A DEEPER SURRENDER Notes on a Spiritual Life
By Stuart Perrin
“Mastering the inner life of the human being” is definitely not for wimps because it requires consistent surrender. Surrender in America has a bad rap; it often is misconstrued as weakness or lying down to let others walk all over you. Stuart Perrin offers the reader another vision of the meaning of surrender. He applies the term to a freedom from the confines of external living and relief from the terror of your inner fears. Stuart teaches meditation practice and personal maturation through spiritual work in Woodstock, N.Y.

The fastest way to the freedom and relief described above is through meditation. I wholeheartedly agree! Surrender is a natural side-effect of daily meditation. Stuart has an opinionated and delicious writing style that I enjoyed immensely. Read it slowly so you may savor its many inferences underneath the writing, and then meditate on it. Published by Hampton Roads

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Reviewed By Dr. Joan McNeill


What America Could Be In the 21st Century
Edited by Marianne Williamson
This is an exquisite collection of essays from leading American thinkers who seduce you into a vision of a better and more unified world existence. Purchase this for yourself and multiple copies for friends who are interested in being a part of the solution.

The 21st century vision essay topics include: Law, The Presidency, Feminism, Aging, Divorce, Education, The Corporation, Children and Food. All book sale proceeds go to The Global Renaissance Alliance, a grassroots citizen-based network of spiritual activists. Their mission includes the implementation of spiritual principle in solving the problems of the world. What we focus on grows, so come, be the change you wish to see!

Put down your TV remote, limit your time tuned in to fear-based news programs. Join me, I need the help, your input and ideas are so necessary! Call The Global Renaissance Alliance (541) 890-4716 or you may also visit .

Published by New American Library, this book is available on  and at your local bookstores.
Reviewed By Dr. Joan McNeill


Emotional Awareness
By Gary Zukav & Linda Francis
I loved this book for at least two reasons. One, this manuscript is written in a style that can be comprehended by mainstream America and the layperson. The authors have refrained from a writing style that impresses themselves and moved towards reaching all of us with their sensitive and inquisitive text.

This book is about awareness of the inner self as it attempts to achieve comfort in external living. It educates the reader on the importance of the “energy centers”, aka chakras, to the metaphysician. It invites you to become aware of what area of your body becomes activated when you are invested in behaviors such as: People Pleasing, Power Struggles, Boredom, Eating, Sex, Perfectionism or Workaholism.

Two, I know this treatment model works! I use it in my private practice with patients who are plagued with chronic pain. I get a thrill when I see another opinion that supports the necessity of addressing the “emotional root” that underlies the vast majority of physical illness. Scientific medicine currently treats much of the side-effects of emotional pain that manifests in physical symptoms. We have set it up that way, by our runaway prescription pads that promise a quick, emotionless fix to what ails you. Hooray! This book can begin to expand our current treatment modalities within the scientific medicine arena. My prayer is that the M.D. is not intimidated by this book, but rather intrigued enough to open it.

Published by Simon and Schuster, this book is available at you local bookseller.
Reviewed By Dr. Joan McNeill


Sacred Contracts
Awakening Your Divine Potential
By Caroline Myss
Tackling the BIG QUESTION is made approachable by Caroline Myss . . .

This long-awaited book by renowned speaker and author, Caroline Myss, squarely addresses the question we all seek within ourselves: Why am I here? “Sacred Contracts” addresses  the critical foundation of defining our mission, our real purpose in this lifetime. The book is fascinating to read as she makes it as interactive as possible, with exercises and stories from other’s experiences that can be applied to your own life.

Myss wrote the book because “In knowing your mission you can live your life in a way that makes the best use of your energy. When you are working well with your energy, you are also making the best expression of your personal power.”  She calls this living in accord with your Sacred Contract. Like any other binding contract, you are subject to the laws and order of a greater state ? only this is that of the Divine.

In her readings as a medical intuitive she has been able to help people work more consciously with their energy by spotting the traumas or other events of their lives that have lingered in their energy fields. She believes she has been of the most value by helping people interpret and identify the underlying patterns of thoughts and beliefs that color their memories. In these sub-patterns lie the interpretations and meanings that we assign to our experiences. This realization eventually became the genesis of this book.

In “Sacred Contracts” lies a process that helps you discover and integrate the fragments of your psyche. Myss makes the book a journey itself, bringing you to a new language of spiritual interpretation to help you become fluent in understanding yourself and your life’s mission. You will learn about your archetypal spiritual companions, how their energy works in your life, and how their actions express your mission in big and small phrases.

By developing symbolic insight and archetypal language you can grasp the meaning of your life with a level of spiritual clarity that can heal the emotional and spiritual wounds you accumulated and fill you with awe that your life is of divine importance to everyone you encounter. It becomes possible for you to trust that everything that is meant to come your way will arrive in due time. It can’t be any other way:  We manage our Contracts and the Divine takes care of the Sacred.

A leading voice is the field of energy medicine and human consciousness, Myss is the author of the New York Times bestsellers “Anatomy of The Spirit” and “Why People Don’t Heal and How They Can,” which combined have sold more than a million copies. While those books focus primarily on the health problems that can arise as a consequence of spiritual issues, “Sacred Contracts” addresses the discovery of our real purpose in life. I heartily recommend “Sacred Contracts” for those who are struggling with this issue, considering a career change or needing spiritual guidance in this important aspect of living.

Published by  Harmony Books, this book is available at your local bookstore.
Reviewed by Kathy DeSantis, CMP  

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