humanitarian relief effort literally saved lives, prevented an outbreak of cholera and kept many from starving. Our current relief efforts are focused on assisting a newly formed co-op to bring their stunning handwoven textiles to a global market while offering the women of the village an opportunity to become fully self-reliant.

We encourage you to gift yourself with visiting this extraordinary people and this extraordinary village in the heart of the heart of Guatemala, and we welcome you to come discover your own Heart Center in alignment with the upcoming galactic center. 2010 is now complete, the year ahead is calling... you are ready... you have spent a lifetime preparing... let this be your moment!