Caution: Energy Healing Could Be 
Hazardous To Your Health
By Master Stephen Co 



Have you ever experienced fatigue, irritability, emotional heaviness, itching and insomnia after receiving a massage, healing or counseling session? If you have, then you have probably experienced energetic contamination. Just as germs, viruses and bacteria cause disease in the physical realm, negative thoughts and emotional forms including stress and fear energies cause disease in the etheric realm. These diseased energies find a home in the auras of people with various ailments, emotional stress, anger, and evil intentions.

In Master Choa Kok Sui’s Pranic Healing® clairvoyant experiments, we have observed these diseased energies as movement of dark-grayish or cloudy-colored energies transferring from healer-to-practitioner and recipient-to-client. This phenomenon occurs even with the most powerful healers, who have extremely vibrant and radiant auras several miles wide. Unfortunately, many healers dismiss the concept of diseased energies. They believe that ignoring their existence makes them harmless. However, if a healer does not address them with proper extracting techniques, these diseased energies could later manifest as different ailments depending on the chakras and organs in which they become lodged. They could also be absorbed by the astral, emotional and mental bodies and manifest as irritability, emotional turmoil and confusion. If the whole aura is wrapped in this cocoon of dirty energy, then it becomes a gigantic magnet for similar vibrations and can manifest as bad luck. 

In Pranic Healing,® we stress “healing hygiene” or simply, energetic cleanliness. This includes detailed instruction and techniques of how to protect practitioners with powerful energetic barriers and then properly dispose of diseased or dirty energies. We then thoroughly decontaminate through specialized breathing techniques, salt baths, secret essential oil combinations, and finally releasing energy connections. Additionally, we practice powerful daily meditations to purge any negative thought forms out of the aura. These meditations also have the benefit of increasing Soul Contact and Alignment, which allow the practitioner to “draw down” higher frequencies of energy to project for healing. A person with a clean aura enjoys greater physical health, emotional stability, clarity of mind and inner peace. 

As a senior facilitator in the United States, I, Master Stephen Co, have personally observed thousands of doctors, nurses, healers, Reiki Masters, massage therapists, chiropractors and other healthcare practitioners reap the rewards from Pranic Healing®’s meticulous energy hygiene techniques. 

Master Stephen Co is a personal disciple of GrandMaster Choa Kok Sui. He teaches throughout the U.S. and Mexico. Master Co has taught Pranic Healing® to more than 5000 healthcare practitioners as well as lay people throughout the USA and Mexico. For more information on classes, and your Free Meditation on Self Healing Tape, please call the U.S. Pranic Healing® Center at (888) 470-5656 or visit us at  

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