On Creating Miracles
By Ralph Carpio



Ralph Waldo Emerson advanced a philosophical idea in the 1800’s that said the mind was superior to all material conditions and circumstances. I have come to realize that statement is true, and that in fact, the soul of you is what is creating those material conditions and circumstances.

I have come to acknowledge that there is a strong, creative force inside of me constantly extending outward. I term this being a “constant creator.” Part of being a creator in your life involves intentional manifesting.

The extent of our manifestations has been labeled by many different terms. When we see something occurring that is, in our minds, out of the ordinary, we call it a miracle. We do this because we believe it is rare. We think that these more elaborate or grand creations, events or occurrences are out of the norm. Therefore we deem them to be miracles or miraculous.

I would like you to consider that when we term something a miracle, we may be stopping similar types of events from occurring. That is because what we think is rare and what we call out of the ordinary then becomes that, rare and out of the ordinary. These types of events and happenings don’t inherently need to be rare or out of the ordinary.

When we begin to place “miraculous” events as part of the norm and simply another part of our creative process, we free our energy to create similarly grand things. We have all seen and admired many sunsets because they occur quite frequently. So do we call these magnificent awe-inspiring events miracles? Do we label them “miraculous”? If not, why not? Simply because something occurs regularly, does not exclude it from the classification of the miraculous.

Our breathing, a baby’s smile or a leaf falling from a tree can all be termed miracles. Now, when the topic involves a blind person’s sudden sight or someone being able to walk on water, should that affect our ability to create it? Does this mean some occurrences are harder to manifest than others?

I believe we are powerfully creative beings. It’s what we are and what we do. But I also see we can restrict and bind ourselves by putting a label on what’s possible for us or easy or difficult for us. Free yourself and your life by freeing your creative ability. Creating the “miraculous” becomes a much easier and enjoyable process when we deem all of life a miracle.

Ralph Carpio is the author of “The Constant Creator In You”, published by Rainbow Books. You may read more or contact him at www.constantcreator.homestead.com .  

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