Evidence of Reincarnation and the
Creation of A New World
By Walter Semkiw



Ian Stevenson, MD, is the Carlson Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Virginia. Over the last forty years, he has studied almost 3,000 cases of children who remember past lives. His book, “Twenty Cases Suggestive of Reincarnation,” is a classic volume in reincarnation research. In the cases Stevenson has chronicled, a child typically has spontaneous memories of a past lifetime and reports these memories as soon as the child is able to speak.

Often the child will report that his or her name is different from the one used to refer to the child. The child will declare that the biologic parents are not his or her real parents, but that the real parents live elsewhere, often identifying a nearby village or town as the child’s true home. When these claims are investigated and the child is reunited with the alleged past-life family, the child will assert that he or she is a specific, deceased member of that family.

The child will spontaneously name and identify family members from the prior lifetime, and know details of the deceased relative’s life that no one outside of the family could know. Personality characteristics and habits are observed to be consistent from lifetime to lifetime. Often times, after initial skepticism, the past- life family accepts the child as the reincarnation of their deceased loved one.

Recently, two of Stevenson’s cases have been published which show that people look the same from lifetime to lifetime. These cases are those of Daniel Jurdi and Suzanne Monsour, which are featured in “Old Souls,” by Tom Shroder. “Old Souls” is about Ian Stevenson and his research, which has been conducted in the far corners of the world.

It is interesting that the Jurdi and Monsour cases originate from the Middle East, a land that now serves as a battle ground, where Muslims, Jews and Christians clash over beliefs, land and power. Ironically, it is the reincarnation cases that stem from this land that will help quell future violence, for the evidence of reincarnation that is now emerging shows that people, from lifetime to lifetime, may switch gender, race, religious and ethnic affiliation.

Evidence of reincarnation will show these things are temporary sources of identity not to be fought over. Humanity’s misguidance in these matters will become clear as the mechanics of reincarnation are revealed through scientific method. From this knowledge, a New World will be born.

Dramatic new cases of reincarnation are now coming into public view in the United States. One of these cases involves William Barnes, author of “Thomas Andrews - A Voyage into History.” As a child, William Barnes started to have spontaneous memories of a past lifetime. Barnes writes: “

At the age of four, I drew a ship with four smokestacks and told my parents, “This was my ship, but she died.”  I insisted my mother call me “Tommie” and spoke of two brothers, a sister, aunts and uncles, none of whom my parents knew. There were also relentless nightmares — a huge ship looming above me, piercing screams, heated arguments, the frigid water stabbing at my body, a peach-colored mass of steel falling on me — and, again and again, I would wake up crying...

At age 25, I moved to Washington, DC, where I sought the help of a counselor who used hypnosis as a means of relaxation. During the session, I heard myself arguing about “the ship’s design.” At the instant I came out of the trance, I sat up and said “my name is Tommie Andrews.” It was the first time I had heard the full name. At age 38, I got married for the second time and, with my new wife, Mary Ann, moved to Arizona. Late one night, I woke Mary Ann as I argued loudly in my sleep, calling out names she didn’t recognize, all the while speaking with a pronounced accent.”

In his book, William Barnes describes memories of being Tommie Andrews, Irish-born designer and builder of the Titanic. In addition to having memories of that lifetime, William Barnes shares personality traits and facial features with Tommie Andrews. Symbolic dates and synchronistic events allude to Barnes’ past life as Andrews.

As an example, William Barnes was born on the anniversary date of the sinking of the Titanic, 41 years after the incident occurred. Interestingly, Titanic’s hull number was 401, which reflects the number 41. Further, on the day Barnes was born, the first movie version of Titanic was released.

Let us look at images of Andrews and Barnes. View images upright and inverted.

Synchronistic events have long had meaning for people, as symbols of the spiritual world’s involvement in matters of the earthly world. As an example, when John Adams and Thomas Jefferson both died on July 4th, 1826, the 50th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence, people of that era saw it as a sign that the creation of the United States was an act of Providence, of Divine Destiny.

Another emerging case involves Indianapolis Police Homicide Captain Robert Snow. Based on a dare made by a fellow police officer, Captain Snow went to a regression therapist. Captain Snow did not believe in reincarnation and did not expect to have a meaningful experience during the session. Much to his surprise, Captain Snow experienced powerful and clear past-life memories during the regression. He saw himself as a portrait painter in the 19th century and Captain Snow remembered 28 specific details regarding this lifetime as an artist. In one of his most vivid memories, Captain Snow saw himself painting a portrait of a hunchback woman.

