By Maryel McKinley 



Bountiful Women 
By Bonnie Bernell 
“Bountiful Women” is the book many of us have waited for our entire lives! In this priceless book, Bonnie Bernell helps women of all shapes and sizes to be comfortable in their bodies. Through her own self-discovery process, She tells the reader how she made the transformation herself from Self-Limiting to Self Appreciating. 

According to a recent New York Times poll, half of American women are overweight — yet we are constantly bombarded by advertisements and marketing moguls indicating that we need to look anorexic to be beautiful. As a matter of fact, it has become so painful in recent years to be overweight that many women feel like people are not accepting them as human beings, but as lazy gluttons. This is extremely hurtful to the women at the other end of those remarks. 

“Bountiful Women” gives us the opportunity to love ourselves exactly as we are. Bernell encourages us to live our lives fully and richly in whatever ways we desire, rather than “weighting” for the pounds to drop before we can join the world as something more than second-class citizens! This book is long overdue and I hope everyone who has ever struggled with self-image because of weight will read this book, it could change your life, it could save your life! 

Published by Wildcat Canyon Press, this book is available at your local bookstore. 


The Third Shift 
Managing hard choices in our careers, homes & lives as women 
By Michele Kremen Bolton 
According to author Michele Kremen Bolton, modern-day women live their lives in three shifts. One shift is at the office, or workplace; the second shift is at home taking care of their families; the third shift is in our minds, conducting a continuous inner dialogue of second guessing whatever actions and decisions filled our days. 

Therefore, learning how to manage these three shifts is the goal of the 21st century woman. We no longer need to feel guilty because we are working mothers. This book is unique in that it is not an account of the author’s experience; rather it is the result of a comprehensive study over a three-year period of 117 women in the Silicon Valley. 

“The Third Shift” teaches women how to manage and make intelligent choices in order to balance their busy lives while maintaining a standard of high quality. It is crucial, according to the author, to develop skills for managing our lives. If we don’t, the result can be psychological consequences such as low self-esteem, and self-sabotage. So, if you are frazzled and frustrated by the end of each day, this book is a must for you! 

Published by Jossey-Bass, Wiley Co., this book is available at your local bookstore. 


The Cultural Creatives 
How 50 million people are changing the world 
By Paul H. Ray, Ph.D. & Sherry Ruth Anderson, Ph.D. 
At last, a breathtaking landmark book written by Sociologist Ray and Psychologist Anderson which brings to light the global community that is emerging as we speak! “The Cultural Creatives” are people who care deeply about ecology and saving the planet — about relationships, peace, social justice, self-actualizing, spirituality and self-expression. 

People like you and I who are inner directed and outer concerned — we are activists, volunteers and creators of grass roots movements that benefit us all. As a minority, roughly 50 million people, we are actually the creative spark that will be relied upon to help carry the enormous leverage of a promising future in a decaying and deteriorating planet ecology. 

Based upon 13 years of survey research with more than 100,000 people and hundreds of focus groups and dozens of indepth interviews, this book is an extremely important work everyone should read if you are concerned about how you can make a difference for our children and their children. We are a new breed of people, and the result of a spiritual evolution and revolution. The time has come for us to join together and realize we are not alone in our efforts to provide a safe and sane environment for generations to come. 

Published by Harmony Books/Random House, this book is available at your local bookstore. 


Spiritual Divorce 
Divorce as a catalyst for an extraordinary life 
By Debbie Ford 
Another excellent piece of work from author Debbie Ford, “Spiritual Divorce” is a profound and life-changing read. For anyone who has experienced the pain, bitterness and heartbreak of divorce, or for anyone approaching this experience, this book will become your best friend and help to guide you through the toughest of times. I wish this book had been available when I divorced, as the information would have helped save me years of therapy and resentment. 

Ford brilliantly extracts the blessings and gifts that are inherent in divorce, and she teaches through her own experience how to transform the excruciating pain into a journey of fantastic life potential and pure joy. Her work has been featured at length on The Oprah Winfrey Show, because it is authentic. Not only does Ford intimately reveal her own healing process, she gives examples of many couples she has counseled through this process. 

“Spiritual Divorce” will be a classic book that will be referred to by psychologists and counselors for years to come, as its pages are rich with poignant truth. So many people in our society have not been able to let go of wounds that festered for years because of the trauma divorce can bring to a family, and the effects harm not only their lives but the lives of any children involved. This book gives people the opportunity to bring closure to the open wounds that haunt so many. 

Published by Harper San Francisco, this book is available at your local bookstore. 


The Zen of Organizing 
By Regina Leeds 
For a person like myself who is very busy, very creative yet more than a bit unorganized, “The Zen of Organizing” is an answer to my prayers! Regina Leeds has successfully presented a plethora of sensible suggestions to help create order and peace in not only your career, but in your home and in every area of your life. 

She ingeniously covers everything you’ll ever need to know about organizing such as holiday planning, time management, budgeting, how to prevent energy drain, and how to access the reality of our goals and schedules. I was impressed with her ideas for home office space, and her advice on children’s rooms. Regina leaves no stone unturned as she even teaches you how to keep your car organized — right down to what you should put in your glove compartment! I was especially impressed with her idea to color code files as a way of making them easier to retrieve and organize. 

She even has information on how to merge two households — as in the case she presented her client had been living alone as a bachelor for 40 plus years, and was finally going to marry the woman of his dreams. The only problem was they both lived in different states and were faced with the prospect of consolidating their homes into one. Regina brilliantly rose to the occasion and has offered her solution in this wonderful gem of a book.

 After reading this book and implementing the tools that are presented, I must admit that my life is a lot more organized than it has ever been. Thank you Regina for your wonderful contribution to my new organized life! 

Published by Parkslope Press, this book is available for purchase on    Also check out 


By Dr. Joan McNeill 


By Michael Samuels, M.D. & Mary Rockwood Lane, Ph.D. 
Does Shamanism and Native American wisdom interest you? Whether you’re a novice or an intermediate, this book will satisfy and draw you in. Just reading will not suffice; this is an active participation in manifestation, healing, and self-inquiry. 

Vision quests, ancient spirits, medicine wheels and spirit animals incorporate this powerful way of looking at creation and how the earth is formed anew with each breath. It is an earth-driven spirituality that honors the animals, the animal spirits, and the living earth. 

There is a hands-on kit that accompanies this beautiful and insightful book. The kit includes thirteen spirit animal figures, a medicine bag, and a medicine wheel map. You supply the focus on what you came here to contribute to the world, your spiritual energy and commitment. What a perfect time of year to initiate you to the ways of the shaman and manifesting your own vision! 

Published by G.P. Putnam’s Sons, this book is available at your local bookstore.

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