Sri Raniji The Divine Feminine Follows Her Spiritual Passion
Birthing the Divine into Daily Life
By Donna Strong



The signs of change abound. Events that announce positive forward momentum bring an exhilarating thrill, while in other moments, the upheaval of old structures disintegrating before our eyes may evoke a sense of heightened angst and anxiety.  From climate change to the changing of the guard in our nation with a new president about to be inaugurated, we are living in times of vast transition.

As we embark on the road of New Year 2009, the gathering momentum of our collective metamorphosis portends more turbulence through the process of transformation. Yet for all that is edgy and uncertain, there is a rising sense of aliveness and an emerging sense of promise from those participating in the new future that is beginning to form.

As we cross another threshold of change and enter the consciousness of a new year, we have dedicated this issue to distinguished women who are on the forefront of visionary advances. With this, our cover feature is dedicated to Sri Rani Kumra (aka; Sri Raniji), who is well known, both here and abroad, for her devotion to the Oneness Movement and its focus to uplift and unite humanity.  

For the past eleven years, this simple lay monk had the tremendous responsibility of guiding the Oneness Movement in the USA and Canada, and extending its service offerings into Italy, Australia and New Zealand.

As Sri Raniji has acknowledged, all of our human roles are temporal and will eventually come to an end. She is now forging ahead to continue her life's passion of helping humanity to directly experience more coherence and unity in their lives, offering her own heart-to-heart blessings and workshops. Of special note is the work she is now doing with indigenous community members, women and children who are at risk, and with people who are incarcerated, such as with prisoners at the LA County Jail.

As Mother Teresa has said, we should not be concerned with doing great things, but 'doing little things with great heart.' The feminine principle in us all is devoted to affirming the sacredness of life, and 'little' acts from a caring heart sprinkle much-needed droplets of spiritual sustenance into our human lives. As other divinely human feminine figures before her, Sri Raniji is leaving a legacy of lasting change through giving acts from her generous heart.

Awareness: It feels like there is a quality of the feminine now that is being asked to birth more unity awareness and it feels like that was part of the spiritual genius that you fulfilled in your role with the Oneness Movement. As a gender, our engagement in the process of birthing and cultivating life brings its own measure of acumen in birthing forms that affirm life. This is what I see that you will continue to demonstrate to people as you go in this new direction, but especially to women as a positive example of how we can act in our families and in our consciously-chosen communities to make a significant contribution to birth new ways that affirm life.

Sri Raniji: A woman's heart is so big and so compassionate and has so much inner strength that we can take over the world if we want to.

Human beings have been conditioned for so long that stereotype roles have been created and expected from both men and women. Motherhood is not simply a woman's role but a feminine principle that seeks fulfillment in experience regardless of gender. A woman has much more potential to contribute to society. If she takes charge of her inner strength, she is a great asset to humanity. She should take charge of her growth, the family's growth and that of the community.

Empowerment of the feminine self is the first step in creating a balance between the masculine and feminine energies. I feel it is the feminine power or shakthi that sustains life on this planet, as she is the one who is so compassionate, forgiving and considerate, and brings about harmony in the family life and community.

In order to be good leaders women need to balance their individual, family and work lives.

Awareness: I really see the dilemma for women in the modern world being that it feels like there is an unspoken mandate that we should give out to the world, without first giving to ourselves, or deserving to stop and refill and nourish ourselves when we begin to feel drained. It is very complicated for women to be so involved in worldly life while still fulfilling a key role within the home to nurture and foster family bonding.

Sri Raniji: Yes, this is a big struggle that women have always faced. In a recent workshop, when women responded to a question about what percentage of time they spend on themselves, it was maybe five percent. For the family it was about 15% and the rest was all work. Women do not consider themselves important. That's why they are so fatigued and tired.

Women have a passion and they can contribute a lot to the world, but they are unable to, with so much conflict with the children, the family, and their own inner conflict. We are never happy if our family is not happy. We must save the family unit that has been disintegrating. Happy families create happy communities and happy nations. We, as women, can help unify the family unit by first taking care of ourselves.

Awareness: We are all juggling so much, what would you suggest if we give ourselves permission to stop, sit and be still for a while, in order to access that divine light within?

Sri Raniji: To access the divine light, we have to work on forgiveness as well as seeking forgiveness, and let go of all that we are holding within us. Lack of awareness of what is going on within will keep us in the dark. So we start with the process of awareness, what is happening inside. What is the hurt I am feeling because I am not forgiving? It's time right now to experience that hurt to the deepest without complaining, or blaming or explaining. You need to go deep inside, experience the hurt and pain, and as you experience it, it is over and forgiveness will happen. You have to go inside and be with the issues you are carrying with you and stillness will happen.

The other thing to work on is putting yourself in the shoes of people you have hurt. You must seek forgiveness. This will bring about joy and peace in your life. So when we talk about world peace, it won't happen unless each individual begins to work within themselves.

If you're peaceful within yourself, and have no inner conflict, everything outside will begin to be better for you, your family and your work life. The outside is a reflection of the inside. The divinity that is the energy within you will be depleted by any inner conflict. By not forgiving or seeking forgiveness, you  are only  harming yourself. Only when you have ample energy can you be happy.

Awareness: It feels like all of us are receiving a deeper calling to understand what one definition is of a 'guru' ... to be the light of wisdom within, rather than thinking it only comes through someone else. It feels like you are showing real spiritual wisdom to indicate that it's not all figured out and each person needs to listen and become present with the light within.