The regression had such a profound effect on Captain Snow that he became obsessed with trying to determine whether it was authentic. Captain Snow still did not believe in reincarnation and thought the regression experience represented a forgotten memory of an artist he once learned about, perhaps in childhood.

Snow treated the past-life regression experience as he would a detective case. He methodically examined art books, visited art galleries and contacted art dealers, searching for the portrait of the hunchback woman or some other clue. Captain Snow was unable, though, to identify any historical artist consistent with the regression persona. After a yearlong period of research, Snow came to a dead end. At that point in time, Captain Snow’s wife, Melanie, suggested they take a vacation trip to New Orleans.

In the setting of an art gallery in the French Quarter, Captain Snow had another profound experience. This incident demonstrates how people can be guided, apparently by spiritual sources, in endeavors such as reincarnation research. In an art gallery Captain Snow wandered into apparently by chance, he viewed the portrait of the hunchbacked woman. Let us share this hardened police veteran’s reaction.

“For the next several minutes, I didn’t move from in front of the portrait, but instead continued closing my eyes to see again and again the scene of me painting this very portrait in my studio, and then opening my eyes to see the actual finished portrait. The situation began to feel surreal, more like a very vivid dream you wake up sweating from, a dream you have to keep telling yourself over and over again was only a dream. It wasn’t real.

Finally, even though I knew with absolute certainty that this was the same painting I had seen while under hypnosis, I convinced myself that stumbling onto it by accident was simply too bizarre to be true. I toyed with the idea for a few moments that perhaps I’d had some kind of stroke and just thought I stood in front of this portrait, when in actuality I was in a hospital bed somewhere or maybe even in a nursing home. After giving this possibility a few moment’s consideration, I realized how very desperate I had become to find a rational answer for what was happening. But desperate or not, things like this just didn’t happen in real life.

What were the chances, after all the months of systematic searching, that I would just happen onto the painting like this? What were the chances that Melanie would just happen to want to go to New Orleans, and that we would just happen to visit this gallery, just when they happened to have this painting for sale?.. During my 30 years as a police officer, I have always searched for the truth. Sometimes the truth didn’t turn out to be what I expected, but still, the truth was what I had always searched for.  And now, here I was seeming to be facing the truth I had been looking for, but at the same time trying to deny it, trying to find any way to deny the truth of what I had found. Supernatural things didn’t happen to real people. Maybe they did in the movies, but not in real life.”

 These wonderful sets of passages from Captain Snow’s book show that supernatural things do happen in people’s lives. From the portrait of the hunchback woman, Captain Snow learned the name of the artist in his past-life regression was Carroll Beckwith. Captain Snow researched Beckwith’s life through a diary Beckwith left behind, as well as other sources. Of the 28 specific memories Snow had documented from the regression, 26 were verified. Though initially reluctant to accept reincarnation as the basis for his regression experience, Captain Snow finally came to the conclusion that he was Carroll Beckwith in a prior lifetime. Snow states that the evidence he has compiled would stand up in court and that no plea-bargaining would be offered. Captain Snow recounts this evidence in his book, “Looking for Carroll Beckwith.” Let us look at images of Beckwith and Snow.

A third American case involves Jeffrey Keene, a decorated fire fighter and an Assistant Fire Chief in Westport, Connecticut. Like Captain Robert Snow, Jeff Keene is a highly responsible member of his community who, unexpectedly, found himself researching a past-life identity. Jeff’s story begins in May 1991, when he was on vacation with his wife, Anna. They were looking for antiques and stopped in Sharpsburg, Maryland, where the Civil War battle of Antietam was fought. Though Jeff had never read a book on the Civil War or had any affinity for that era, he felt compelled to visit the battlefield. At a portion of the field called “Sunken Road,” Jeff had the following reaction:

“A wave of grief, sadness and anger washed over me. Without warning I was suddenly consumed by sensations. Burning tears ran down my cheeks. It became difficult to breathe. I gasped for air, as I stood transfixed in the old roadbed. To this day I cannot tell you how much time transpired, but as these feelings, this emotional overload passed, I found myself exhausted as if I had run a marathon.”

