Slow Down Time and Play with Your Dreams
By Lisa Cherney



Recently I opened up an old journal and found a letter I wrote to myself about my life. It said, "I am now a mom, and I only work a few days a week. My business helps thousands of entrepreneurs and is in total alignment with my passion. My parents moved to California, and we are very close."  The letter was dated November 2007.  I didn't remember writing it, but then I saw another date, November 2002, at the top of the page and a title, My Life 5 Years from Now. The letter was written 6 years ago! I was shocked because all of it has become true.

When I wrote this, in 2002, I was totally stressed out. I was working 24/7, I didn't want children, and my parents were in New Jersey (and determined to stay there). It felt as if I had found a way to see into the future. By taking the time to write this letter (during a retreat I attended) I had made every year of the past 6 years count. I had actualized my dreams. It was an exhilarating feeling!

Stop What You Are Doing
Are you making every year count? How about just every day? If not stop, stop, stop what you are doing and take a break. Start with 5 minutes a day and then increase the time until you are brave enough to leave for an entire day ‹ or even a week to see what's out there (or what's inside). This year I started doing a remarkable thing. Once, every other month, I drop my daughter off at preschool, and I take the day off! No working, just relaxing. No "shoulds" allowed!

Often, we go through life with our heads down saying, "My kids have grown up so fast," "Time flies," or, "I don't know where all the time as gone." But we are in today ‹ and not really in today. So there's your answer: It is simply that you are not in the moment. It was there all along, and you just didn't notice. Well, it's time to notice! Caution. . . when you notice, you may feel. And when you feel, you may have a dream or idea that floats in. Capture it! 

Just to clarify, I'm not talking about spending your days thinking about the weekend, or dreaming about vacation. Looking into the future puts us right back into not being present. Inevitably, when Sunday comes, or the vacation ends, you wonder, "Where did it go?" It was right there, and you didn't notice. It's time to notice. It's time to be present. You have the power to slow it down.

What if I had more time?
What dream would you dream if you had the time? Stop and think about that today. "What if I had more time?" "What if the days were longer and the weeks were longer and the years were longer, what would I do differently?' Don't wait for the wakeup call. Don't wait until your beloved dies to ask these questions. Then it will feel too late. You are a light, and you have work to do now! 

Our PresidentElect Barrack Obama is doing his work. Many have said he has eliminated all excuses for not realizing dreams. Look around. Come to gratitude and then go deeper into your dreams. Now is the time. Today is the day. And today, you will be given more time because you will be giving yourself more time. Can't do it yet?

What are your excuses?
Write them down and see them for what they are:
 "I can't leave my kids."
 "I'm too old."
 "My husband needs me."
 "I don't know what I would do."
 "I need money."
 "I'm too busy."
 "I don't have any dreams."
 "I am just fine, really."

Is this what you will be saying after tragedy hits? These sentences will seem silly then. Do you need to wait until you are turning 40 or 50 or 60 or 70?  If seeing those numbers on your birthday cake gives you permission to stop putting other people in front of you, then great. If they keep you stuck, then ignore them.

Don't "Do" Anything
Now, if you can't stand the thought of making a move today, don't "do" anything. Better than going back to unconsciousness, just play with it:

-  Visualize it
-   Pretend or "act as if"
-   Write about it, "Once upon a time I. . .."
-   Play dress up (try on the sexy dress or power suit)
-   Test drive the car or visit your dream city
  Cut pictures out of your dream house
-   Meet a stranger and tell them your dream life as if it is real

 Just play with the ideas. Let a twinkle of it through. Don't make a move. Just play pretend. The more you play with it, the closer you get. No pressure, just play. Play with your dreams and then one day they won't be play, and you won't be wondering where all the time went. You will be looking around at your life and saying, "Wow, it's just want I wanted." And you may even ask, what's next? You are the only limit.

Lisa Cherney is a Business Intuitive, Master Marketing Consultant and Founder of Conscious Marketing TM.  For more info on her coaching and workshops visit or call (888) 7710156.


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