Creativity, Intuition and PMS
By Nancy Brady



It is only necessary to say these few letters, PMS, to have a mental reaction to them. The symptoms of premenstrual syndrome are widely known and often feared by both men and women. They can emotionally and physically cripple a womanís life while they are active. Hormonal inconsistencies and nutritional imbalances are the apparent causes of PMS symptoms, yet there is another reason behind this that is well timed for a womanís growth.

A womanís monthly cycle involves natural hormonal changes that affect the physical body. Since there is no separation between the physical and energetic body, this change also occurs in the energy field. On this energy level the hormone changes activate increased intuition and creativity. It is as if the veil of physical reality becomes a little thinner and spiritual truth is clearer for a few days each month. It is a time of heightened sensitivity, perfectly designed to access inner feminine wisdom.

Inhibitions are not as strongly in place during this phase of a womanís cycle, so it is an ideal opportunity to identify what may be out of balance in your life. If there are repressed emotional blocks present that are holding you back from your higher soul expression, these can definitely show up during this time as a voice for healing. Because society categorizes PMS as a disorder, the inner messages that want to be heard can often be overlooked. Symptoms are then viewed as an undesirable condition, when in fact it is your bodyís higher wisdom speaking to you about inner landscapes that need healing.

Creativity is connected with the second chakra, which is also an area of the body intimately involved with the production of hormones. With your intuition enhanced and your inner drives wanting to express creatively, any block to this expression can have energetic and physical consequences. By stopping this energy flow, the hormones may fluctuate wildly or become out of balance with each other. The bodyís responses can begin to be reactive rather than procreative.

Have you ever had premenstrual days that felt like a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde scenario was playing out in your life? These are not aberrant reactions coming from nowhere. They are within the emotional mind/body, possibly deeply repressed and ignored the rest of the month. These emotions are brought to consciousness because of the enhanced intuition and creativity occurring. For instance, one reaction may be that these signals show up as feelings of sadness. If they are disregarded, or covered with protective anger, the bodyís hormonal activity can be affected even more and a defensive response to any stimuli may occur. The anger and blocked creativity, in addition to reflecting towards family and friends, can possibly predispose the development of fibroids or endometriosis.

If, on the other hand, a wo-man listens and acts in accordance with intuitive messages during this time, there can be a very different outcome. Healing of past hurts will occur and unobstructed energy will flow and creatively express. At this point, with no impediments to healing, the body can relax into its normal cycle without having uncomfortable emotional and physical symptoms to bring attention to a need for essential healing.

The premenstrual time of month offers an opportunity to develop quiet listening skills to hear your soulís voice. Getting to know yourself deeper during this time lets you experience an increased ability to live more fully in the present. This open connection to your higher self supports you in exploring your feminine creativity and wisdom in a healthy manner while assisting you to develop according to your spiritís intent.

Nancy Brady is a practitioner specializing in emotional healing to support physical and mental health. She is a certified DNA & Theta Healing practitioner and instructor, a certified SHEN practitioner and a medical and spiritual intuitive. Nancy can be contacted at (949) 487-1551. Or check out her website at   

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