Curing phantom pain and other symptoms using the energy paradigm
By Yee-Wing Tong, MD 



This article is in reply to the editor of a British magazine on the treatment of phantom rectal pain, i.e., persisting pain in the rectum after it is removed. It describes an east/west therapy, which cures phantom pain and other symptoms by enhancing the innate healing of the human, using the energy paradigm and mind/body medicine. 

Innate healing is the inbred ability of a living energy system (LES) to fix internal problems and restore order. To cure a disorder, one must enhance Nature’s repair mechanism, which requires mental knowledge on the cause and cure of the problem, physical strength to perform the repair, building material and a balanced energy terrain, all of which are different forms of energy. 

For example, to solve a problem in a business, one needs mental supervision, physical labor, mechanical parts and a workable environment. Normally, management supervises and sustains order, i.e., mind over matter. A chronic “disorder” ultimately can be traced to mismanagement in the governing level of the ES. 

For example, an accidental destruction of a departmental building results in a chronic problem only if the management fails to repair the damage and assign other workers to assume the functional roles of this division. In other words, a company devoid of a non-vital part may exist relatively symptom-free. Hence, a competent executive branch is critical in a business, as primacy of the mind is the rule. 

Similarly, mental functions govern physical health in a human. Our health dilemma arises from orthodox medicine’s fixation on an outdated Newtonian material model, omitting Einstein’s discovery of the immaterial essence of matter, which is the mental functional aspect that maintains its structural integrity. Mental or energy abnormality will lead to physical degeneration and symptoms such as pain. Lacking this knowledge, orthodox medicine erroneously ascribes the cause of pain to mechanical problems, such as defects with joints, nerves, and genes. 

In the case of phantom rectal pain, even though the physical rectum is removed, its soul remains. Any persisting pain is due to damage of this ethereal counterpart that has not been healed by the living body. There is nothing “phantom” about phantom pain, as the entity causing the discomfort persists in the organism. 

Confusion arises from the fact that the material model examines merely the mechanical elements and ignores the governing energetics of the human. The sentient aspects of a human are attributed to its living consciousness, and the feeling of pain and other discomforts are the disturbances in this energy milieu. So the cure is to correct these disturbances using energy therapies, such as Chinese medicine and homeopathy. 

The ancient Chinese discovered the essence of the mind, Qi, which regulates the body through a network of energy channels called meridians. Stress, poor diet, toxins and abnormal lifestyle cause mind/body blockages and tissue spasms at the meridian points, resulting in pain and various symptoms. Acupuncture can clear the spasm and blockage, thereby relieving the symptoms. Other energy therapies similarly heal by enhancing energy and mind/body balance. 

Unfortunately, these natural modalities are too weak to alleviate severe ailments. I discovered that injecting a local anesthetic in an energy point effectively eliminates the spasm and blockage, thereby producing dramatic relief. I call this approach Neuro-BioEnergetics (NBE) treatment. Combining it with Chinese herbs, homeopathy and nutritional supplements further corrects energy and material deficiency as well as balance, resulting in improved healing. 

Most of our patients have exhausted other therapies, yet 92% of them obtain instant relief with this method. Further therapies usually lead to progressive improvement and an eventual cure of the disease. 

For example, Eugene was a 70- year-old man who had suffered from phantom finger pain since his arm was amputated as a child. The pain was greatly affected by atmospheric changes and unresponsive to all forms of therapy. Yet he obtained immediate relief with the NBE method and was cured after three weeks of therapy. His pain never returned. 

Vicki, a 38 year-old woman, developed fatigue, weight gain and a neck nodule 10 years ago. She underwent a left and then right thyroidectomy, but became worse each time despite increasing dosage of Syn-throid. She suffered neck pain, a hiatal hernia, gastritis, irritable bowel syndrome, insomnia, hot flashes, profuse sweating, melancholy and suicidal tendency. 

She came to us because of pain from a lumbar disk herniation. Her energy was so low that she could hardly open her eyes or talk. Nevertheless, all of her symptoms, including the fatigue and depression, were greatly alleviated after the initial NBE treatment. She continued to improve with further therapy even when she stopped her medications, including the Synthroid. 

Hundreds of similar cases are posted on www.drtong.com. They illustrate that physical defects seldom cause discomforts, while energy disturbances are invariably the culprit. Moreover, the only way to cure a patient is by treating all symptoms and imbalances, and by empowering the patient to make proper nutritional and lifestyle changes to prevent recurrence of the problems. 

Therefore, we teach patients to enhance energy through nutrition. Only whole foods contain Qi. Synthetic vitamins and food imposters do not. In addition, processing foods or isolating their nutrients destroys their Qi. Dead or devitalized substances contribute little to health. 

Another factor is balance. The western diet consists of excessive acidic (yang, warming) foods such as refined sugar and flour, grains and cereal, dairy products, nuts and meat. Westerners should eat more alkaline (yin, cooling) foods such as vegetables, fruits, seeds and fish. 

Balance is especially crucial in herbal remedy. These medicinal products have powerful yin and yang properties and can be harmful if their use is not in harmony with the body. For example, Korean ginseng, garlic, cayenne and royal jelly are strong yang foods that increase body heat. They can be detrimental to people with hot flashes, heat intolerance, night sweats, and inflammation. 

Furthermore, the use of drugs, vaccines and chemicals is injurious and analogous to putting corrosive substances into a car. These toxins should be avoided even if they provide relief. Suppressing symptoms with drugs does not improve health. An example of this is the finding that hypertensive patients treated with calcium channel blockers actually suffered higher death rates from heart diseases, even though the drugs lowered their blood pressure. 

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