Feng Shui in Our World and at Home in 2002
By Jenny Liu



As we enter into the new year 2002, the planetary energies in our universe shift into new positions. According to feng shui theories, the configuration of the planets around Earth has a certain impact on our well-being. In feng shui, the Nine Star Chart is used to interpret planetary effects at different orientations of the Earth. Every year, certain directions can bring positive or negative occurrences. Knowing how to make the proper arrangements in our homes and offices ensures a new year of prosperity, good health and harmony in our lives.

However, we may not have the choice of a room in a better orientation or be able to rearrange our furniture in a favorable position due to existing floor plans. When we are stuck in a place with bad feng shui, we can be limited as to how much we can improve our energies through the placement of specific figurines, color, crystals, and plants. As feng shui is only one of thirty factors that influence our success in life, we must also attend to other means of maximizing our potential.

One of the most effective ways is by tapping into our mind power to manifest positive change. Meditation and creative visualization can be used to adjust our personal energies when our feng shui is flawed. However, meditation does not come naturally for many of us and requires practice before it becomes an effective means of self-improvement. Consequently, I will recommend that my clients have either myself or my father, Grandmaster Chi-Jen Liu meditate and channel energies to adjust their personal energies. This often entails creating a set of “mantra charms” which are energetic diagrams that are empowered and made for a particular person or place. This has proven to be an effective way of improving many people’s lives.

However, because not many people understand nor can readily accept this process, Grandmaster Chi-Jen Liu began to create feng shui artwork inspired through meditation, dreams, the Yi-Jing, mantras, energetic diagrams, numerology, symbols and colors. The artwork is empowered to adjust the beholder’s energies — be it the person or room that is holding this “Chi Art.” As there are already sources that provide the 2002 feng shui adjustments through the use of sculptures, colors, crystals and plants, I will refer to Grandmaster Liu Chi Jen’s artwork for adjusting feng shui, especially for those who are limited to what they can do with their space.

Based on your birth date, certain directions bring more positive or negative events every year. Whenever possible, we align ourselves to our positive directions and avoid or adjust the negative energies. The Nine Star Chart is a feng shui tool used since ancient times to govern and guide the Imperial Court in China. Today, the Nine Star Chart gives us a better picture of what we may expect in different parts of the world. This way, we can better prepare and plan for our survival through potential crisis. The Nine Star Chart can be applied to global, national and personal levels.

In 2002, we are in the Seventh Cycle. This is a significant year in that this cycle has the same chart as the twenty year cycle chart which indicates the cycles from 1984-2003. When this alignment occurs, the planets are synchronized in such a way that they have a stronger impact. In the center, there are the Seven, Two and Three stars. The Seven Star is a feminine metal element energy. When promoted, it brings about the characteristics of strategy, intuition, progress and motivation. The Two Star is a feminine earth element energy and the Three Star is a masculine wood element energy. When these stars come together in this combination, they bring struggle between the sexes. Therefore, in the central regions of global countries, male and female leaders will be unable to compromise causing stagnant growth. In particular, there is a potential struggle between the powers of industry versus Mother Nature’s resources. A great deal of fighting is over money.

The Seven and Two Stars aligned produce female ambition, competition and power. Businesses owned by women will continue to increase and thrive in 2002. A side effect is a rise of divorce as well as stress-induced ailments for females such as cancer, heart attacks or psychological problems. Central regions are prone to landslide, earthquake, avalanche, and fire.

Be prepared to take on heated debates in the center room of your office or house. You may encounter lawsuits, unreasonable people or expenses. Hang feng shui painting, “Meditation to Release from Spells” or “Meditation for Achievement in Family and Career” in the center room to keep things in your favor. Center rooms can also bring temper, fire hazard or miscarriage. If you cannot move from this room, place feng shui painting “Baby Life” or “Home Sweet Home” at the center of the house to neutralize negative energies.

The north has the Three, and double Seven Stars. The Three wood element star is promoted by the water energies of the north direction. The Three Star is associated with scholars and professionals so lawyers, politicians and doctors are likely to enjoy stable wealth. The double Seven Stars are a strong feminine energy that indicates cut-throat competition among female scholars, leaders, entertainers and professionals in the northern regions such as Canada, Germany, and Scandinavian countries. The energies of the Seven Star also relate to alternative healing and new age movements, with a likely increase of female practitioners in these areas.

The north direction is also associated with the Zodiac energies of the year of the Rat which are in direct opposition with the energies of the year of the Horse. This alignment of energies can cause a bubble economy, or unexpected disaster or fighting, to occur in northern countries.