Before leaving Sharpsburg, Jeff and Anna visited a gift shop. A magazine, “Civil War Quarterly,” (Special Edition, Antietam), caught Jeff’s eye which he purchased. At home, without reading its contents, Jeff placed the magazine in a conspicuous place, a drawer that held the family’s phone books.

Over a year later, Jeff attended a Halloween party, where a psychic had been hired to provide entertainment. Jeff asked the psychic about what had happened to him at Sunken Road the year before. The psychic told Jeff that in a prior lifetime, he was almost killed at that spot. Jeff was told that he was an officer and he was telling his troops not to fire until the enemy was at close range. The psychic said Jeff was saying something like “Not now, not now.”  Jeff then spontaneously blurted out, “Not yet, not yet.”

 The next day, Jeff finally read the magazine tucked away in the drawer. When Jeff read the magazine's account of the Battle of Antietam, he once again experienced a strong wave of emotions. When he turned to a picture of Brigadier General John B. Gordon, Jeff was shocked to see himself in Gordon’s visage. The article noted that Gordon kept telling his troops to hold fire until the Yankees were near and he kept repeating, “Not yet, not yet.”  In the heated battle that followed, Gordon nearly died after incurring multiple gunshot wounds at Sunken Road.

Jeff has written a book entitled, “Not Yet,” due for release soon, which documents past-life memories as well as habits and traits he has in common with Gordon. These include a preference to stand with arms crossed, similar clothing tastes and scars on his face that reflect Gordon’s battle wounds. Synchronistic events relating to Gordon’s life are also detailed. Jeff also shows that writing style remains the same from lifetime to lifetime. Let us look at images of General Gordon and Jeff Keene.

I too have a past-life story. In 1984, when I was a medical resident, I went to a medium who had the ability to channel one’s spiritual guides. I had never gone to a psychic or medium before. In the session, the guides were very accurate in describing details of my personal and professional life. The guides also told me about two past lifetimes, one of which was during the American Revolution. They told me that I was a statesman and had signed my name on parchment, and in doing so helped secure new ideals for humanity. At the end of the session, I asked the guides who I was during the Revolution. They told me I was John Adams.

At the time, I didn’t believe I was John Adams. I reasoned that psychics always tell people they were someone famous, for that is what people want to hear. I dismissed the information and pursued my medical career. I moved to California and became a medical director for an oil company, Unocal 76, whose slogan happens to be, “The Spirit of 1776.” In 1996, twelve years later, I had a sudden intuition to study the life of John Adams. I was shocked to find that not only did I look like Adams, but that the entire family of John Adams appeared to be reincarnated within my immediate family and closest friends.

Synchronistic events seemed to affirm the connection. For example, I realized that 1996, the year I had the intuition to study Adams, marked the 200-year anniversary of the election and presidency of John Adams. As the years went on, I realized members of the current political order, such as Bill Clinton, Al Gore and George W. Bush, were also reincarnated members of the American Revolution.

I also came to understand that prominent third-party candidates, such as Jesse Ventura and Natural Law Party leaders John Hagelin and Robert Roth, as well as New Age writers Marianne Williamson and Shirley MacLaine, were leading lights of the American Revolution.

Through a coincidental meeting with Reverend Michael Beck-with, the founder of the Agape Church of Los Angeles, my past- life graphics, including past-life images of Clinton, Gore, Bush, Ventura and Hagelin, were delivered to President Clinton. I met Reverend Beckwith on October 28, 2000 at a Global Awakening conference and Beckwith delivered my reincarnation materials to President Clinton two days later, on October 30, which is John Adams’ birthday. More recently, on October 30, 2001, I signed a contract for my book, “Return of the Revolutionaries,” with Hampton Roads Publishing.

The objective evidence of reincarnation is now emerging shows that one can change religious and ethnic affiliations from lifetime to lifetime. In the future, this information will serve to prevent tragedies such as the World Trade Center disaster and the violence we are now witnessing in the Middle East. I call on those with the means to help us do further scientific research regarding reincarnation, for I have the conviction this information will help us create a New World, where human evolution occurs in a conscious manner, rather than through trial and terrible error.

Dr. Semkiw and William Barnes will be speaking together at the Learning Annex in San Diego on February 16 and in Los Angeles on February 17. Call the Learning Annex for more info or go to www.learning.annex.com . Dr. Semkiw can be reached at walter@plutoproject.com  and Mr. Barnes can be contacted at titanicbuilder@earthlink.net .  

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