Turning Crisis into Opportunity
A How-To Conference
By Beth Green



While our current economic meltdown is personally and socially challenging, it is also creating exciting opportunities for us to change and grow. The Stream, a San Diego-based nonprofit, is offering a free one-day conference on Sunday, February 15, to help us turn our personal and collective challenges into an opportunity to promote the kind of world we wish to co-create.

The conference will go beyond a general discussion about reframing the economic downturn. It will specifically address six crucial topics: how we spend money, how we make money, how we live, how we feel, how we think about who we are and how we can help others. Participants will break into small groups to discuss particular topics, so all attendees will have personal time to focus on the issues most pertinent to them.

Attendees will have the opportunity to participate in at least two topic groups during the day, and each group will be supported by two trained co-leaders. Depending upon participants' needs and desires, follow-up meetings or support networking can be scheduled.

"This is a time when we can utilize our spiritual principles to pragmatically contribute to the real-time transformation of consciousness on the planet," says Beth Green, Stream Spiritual Director. "But to take this on, we need to be calm, aware and focused. We need to examine our own feelings, fears and direction, and we need to see how we can help others as a way of helping ourselves. The conference is designed to meet these needs." Turning Crisis into Opportunity is being offered by The Stream at its beautiful center in Bonsall, North County San Diego. The hours are 10am ­ 6 pm, Sunday, February 15, and all are invited. Bring a brown bag lunch, and please do not wear any lotions, perfumes or fragrances of any kind. There is no charge.

For directions, information or to register, call Rose, (760) 822-3272. Pre-registration is not necessary but would be appreciated so planners can be prepared. Feel free to bring friends, family and/or co-workers, anyone who could benefit from gaining a new perspective and experiencing mutual support during economic hard times.

Turning Crisis into Opportunity will be led by Beth Green, who has been an intuitive counselor, spiritual consultant and author since 1980. The spiritual director of The Stream since its founding in 1983, she designed and leads the Living with Reality program and has offered workshops on a wide variety of topics, including Sex & Spirituality; Food & Freedom; Money; and Spiritual Prosperity.

The Stream is a nonprofit educational corporation dedicated to redefining what it means to be human. See: www.thestream.org


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