It's A Renaissance for Women! Says Web-Mistress Zoe Zuniga
By Kay Walburger    



Today the Creative Options for Women (who are or would be entrepreneurs) are "Unlimited" through the "Virtual" Office, Bookstore, Art Gallery, Gift Shop, Blogs, Movie Theater, Radio and TV Studios, etc! Zoe Zuniga, a Renaissance Woman, herself is a Painter, Designer, Holistic Health Writer, and Fitness Coach teaching health, fitness, meditation, and vegan nutrition.

Many are watching old business paradigms crumbling with much fear and trepidation! I say remember, "Breakthrough comes right after breakdown!" I advocate embracing the new technology and creating a personal presence in the global marketplace with an eloquent custom website that expands your reach beyond your city, state, or country!

I will work with anyone who is ready, willing, and able to listen and learn, however, I find that women are very receptive and teachable and therefore great candidates for the newest and innovative ways to communicate their personal story, mission, dreams, intentions, and creative self-expressions through Art, Music, Movement, or whatever.

We begin to collaborate on their vision of what their business website is about. We co-create a 'dream-come-true' for her web pages that present her message to be Seen, Heard, and Felt. Sometimes I hook her up with partners, who offer 'Affiliate' ventures that bring more revenues into her business. I help her create a site that 'Virtually' sings, dances, talks with embedded audio or video that builds rapport with potential clients.

My Passion is to inspire women to be, do, and have more but work less using Law of Attraction principles! I have been working in the health and fitness business for many years and I love seeing women step into their physical, mental, social, financial, and spiritual power! I believe we are in a "Renaissance for Women" and this is the time for women to be true partners with men in a positive community setting. I am looking forward to all humanity living in harmony; where each person is respected and revered for their own unique brilliance.

I began painting as a child because I grew up in a creative environment with a beatnik, radical, composer playwright for a mom. There was a passionate creativity ethic! This was the hippy 60's.

I was taken to museums, the opera, and intellectual gatherings, leftist political meetings and hung out with mom and her adult friends most of the time as a pre-schooler. Back stage at gigs and rehearsals I always had my crayons and sketch pad.

During the 1966 National Farmer Worker's March from Deleno to Sacramento I sat in the back of the press van and set up a little desk out of a crate for my drawing projects while we joined Ceasar Chavez in his struggle for decent wages. I was the youngest person to finish the march although I only walked about 8 miles per day.

By the age of ten I had a small subscription of four for one of my comic books. I would send this to my friends from our hotel room in Hong Kong or other stops along our puppet tour back in 1970.

Growing up in an unstable environment, with 20 moves and at least 20 different schools, leaving friends behind every few months, drawing and writing were the only stable things in my life.

As an adult I have always continued with my creative projects while finding ways to make a living using my passion for holistic health and healing. I began searching for a way to end my chronic fatigue and depression while pursuing a career in illustration in my early 20's. I studied dance, which led me to movement, bodywork, whole foods, and alternative health to heal myself. The two themes of creative outlet and holistic healing have been intertwined ever since.

Presently I am working toward integrating artistic and holistic passions in my web design business by helping other holistic professionals have websites they can relate to and use to build a more stable income.

Never Give Up On Your Dreams!
After seeing the movie The Secret in 2006 I felt moved to find new ways to live and start building websites and transforming my life and the lives of others so we can all express ourselves more fully and live the lives we came here to live. Maybe I am not "super rich" or anything significant in the material realm, but I am doing so many things I would not have done before.

Disease and Depression come from letting go of dreams!
As we get older we are conned into believing that we cannot fulfill our deepest desires and aspirations or live up to our full potential. But as long as you keep working toward your goals, even if just a few hours a week, you will be much happier than if you believe the lies generated by our society.

To be engaged in life you need a passion for something. Each person needs to have the courage to follow his or her dreams without getting pushed in the direction of the general tide. People need to connect to other like-minded people and share the dream. By collaborating you make it real.

Help us build an online community where we can collaborate and build a lifestyle that works. Please sign up for my newsletter to find out when the community goes live. * See info below.

Think Big. . .  It's Free!
We are taught to stop using our imagination as grown ups, but as we get older the only way to stay youthful is to go back to imagination and learn to use it again. Transformation can happen quickly and now we need it so desperately. It can just take someone who has started on the path to begin the movement of your mind in the direction in which you need to grow.

Zoe began her career as a fitness professional to support and pay for art school. In 1985 in Boston she went on to teach yoga, aerobics, and Latin dance. She's now a certified sports massage therapist, Pilates trainer, and spinning trainer. Zoe Zuniga, owner of MarketHolistic is a creative web designer who partners with holistic health professionals, solo business owners, and creatives to market their businesses on-line.

As a graphic artist and painter, her work has been featured in Boston, San Francisco, and Los Angeles since 1986. Zoe has the unique ability to speak the language of creative professionals and translate that into beautiful and functional web designs.

Contact Zoe Zuniga (310) 592-4909 or,


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