By Dr. Scott and Shannon Peck



Each of us is worthy of all the forgiveness in the world. Often, we can forgive others more easily than we can forgive ourselves. Yet, leaving ourselves unforgiven creates a host of problems which drive our lives downward and interfere with our life's highest purpose.

We suffer greatly from not forgiving ourselves. Within the human consciousness, there is an inborn feeling of inadequacy. We beat up on ourselves from this perceived pre-condition of failure. The negative feelings that accompany this state of inadequacy are warlike, with the inner critic aggressively arguing how inadequate we are with others - at our jobs, how we act, what we speak, and what we do wrong.

No matter what we do, it seems to trigger the inner critic. The critic claims we aren't enough. No matter what we do, it still isn't good enough. We have feelings of guilt, shame, and inferiority. We try to cover up our inadequacy. We do this to fool ourselves as well.

Often, we become so conditioned to this defensive state of masking our inferiority that we come to believe this is who we are. By facing the problem of feeling inadequate or inferior, we can shift away from this paradigm of extraordinarily negative self perception and the world of suffering it imposes.

Ironically, as we leave behind the inner critic, we discover an inborn feeling of adequacy. It already resides within us. It's like cleaning off dirt from a windshield. The dirt isn't in the glass. Once the dirt is removed, we can see the natural purity of the windshield.

Here are some of the practices of awareness that bring healing through self forgiveness:

1. Realize that you deserve all the love in the world, including the love of forgiving yourself.

2. Rise above the human consciousness into the divine realm and take back the divine innocence that belongs to you, disallowing guilt.

3. Practice seeing yourself as spiritual, leaving behind the mortal concept of yourself as a failure. Release everything about failure and let it go. It doesn't belong to you and it never did.

4. When you find the inner critic loading you up with a feeling of guilt and inadequacy, become aware of its presence. Observe how it makes you feel. Bean observer outside yourself.

5. Decide to replace the inner dialogue with a higher dialogue, reminding yourself of your true origin and essence which is divine.

6. Practice offering yourself sweet forgiveness for getting into trouble with yourself. Let yourself off the hook.

7. Each time you find yourself beating up on yourself, come to your rescue with strong reminders of your divine worth and value - your true identity. Release false thought forms and their negative energies which prosecute andpersecute you.

8. Declare to yourself that you emanate from a divine Source that is completely good and that you are wholly deserving of all love as you allow this to offset the pain of suffering.

9. Be strong in forgiving yourself.

As you practice this awareness, you may, at first, not see much change. However, as you continue the practice of standing tall for your true Self, bringing in forgiveness and releasing inadequacies, you will see healing come.

You can look forward to a day when you will experience an absence of the inner critic where it once came in with full force. With this absence will come an experience of great inner peace. With this freedom will come the blessing of living in a state of self forgiveness which will become your new norm.

As you practice this defense for yourself, building greater inner strength, you will come less and less under self attack. You will be more present to your true self, able to live in alignment with your highest calling. This is the purpose of self forgiveness.

Imagine living in a world where you practiced self forgiveness every day, even many times a day. This would make you available to be your loving self, present to offer yourself and others joy, healing, creativity, and remembrance of who you and they truly are.

Imagine living in a world where everyone practiced self forgiveness and focused on their Highest Self's purpose in each moment. This would be a world filled with a tidal wave of love that would be available and present to everyone, and always. Each one's practice of self forgiveness would aid the whole world.

This is the healing power of practicing self forgiveness. This healing power is within you now, aiding you as you put off the old way of seeing yourself without sufficient love or forgiveness. As you practice this healing power, you light up the entire world with your love. Welcome to the heart of love.

© Copyright 2008 Scott & Shannon Peck

Dr. Scott Peck & Shannon Peck are Co-founders of TheLoveCenter, a non-profitorganization "Calling everyone home to Love." They are authors of books on love & healing, including "The Love You Deserve," "Love Skills," "Liberating Your Magnificence," and "Love Heals" (by Shannon Peck). For lots more love, visit . We are holding the space for you to receive all the love you deserve!


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