In our homes, the north room brings wealth however; it tends to come with troublemakers that bring financial loss. Placing the feng shui painting, “Double Fortune” in a north office increases income to accommodate potential losses. For those born in the year of the Rat or Horse, the north room can bring illness, accidents or haphazard relationships. To neutralize energies of adultery, place feng shui painting, “Promotion of Mutual Love” in the bedroom. Rat or Horse persons who cannot avoid the north room, a feng shui painting called “Dolphin and Turtles Release Tai Shui” can release the energies of argument, illness and money loss. To enhance scholarship in the north room, hang “Full Steam Ahead” or “Knowledge Achievement” over the student’s desk in the north room.

The Nine Star is situated with double Five Stars in the East. The Five Star is an earth energy. When it is located with the defeating wood energy of the East, this creates an energy of disease, illness and violation. Having double Five Stars with the fire energy of the Nine Star can create catastrophic effects of warfare, terrorists activity, and use of biological weapons in Eastern countries such as Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan. Leaders in Eastern regions, including our own president on the East Coast are likely to encounter great danger to their life. People located in the Eastern regions will suffer great mental and physical stress due to continuing warfare and weak economy.

In our homes, sleeping or working in the east room, having an east door or unstable element in the east direction can bring potential accidents, financial loss, illness, lawsuit, or robbery. Place feng shui painting, “Releasing Disaster Dragonfish” in the east room for protection or “Path of Longevity” to enhance health. If possible, avoid using the east room and door. Do not do any ground breaking on the east side of the house.

The Two Star appears in the South. The Two Star relates to the energies of the middle-aged wo-man and is influenced by the fire energies of the south. Female leaders in Southern regions such as Texas, South America, and Australia are more prone to rebellious actions. When the fire energies of the south comes together with the earth energies of the Two Star, this brings about fire, volcano eruptions, drought or rise in temperature in the southern hemisphere. However, these strong feminine energies are balanced by the masculine energies of the Six and Eight Stars. These positive metal and earth element energies create wealth. Property values and land sales rise in southern regions.

The south direction is associated to the zodiac energies of the Horse which is not stable in 2002. This phenomenon, called “Tai Shui”, brings challenges and obstacles to persons born in the year of the Horse and also to the southern regions. Southern countries tend to start off weak with conflicts against north regions. These energies improve as the year ends.

At home in the south room, females, especially those born in the year of the Horse or Rat in their late 40’s to 50’s, are prone to accidents, uterine problems, heart attacks, eye sores, hair loss or hormone and skin imbalances. If they cannot move from the south room, they can use feng shui paintings, “Health Conscious’ or “Home of Longevity” to enhance their health and well-being. Positive relationships and wealth can be enhanced with “Gods of Fortune” or “Nine Dripstones & Four Waterfalls” in the south office.

The Six Star is a masculine metal energy which defeats the feminine wood energies of the southeast direction. The Four and One Stars are also located in the southeast. When positively promoted, the Four Star brings purification, female dignity and scholarship. When it is defeated by the metal energy of the Six Star, it can increase problems related to pollution, toxins, and female violation. Southeastern countries such as Thailand, Philippines, Cuba or Florida may see an increase in liver problems, hepatitis, and pollution. The Six Star, also associated to the energies of the West, indicate that the economy of southeastern countries are likely to be taken advantage of by western countries. There is likely more child labor, prostitution, sweatshops and unethical practices in southeastern countries driven by western demand. The One Star is a water element energy which appearing in the southeast brings likelihood of flood and typhoon. However, One and Four Stars in the Southeast are compatible energies bringing benefit to businesses related to academia, printing, and communications in Southeastern regions.

Females in a southeast room need to be careful not to be taken advantage of by men this year. Elder daughters are prone to poor detoxification, fatigue and moodiness in the southeast room. Feng shui painting, “Fire Buddha Releases Disaster” can help minimize negative effects in the southeast room. However, the One and Four Star energies can be activated with “Embracing the Young Scholar” or “Fairy Belt” to enhance promotion or scholarship.

The southwest has the Four Star. The southwest direction is associated with the feminine earth element and the Four Star is associated with the feminine wood element. This combination of defeating energies brings sickness such as stomach flu, colds, emotional depression, fatigue and female ailments. There may be more acts of crime committed by women or aggressive animal behavior in the southwest as well. In Southwestern regions such as Los Angeles, Hawaii or Central America, the rate of female criminals and patients will increase. However, the positive combination of the Six and Eight Stars show that there are still energies of wealth in the southwest regions. Medical fields, particularly specializations in women’s health will benefit.

