Excerpt from “Getting Thru to Your Soul”
Seven Spiritual Activations
By Phillip and Jane Mountrose



Knowledge of the spiritual activations and their impact on your life may be your most practical tool on the spiritual path. Once you understand the sequence, you can track your development step-by-step and bring deeper meaning to the events of your life. You can also avoid the pitfalls that prevent people from progressing, and move more easily toward a loving and joyful life. Each activation involves learning specific lessons. If you know what the next lesson is, you can work through it more easily.

Studying the activations can also help you to understand more about what the people around you are experiencing. This can enhance your relationships with others. On the spiritual journey, your body is your vehicle. Much like a car, it provides a way for you to maneuver in your reality. Before starting down the path, the ego is driving around in the traffic jam we call the mass consciousness, with little or no idea of where he or she is going. Pain and fear are the ego’s normal companions.

From there, the stages are:

1. Recognition: The ego sees a friendly face at the side of the road, stops, and picks up the soul. You recognize that there is more to life than meets the eye.

2. Renunciation: While the ego continues through the traffic, the soul begins to guide you out of the congestion. You realize that the mass consciousness has been controlling the direction of your life and begin to release yourself from its grasp. It is time to move in your own direction.

3. Empowerment: Your interest in the soul’s journey moves to the forefront. Now you need to shift your focus on power from outside sources and understand that your power lies within. Retrieving your power brings a new sense of freedom, which continues to unfold over time. This takes you out of the traffic jam into the unknown territory of the spiritual journey.

4. Embracing: The soul guides the ego through the unknown territory, clearing the rocks, weeds and other obstacles that block your way. Clearing this path helps you to embrace your true spiritual identity and connect with higher dimensions of reality. As your travels have been made easier by the efforts of those who preceded you, the path you clear also clears a wider path for those who follow.

5. Sovereignty: The clearing you have done gives you a broader perspective on life. You recognize how deeply the mass consciousness influences all of our lives and move toward the achievement of personal sovereignty.

6. Integration: With sovereignty, you now come to an understanding of how society at large is held in limitation. You prepare to drive back into the mass consciousness with the goal of helping others to steer clear of the congestion and creating a more meaningful life based on love and joy rather than pain and fear. This is when your full understanding of the nature of our reality emerges.

7. Transcendence: Armed with a high degree of awareness of the third dimension and the lessons we are here to learn, the soul guides you into the expression of your divine purpose. Completion of this activation represents genuine freedom. It is the equivalent of living in the higher dimensions while remaining on the physical plane. Each activation is accompanied by an increase in spiritual light, unconditional love, and conscious awareness. Each stage also has a specific focus, and your perspective broadens as you come to understand our reality from increasingly higher and broader perspectives. As you move through the stages, more of your soul expresses itself in your life. Each activation also connects you with your soul in higher and higher dimensions.

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