By Audrey Hope


I AM the freedom that I seek.
I AM woman myself,
  already now
Simply because I breathe
  and that is enough.
Needing only to unmask in the
  thundering present
Reclaiming what was theirs
  not to be taken.

I AM the freedom that I seek.
I AM the one I have been
  waiting for
Finishing the twist of revolution,
The rite of passage
That stirred in my soul for ages.

I AM the goddess again,
Re-entering the garden
A brave warrior
With courage to bring in the
  age of light.

I AM the freedom that I seek,
I celebrate myself
I made it to the other side.


I dedicate this decree to my friends, my sisters, and the women of the world, who braved the constraints of their  culture to be the new women of the new millennium.

It has really been a revolution of the soul. We thought we were fighting for a woman’s right to vote, to work, to have equal pay, to love freely, to have children, to not have children, to marry later, to divorce earlier. We can trace our new liberty in statistics and symbols — women of Afghanistan tearing off their burkas, burning bras, and standing on picket lines. But, we should really be looking into the faces of women, in every country and in every living room, and sit in a circle among them. Their eyes say it. Their journey has been their arrival. Today, they are now fully themselves, owning their goddesship, long ago taken and now resurrected.

Once upon a time, the goddess lived, possessed of power, honored and revered. She was a high priestess with a high calling, and all appealed to her to heal and bless the land with abundance and fertility. Thousands of years ago things were different. Men were well placed beside her, and were graced to bow down to her divinity. He knew she opened the door. But then . . .

The beautiful rhythms of life reversed, and they took what was not theirs to be taken. The invaders, the hunters, the warriors installed their supreme male father gods, and the patriarchal system became the order of the day. With too much power, his-story was defined in wars, imperialism and dominance and the balance was destroyed. The big wrong story put women as secondary creature, and like Eve in the garden, she was blamed for the fall from grace. The damaging deception, abuses and lies, and horrors told in the media, killed the spirit of the goddess. The deep wound became self-judgment that silenced her authentic voice. But . . .

Pain often brings gifts and the challenge forced her through her rite of passage. In time, she kept her course, learned her lessons, and at the end of the rainbow she found a pot of gold filled with hard-earned self-esteem. Congratulations to the goddess. Again, she stands at the helm with enlightening strength, able to call on her power for the mutual benefit of the world. Now she can thank the men for the push, and turn around and glance back and say, “now it is your turn”.

We are upon an evolutionary time period, a blossom time that has been predicted in every sacred book since the beginning of time. Whispered in code were messages that a great golden age would come with opportunity to birth a new world. The long awaited wake-up call is only here to shock us from emotional and mental slumber. Who said it was the end of the world?  The TV, the newspapers, the media again. Perhaps we are about to witness the greatest transformation this planet has ever known.

We can meet the challenge of our times. The goddess is here. Of course we will have to turn off the TV, close the newspaper, and listen to the woman’s voice. She holds an invitation to ascend.

Audrey Hope is the creator and host of “REEL WOMEN”; an award-winning international talk show dedicated to life-altering perspectives. Contact  hopesvoice@aol.com   

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