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Dr. Claudia Rose Mentors Women To Access Their Inner Wise Woman And Be Today’s Leaders Women in Leadership “The time is ripe for women around the world to step up to leadership roles in their neighborhoods, communities, countries, and yes, even Globally,” reminds Dr. Rose.

“For our own survival as a species it’s now the time for many women to step up and whatever their fears and doubts, it’s the time to work through them and get up and do the work that your inner voice is calling you to do”, encourages Rose.

“Some women are awakening from a long slumber to find their wise woman of peace, love, and prosperity living within them. Humanity needs her to evolve, because the wise woman energy symbolizes the integration of heart and head of male and female.”

“When you think of women in leadership, you might think of the old idea that women want to wrestle ‘power’ out of the hands of men. That is not the fact.”

“Women have another way of thinking about power,” suggests Dr. Rose. “The way women lead is very different from the style most men use. Women know the best way to lead is to understand what real power is and not to seek power over or against others.

In every woman, no matter her age, resides a ‘Wise Woman’ who acknowledges personal power in every living being. Therefore the wise woman is always seeking connections to others to find the place of agreement. They have less attachment to being ‘right vs. wrong’ continues, Dr. Rose. “My way or the highway” is not the wise woman’s way.

These wise ones agree to disagree but not be disagreeable. This created an opportunity for dialog where consensus may be found and collaboration on solutions are discovered with a high degree of compliance to the agreed procedures in personal or professional arenas.”

“The women most needed now to be leaders are those most reluctant because of early life conditioning. The leadership models of the past and present make many women feel they would be required to abandon a ‘precious part’ of their womanhood that they trust and revere.”

Women’s Liberation Movement women crashed the closed doors of business, industry, politics, and so forth, in their dark and somber ‘Power Suits’ with white blouse and red ribbon at the neck, suggesting a tie just to be taken seriously. They accomplished awesome breakthroughs in consciousness and in real world politics and economics!  We owe them a debt of gratitude.

Nevertheless, this is why some women whose families are now grown, are reluctant to leave their comfort zone to step up to their Leadership calling. They resist the power model of leadership in their mind’s eye. This is the starting point of Dr. Claudia Rose’s Mentoring!

Mentoring Rose a Model Mentoring Program
Mentoring Rose is a model mentoring program developed by Claudia Rose, Ph.D. based on her own life experiences, education, and mentors who appeared at moments in time most poignant in her journey to her own Wise Woman Self. Their impact on her living her own life more completely and fully motivates her to share “Mentoring Rose” with every woman everywhere.

Claudia has created her own unique path as a pioneer athlete, administrator, fitness and empowerment expert. Her professional training includes hypnotherapy, art therapy, psychotherapy, holistic counseling, ministry, child abuse investigation, self-esteem/peak performance, attitudinal healing, Reiki and non-violent crisis intervention.

As a pioneer in the sport of women’s bodybuilding, Claudia was the first runner-up in the first California Bodybuilding Championships. She was also an editor for Shape and Muscle & Fitness magazines. Dr. Rose has been featured in publications such as People magazine, Sports Illustrated, Los Angeles Times and Le Figaro. Her television appearances include Good Morning America, Wide World of Sports, ABC World News and HBO Sports Special.

These diverse pursuits and interest have helped Claudia explore power and leadership from opposite ends of the spectrum and create a mentoring program, which honors all aspects of strength and personal power.

Dr. Rose feels so strongly about this window in time in humanity’s history that she feels the time is right for every woman to follow her own path. She mentors women who wish to have someone encourage and hold the vision for and with them in support of following their dreams and soul’s calling. She teaches others what has worked for her. For this she uses every medium at hand — public speaking, workshops, classes, books and tapes, fax and phone coaching, videos, and the Internet.

Liberate The Leader, her book aimed at helping women find the “guts” to be the leaders they are meant to be, is special because Dr Rose believes “leading one’s own life” is the place where leadership begins. The book is written in segments that build one success upon another. She teaches by stories, examples and exercises that are experiential so you teach yourself. It’s full of tips such as 10 ways to be a Liberated Leader; 7 Tips for Awakening Spirit in Your Life; 7 Tips to Know You Are Ready to Lead; 10 Strategies to Awaken Joy and Release Tension; etc. The goal is for women to internalize and own their unique power and use everything in their life as a gift for understanding, wisdom, and courage.

Rebecca’s Legacy, Embracing Ancestors as Your Mentors, is Dr Rose’s book sharing her own mystical experience and explains how anyone may access the power and wisdom from our ancestors. This is very timely as more and more people acknowledge their spiritual growth and longings to expand the spiritual enrichment in every area of personal and professional life. Rebecca’s Legacy mentors readers to find answers to four important questions. Who Am I? “Learning to give birth to your true self.” Where Am I Going?  “Trusting to dream as big as you are.” How Do I Get There? “Understanding how to face every challenge with gratitude.” What Makes the Journey Worthwhile?  Show the way for those who follow.

The legacy is that everyone has resources within their own DNA and their family heritage to tap into when ever or wherever needed.

Daughter of Spirit ~ Daughter of Peace, A Prayer for Humanity is Dr. Claudia Rose’s newest book and offers women freedom from fear. Claudia was inspired by spiritual ancestors and others to share these messages of hope for humanity. The intent to renew our faith that we are, in fact, the stuff of angels. She calls women everywhere to honor the wisdom they carry within and demonstrate their ability to bring peace to the world. This last week I had the privilege to be at the recording studio as Dr. Rose recorded this little book on audiotape, and her voice and spirit adds a quality to the magnificent words. The music in the background will make this a perfect treasure in moments when you want to feel peace and inspiration.

This is a very intimate mentoring from the Great Wise Woman to all the Daughters of Earth to embrace their womanhood and its gifts of love and wisdom to share with all humanity.

“I believe women are the key to the next stage of humanity’s evolvement in the dance of what appears to be opposites — the integration of ‘Heart Power with ‘Head Power’ will take us to the growing edge of peace and prosperity. Women will make it possible to leave our children and grandchildren a harmonious world to thrive in where everyone is considered family.”

For more information, please contact Dr. Claudia Rose at P.O. Box 3519, Fullerton CA 92834, phone (714) 738-7751, or fax (714) 738-6136. You may also e-mail her at   Also please check out her websites at . . . or  

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