By Audrey Hope



If I only had one page, one moment, to give her life-saving information, to help her be free. I would say ...

Her healing is simple and instant, if you tell her the things she needs to know. No one else needs to be present. Only herself and a chair, and a spiritual vow - "I AM NOW ALLOWING MYSELF TO TRANSFORM." For when she regains her throne, the sovereignty of self, when she becomes the lighthouse, the beacon, she invites and inspires the men and the world to do the same. Women first.

Because women are the enlightening strength of every civilization. It is her mothering energy of love and compassion that is the hope for the world. As stated in the Vedic Scriptures: The degree to which women are respected, is the degree to which a society prospers. Respect for women humanizes a society.

It is time to re-turn, to lead a sacred re-evolution, to honor the inner beauty of being a real woman, a queen. It is time to resurrect the goddess within and restore(y) her story in history.

Because her problems began at the beginning.

Women need to know they are brainwashed.

Throughout the centuries, women have been assaulted and manipulated and lied to. Original documents of the goddess have been hidden and burned. Her story has been his story - a saga of man through his conquests of war and women delegated to secondary creature and like Eve, in the garden, blamed for the fall from grace.

HISTORY HAS BEEN A DAMAGING DECEPTION, a horrific crime of such magnitude, that it's corruption has raped her soul, cut off her true potential, her authentic voice, replacing her natural feminine gifts with wounds of self judgment, and self doubt. And self-doubt is the greatest of evils!

Living in a world of impossible standards, she always feels bad about herself. She battles an internal war that says, I am not pretty enough, young enough, smart enough, skinny enough, enough! She can only focus on what is wrong with herself and what needs to be fixed. If she is always worried about wrinkles and age and weight, she will be distracted from her power. It is a dirty trick, a double crime to turn her against herself. In its extreme, dangerous belief systems instigate rape, pornography, incest, domestic violence and female circumcision.

THANK GOD, we are now saving her, telling her true story, her side of it. As Riane Eisler, author of 'The Chalice and The Blade' has stated, "there is a more hopeful story of her cultural origins, where once upon a time society revered the female, and men and women lived in harmony and partnership and embraced a feminine ethos of love."

Thank God we can now tell a victorious tale about a beautiful queen who took back her throne.

Every woman has the same journey, the same story, the same initiation, the same path to goddesshood - losing herself to find herself to never lose again. A cruxification to her resurrection to self love. And then triumphant she can reign again.

How can she take back her seat, her rightful place? She must marry herself first and live by royal vows of self love. Her happiness is a positive active conscious choice/decision to change.

In her chair alone, she must call out . . .

I vow to never let anyone treat me badly ever again.

I vow to honor my voice.

I vow to follow my heart.

I vow to love myself unconditionally.

I vow to take responsibility for my life.

I know that every relationship is a heavenly mirror to reflect me back to wholeness, what I need to learn.

I know a relationship is an illusion, if I think the other person can save me.

The best me is the only answer to divine sacred union.

My name is Knightress, Warrioress, Perfecta and Queen.

A woman can heal herself, in her own room, in her own chair.

And then she can offer her holy advice . . .

Take the apple.

Audrey Hope is the spiritual counselor at Passages Rehab in Malibu, and host/producer of REAL WOMEN, an international award-winning talk show dedicated to life-altering perspectives. Visit: www.hopesrealwomen.com


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