2001 Valentine Affirmation 


As Valentine’s Day sweeps again through our lives, many will receive cards with loving, tender messages. Some will look into each other’s eyes through the soft candlelight of affection. Tragically, however, the vast majority of Earth’s individuals will receive no Valentine card ? no evidence of special affection. Millions are struggling for love in their relationships. Many have given up hope of ever being truly loved. 

So let us expand our Valentine tradition. Let us unite together, as a universal family of Love, and cherish each other from the heart of Love. Let us affirm to each and every individual on our planet:   

Your very existence is a blessing to the universe
 and you are deeply loved and cherished 

If you feel alone, know that Love itself is embracing you. You are deeply treasured and you will never be alone. Infinite Love honors and claims you as Its own. Your highest and most significant relationship will always be with Love itself. Your very being is Love radiating itself ? as you ? to the entire universe and you are needed and cherished as a magnificent member of Love’s universal family. This is your Love home. If you are living in physical or emotional abuse, let your heart accept this Valentine as a gift to you directly from Love.  It is your spiritual right to live in an environment of unconditional kindness and honoring and the entire universe of Love stands with you. Millions of us are loving you right now ? and holding the sacred space for you to come forward in Love’s protection, self-honoring, and freedom. This is Love’s true nature and no one is excluded from Love’s embrace.  We are with you ? and we are loving you! 

If you are struggling to be more loving, know that Love Itself ? right now ? is dissolving your anger, hurt, regret, guilt, and shame. Let it go. Come home to Love and your highest self. Even as you read these words, Love is filling you with the capacity and kindness to act as the very presence of Love. Open yourself to Love’s work within you. Let those close to you feel the safety and security of unconditional love. This is your true Love identity. This is your Love home. We all need your love. If you are well-loved, let your inner rejoicing be known and evident to those you love. Tell your loved ones ? even write out ? the top things you most love about them. Let them feel your love at a 10! Then let the grace of your overflowing Love spread out to the yearning hearts of all humanity. Let every individual in the entire universe feel the presence of Love in your all-inclusive, healing, and spiritual embrace. This is Love’s fullest expression as Oneness enveloping us all. We are one Valentine! 

Let it be known and affirmed that any person who has read this Valentine Affirmation is, by the power invested by divine Love, hereby declared to be Love’s very own cherished, extraordinary, and totally-loved Valentine.   
                © 2000 by Scott & Shannon Peck, Co-Founders, TheLoveCenter 

Scott and Shannon Peck are Love Teachers and the Co-founders of TheLoveCenter, a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing all humanity into the heart of Love. Visit www.TheLoveCenter.com  or e-mail TheLoveCenter@aol.com , or call (800) 266-1525. 

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