Sri Raniji: To understand the requirement of a Guru or a guide, you need to see it analogous to a teacher. Your First Grade teacher, no matter how wonderful, can not be your Masters program teacher. Guides cross your path all the time if you choose to recognize them. It could be your parent, your friend, your spouse or anyone else you interact with. That is why even when Lord Krishna had his best friend by his side, he told him he could not grow unless he looked within himself. We learn and apply teachings as we recognize them, then we work on ourselves and grow and flower.

Running after a guru is not the solution for spiritual upliftment. Empowering your self - your inner self - and listening to your intuitive guidance is the key to true liberation and wisdom.

We need to have gratitude for what we have learned from our teachers, but then the process is all ours. We must break loose and go on our own path. We each have that power within; we just have to tap into that energy and become aware that it is always there.

Awareness: This brings up something I have been really aware of lately, to see if I am really pulled into thoughts that are more about being in doubt and disconnect or whether I am tuned into a sense of trust and unity.

 Sri Raniji: Mostly it's 'lack' of awareness. If you're not aware of what is happening, then you're working from fear and insecurity, which causes doubt. We react from anger and frustration that is coming from  the mind as it relates to the past and the future.

Awareness: What you are pointing to is that we don't feel deserving to be connected to this light. Yet the divine is always our birthright; we come from it and are of it, since we are the stuff of creation.

Sri Raniji: You are right, the divine is our birthright. Each individual is part of Supreme Consciousness. The victim consciousness that has governed us is what has made us seek approval. Who is seeking approval from whom? Who says what is right or what is wrong? That is why it is necessary to move away from the old-world victim attitude seeking constant approval from some system or another and learn to be complete and whole with oneself. The belief systems of many religions and ideas of punishment are not letting them tap into that energy. They feel let down by society, and the belief that they are not capable and not good enough is the cause of not being able to relate to the divine within.

Due to their nature, Women can access this energy more easily than men. Living in their truth they will carry their message to the world.

Awareness: Speaking of carrying our message to the world, tell us about the wonderful service work you have done and are doing, giving blessings...

Sri Raniji: As you are well aware I am the former coordinator of the Oneness Movement in North America. In my passion to bring the message of living in oneness, I worked unceasingly travelling in the Americas, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. I have deep gratitude to Sri Bhagavan for choosing me to spread His work here in the U.S.

My journey through many lives from different places, both spiritually and geographically, have been moments of great joy and deep gratitude and has made me realize that supporting human evolution through spiritual service is my passion.

My experience has taught me that awareness is the key to being happy, and why I have become an advocate for Living in Awareness and Heart to Heart Blessings. This blessing is Divine energy that flows through your heart to the hearts of others People think they have to go through many months of training in order to bless someone. When people ask me, "Can I bless my children? Can I bless my husband?" I say yes, if it's coming from love and compassion, it will be a very powerful blessing. The divine is unlimited, it cannot be contained. If it is contained, then it is not the divine, it is something else. Anybody can go and bless anyone.

Awareness: I can't think of anything more sacred than a blessing from a sincere heart!

Sri Raniji: Because mankind is connected, and if you truly feel compassion for others, they will be enriched.

We are doing a heart-to-heart blessing, so everyone can bless their families, their communities and bless the world!

Awareness: There is such a need for this kind of spiritual sustenance in our lives and the heart is a direct way to connect with the divine.

Sri Raniji: Yes, a blessing doesn't have to be a ceremony or anything special. It is so simple. Just a strong intent will do it. The divine flows through you if you are not coming from ego. The stronger your bond with the divine is, the greater the impact of this energy is upon others. You become a vessel of that unlimited energy.

Awareness: One of the things I wanted to bring up is about service. We often think of service as 'giving' something away and we are so often drained. When we really are connecting with someone and have that desire from the heart to give as you have indicated, then we not only are giving and sharing, but we receive as well.

Sri Raniji: Exactly. If people do unconditional service and act from the vision of wanting to help humanity, as much as you give out to others, many-fold it comes back to you. That is the law of karma... what you sow, so shall you reap many times over. As you are blessing others, a thousand-fold blessing of grace is coming to you. It becomes a complete circle of energy. Intent is very important in service and that is what lends its energy.

Awareness: It sustains a person to do what is right, what one feels called to do. I think many people are hungry to know a sense of being in the full circle of exchange.

Sri Raniji: The access will only happen if they really look at their inner self and deal with their inner conflict. People have this conditioning or belief system that they are not perfect, and they are lacking and struggling. It is the reason they are always going from one guru to another, because they think there is something else to attain to become a perfect being. We can enjoy what is, rather than looking for perfection in the future.

There is nothing called a perfect being, you're perfect just as you are. When there is no more inner conflict, the only thing that will pour in is the divine energy. This is how you can help others and then they also can tap into the source and help even more.

Awareness: I am so glad to hear you say that. For some time I've been saying, "God is an equal-opportunity employer, we all have our purpose and work to do." So we all have our marching orders, we just need to know that we've been given them!

Sri Raniji: True {chuckle}... It's amazing how it is all a divine plan. We think we have a free will, but it's all destined, we cannot control situations. If you try and block a situation and go the other way, there will be destruction and discontentment. It's how people become suicidal, thinking this is not how the world should be.  

We are here to learn, and as we learn, our spiritual standing becomes higher. All we can do is to stay with the flow of life. Human life is so beautiful, it should be experienced as it is. So many people are suffering unnecessarily due to the sense of separation. They are hungry for love and connection but have not accepted themselves and are looking for that acceptance outside. I want to be able to help people in their journey to accept themselves just as they are.

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