Wake Up . . . Your Life Is Waiting!
By Dr. Diane Hindman

Have you been asking yourself, "Why am I here?", "What is my purpose?" Do you feel like you're living someone else's dream? Do you long to jump out of bed each day excited to be alive because you are completely fulfilled in your work and personal life? Sometimes we wonder if it's even possible. But the truth is that life is short and we can't afford to waste another moment wishing we had another career, another relationship or another life.

We take so much for granted sometimes and just expect that there will always be another tomorrow, but what if there isn't? What if you knew you had a limited number of days left? What would you do? Where would you go? Who would you spend your time with?

Suddenly, we would start telling people how we feel. We would do things we've always wanted to do and go places we've only dreamed about. Why can't we choose to live that way now when the days seem unlimited? It would bring much more peace and fulfillment to our lives.

The answer may be in finding our purpose and aligning it with our passions. Until we know our true purpose for being here, many of us wander aimlessly from one job to the next or one relationship to the next, always searching for something that will make us happy.

The great spiritual masters teach that we will never find happiness by looking for it outside of ourselves. To be truly fulfilled or enlightened as they say, we must find peace within our own mind and body. To find peace you have to truly know yourself, what your soul wants, what your ego wants, as both play an important role in finding your purpose and living your dreams.

Your soul will give you clues as to your purpose, while your ego will put you into action on obtaining your goals and desires. We need to respect the needs of both in order for the process to work. In the meantime, following the steps below will get you started on your path to finding your purpose in this life.

1. Examine your past. List three times in your life when you were excited and passionate about what you were doing in your career or personal life. When did you feel you were making a difference? Explore any common themes between them.

2. Live like there's no tomorrow. Make a list of what you would do if you only had a year to live. Look for common themes on your list.

3. Spend time alone. Find some quiet time to think about who you are, what you represent, and what you would like to create in the world.

4. Build your dream team. Find people who will support you in finding your purpose and living your dream. Ask them about what qualities they see in you and what kind of impact you have had on them.

5. Evaluate if your potential purpose aligns with your dream. For example, if your purpose is to communicate information to help people and your dream is to be a public speaker then you are in alignment.

If you find that the path to finding your purpose is a long process, remember to enjoy the steps along the way. Isn't it all about what we learn on the journey rather than what is at the end of the road?

Dr. Hindman is the publisher of Natural Nutmeg Magazine and founder of Dream Big Coaching, working with individuals and companies to create spiritual-minded entrepreneurs. Her work focuses on inspiring individuals to build belief systems first and strategies second. She will be facilitating a 5-day retreat/workshop, "The Power of Shift" in Palm Springs, CA in March. For more information, please visit: drhindmanphd@yahoo.com or call (860) 508-0894.

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