“Signature Collection” By Meredith Baxter
Is A Benefit to Women  
By Kathy DeSantis, CMP



You’ve seen Meredith Baxter on TV as the perfect mom on the TV series, Family Ties, and on other TV shows and movies, where she has tackled serious roles in controversial subjects, and comedic roles as well, always with a social consciousness towards women’s issues and well-being.

Meredith developed confidence and appeal as an actress because she grew up in a show business family. Her mother was an actress and her stepfather an agent. Those who have seen her work know she is not only a consummate performer, but a dynamic force whose career is more than the sum of acting parts. Her signature roles are living proof that she invites courageous and controversial characters and always meets them head-on.

As a single mother of five children, including 16-year-old twins, she is often working and out of town, and has learned to balance career and family. Her notable roles as a wife and mother include A Woman Scorned: The Betty Broderick Story, for which she won an Emmy nomination, followed by Her Final Fury: Betty Broderick, The Last Chapter. She won a second Emmy nomination for her work in the  Other Mothers, portraying a teenager’s lesbian mother.

In keeping with her championing of women’s struggles, she breathed life into Winnie, a story about a retarded woman who carves a place for herself in the world. In Darkness before Dawn, she played a nurse who worked in a methadone clinic struggling with drug and alcohol addiction.

Meredith’s work continues to resonate and influence audiences. Her film on bulimia, Kate’s Secret, is still shown in school health classes all over the country. She was equally indelible in My Breast, a true story about journalist Joyce Wadler’s triumph over breast cancer. Such portrayals awakened her to the seriousness of that impinging illness and moved her to action in this arena. She received a special award for public awareness from the National Breast Cancer Coalition.

Equally at ease on the stage, Meredith’s credits include Spine, Butterflies Are Free, Guys and Dolls, Talley’s Folly and numerous performances of Love Letters. As artist-in-residence at Dartmouth College, she starred in The Country Wife and appeared in and co-produced The Diaries of Adam and Eve.

After completing the independent feature, Elevator Seeking, and two movies, Wednesday Woman, and Miracle on the 17th Green, she went to Toronto to film Crash Course, based on a true story of a 19-year-old boy who suffered brain damage after being hit by a drunk driver. As the mother, she helps him to heal and move out of the victim role, enabling him to return to college. She has also filmed Aftermath, depicting the impact on a family after incest has been discovered.

Now this industrious actress has ventured into another avenue to help women: Quality skin care products that really work and are reasonably priced!  She has developed a line of personal skin care products called “Signature Collection,”  being launched nationwide for dry-skin sufferers like herself. I have always liked and admired her on TV, so I was curious about the products and what motivated her to launch into this field!

I have tried many skin care products in the quest for relief from dry skin on my hands. A sample of the “Signature Collection” Hand Cream convinced me that it really does work!  As I put it on I noticed how clean and smooth it felt, and how quickly it was absorbed. All day my hands felt great, even after I washed them. It is excellent!  Meredith recommends using the hand cream up to five times a day for maximum healing.  The prices are kept reasonable so that the products can be used for their maximum effectiveness.

In talking to Meredith early one morning, I was caught up in her enthusiastic description of the products and how they came about. She said she was desperate for a solution to her own dry skin and ambitiously decided to create the perfect remedy herself. With the help of friends in the business, and the knowledge of two simple ingredients that make all the difference, glycerin, the premier moisturizer, and aloe vera, the ultimate conditioner, as well as 14 botanical extracts and vitamins that ease dryness and irritation, she seems to have a successful combination.

Indeed, she has surpassed her goal — the ingredients not only soften and heal dryness, but also reportedly improve severe skin conditions such as burns, cuts, psoriasis and eczema.  In fact, women undergoing radiation therapy have used them to soften and heal, as well as those with major scars after surgery. There is even a fragrance-free formula.

While we talked, Meredith  read several testimonials that were sent to her website from people who had suffered serious skin conditions. One, a dermatologist who was very impressed, and an ObGyn in Atlanta who used the product to counteract side effects of medicine to his skin, and then started recommending the product to his patients. In fact, Meredith says that lots of hospital gift shops carry her products, popular gift items for patients and also with the nurses who must repeatedly wash their hands with chemicals.  She recounted several stories of people who purchased the products from the Home Shopping Network and at trade shows, seeing visible results.

What a great accomplishment — to combine a superior product with a noble cause?  As a reflection of her values and commitment to women’s health issues Baxter formed the Meredith Baxter Foundation for Breast Cancer Research to which a portion of the proceeds from her skin care line is donated. (SPF 15 Facial Moisturizer, SPF 15 Hand Therapy, Foot Cream, Bath/Shower Gel, Body Lotion, Eye Cream, Anti-Aging Eye Cream and “Meredith” Night Therapy”)  Funds will go toward prevention and research and provide free mammograms for all women. She is actively working with the community to help fund projects that promote a cure for this non-discriminating disease.

“The breast cancer research foundation is very important to me. There are still so many inroads that need to be explored, and this is one way I can give back from my success. When someone buys my product for themselves, or as a gift, they can be pleased to know that part of the purchase is given back to the community,” Meredith said.

For the men there is also a “very sexy” line of products called “Rogue,” although the hand cream and other products are popular with men as well.

Meredith Baxter deserves applause once again — this time for her efforts toward a practical solution to a common irritation for women, as well as furthering the cause for important research in breast cancer.

To find a retailer where the products can be purchased, call Meredith Baxter Products at (800) 626-6272. I recommend a review of the products online, as well as the pretty gift packages with her radiant picture on them, and that you order directly from her website www.meredithbaxterproducts.com .

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