With the Four Star associated to winds, Southwestern regions may have patterns of extreme wetness and dryness with hurricanes and extremely windy conditions. Winds tend to increase fire during the dry season and disperse allergens. Both are an indication of an increase in head colds and respiratory problems in the southwest.

At home, the southwest door or room brings energies of illness, surgery or injury particularly to females. If there are multiple females in the southwest room, these energies create conflict especially between mother and daughter figures. A feng shui painting, “Love Between Two Hearts” placed in the southwest room can enhance understanding and harmony. Positive energies of career movement can be enhanced by placing, “Furuso Blue” in the southwest office.

The Eight Star located in the Northwest direction brings earth and metal elements energies together. This positive alignment brings about prosperity, strong leadership and trade in northwest regions such as Seattle, Van-couver, and England. However, with the conflicting energies of the Three (wood element) and Two (earth element) Stars, the wealth attained by the northwest regions are likely to be made at the expense of the earth. When anyone takes from Mother Earth, they rob the resources of our children. Thus, although northwest leaders and countries attain wealth, it is likely for short-term benefit through drilling, mining or defense.

Working in the northwest room brings wealth in 2002 especially if the business is related to real estate or travel. Businesses with a northwest door or room bring the owner respect, productivity and harmony. Amplify wealth and reputation energies with feng shui paintings such as “Lotus,” or “Dragonfish and Sea Snakes Bring Creative Fame” in the northwest office. The conflicting Three & Two Stars show there is still potential for troublemakers. Release this with feng shui painting, “Dolphins & Turtles Protected by Seaweed of Wealth.” Children should not sleep in the northwest room this year.

The Northeast has the One, Five and Nine Stars. The One Star being a water element energy defeats the energies of the northeast associated with the earth element. When this happens, the energies related to the earth are weakened. This translates to a troubled economy, lower property values, damaged land, loss of homes and increased homelessness in the northeast regions such as New York, Washington D.C., Japan, or Korea. The One Star brings water trouble in the form of flood and allergies. The Five Star brings violation. Leaders in the Northeast regions need to be extremely cautious of accident, sex scandal, assassination, injury and property damage. The Nine and One Stars are respectively opposing fire and water elements which causes energies of anger, blurred judgment, and mental problems. Hate crimes continue to be a problem in northeastern regions.

 The northeast room should be avoided especially by persons born in the year of the Rat or Horse. Sleeping in this room can bring about allergies, sexual, circulatory and neurology problems.  The feng shui painting, “Overcoming the Mask of Disability” can help to strengthen weak areas. The energies in the northeast room also bring financial loss and argument. “Mountains Linked Like Pearls” in the northeast room can help create more stability.

 The Nine Star in the West direction brings about fame especially for females in the creative, entertainment and alternative healing fields. In Western regions such as San Francisco, France or Portugal, female leaders, entertainers, and healers especially related to design, spirituality, exercise, meditation and alternative medicine fields will play an active role in setting world trends. With the strongly creative and sexually charged energies coming from the combination of the Four, Nine and One Stars, sexuality continues to be a powerful selling tool especially used by young females in the west. The adult entertainment field will continue to grow in the west especially via media and the Internet. The Four and One Stars bring added energies of scholarship, achievement and reputation especially for female leaders, scholars and communicators. However, the combination of the Four (wood element) and Nine (fire element) Stars coming together increases fire hazards, revolt, competition, and possible explosions or air crashes in the West as well.

If you are a Western Direction Pattern person looking to get married or pregnant, the west room is where you want to be next year. Depending on how you adjust the west energies, you can activate energies of romance, fertility, promotion or fame. “Baby Life” feng shui painting enhances pregnancy for people conceiving in the west bedroom. “Sun Eye and Moon Eye” promote achievement and reputation while “Cave of Fortune” brings abundant wealth to the west office.

For more information or to view feng shui art, please visit us at www.liu-fengshui.com.

Jenny Liu holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Design from UC Berkeley and a Master’s Degree in Architecture from UCLA. She is an expert in the 8,000-year-old Chinese philosophy of Feng Shui who shares her knowledge through seminars, workshops, periodicals and the internet. Ms. Liu is a fourth-generation practitioner with her own consulting firm. For more information see
www.liu-fengshui.com  or call (909) 860-0633.  

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