Rejuvenate Physically, Emotionally and Spiritually
Turn Back the Clock
By Aileen Nobles



Do you believe that you have to grow old and watch all your organs gradually break down?  Do you listen to and believe television and magazine articles that let you know what to expect as you get older. . . Aches and pains, illnesses and decline?  Or do you believe it's possible to stay Healthy, Young, and Vital?

If our bodies are self-sustaining electromagnetic force fields of energy, why wouldn't it be possible for cell regeneration to take place?  Deepak Chopra tells us that our cells are in a constant state of renewal, yet our belief systems conditioned by all we hear throughout our lives, influence us to such a degree that we expect to age according to statistics. But is that your truth?

As we age, the gravity pull becomes very obvious in our physical bodies as parts of us begin to head south. One way to reverse the effects that gravity is having on us is to reverse the spin in our chakras and cells. Instead of a counterclockwise spin, which facilitates ageing, we need to reverse them to a clockwise spin.

Our seven chakras have an effect on the corresponding seven endocrine glands in our bodies, and the hormones produced by these glands regulate all the functions in our body.

For regeneration, our chakras need to spin at a fast rate, unencumbered by beliefs and emotions that may inhibit or slow down the flow of etheric energy. Therefore it is essential to clear that old program of "I am ageing."

Also around the time of puberty, our bodies start producing a 'death hormone,' which apparently interferes with the 'growth hormone.' This interference greatly contributes to the speeding up of ageing.

Our subconscious, if told to turn off the 'death hormone,' knows how to accomplish this. We also have a "Divine Blueprint" within our DNA that we are able to reconnect with. . . or connect with in a more conscious way. This blueprint contains Health, Youth and Vitality. All this is available to us when we are ready to let go of our limiting beliefs, and get excited about rejuvenation.

Another crucial step towards rejuvenation is to connect with any part of us that is still resisting being in the physical body. This resistance will directly affect our heart chakra, which in turn affects all our chakras. For our heart chakra to spin at its perfect rate in harmony and synchronicity, we need to unconditionally love ourselves and our bodies. . . emotional, mental and physical, and practice unconditional love to others. (Much easier to say than do)

If you are wondering why anyone would want to stay in their physical body a long time, you might think of it this way. If you are here on a spiritual path and will keep incarnating until your layers of density are shed, why not speed it up in this lifetime with a rejuvenated body? As you heal and clear your mental and emotional bodies, you will open your heart and embrace life as you strengthen your connection with "Creator Energy."

The quickest and easiest way I know to clear stagnant energy is with Energy Psychology.  EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques) is a wonderfully simple and effective self-healing technique to speed release of any emotions and past experiences keeping us from feeling Whole and aligned with Source.

EFT is like emotional acupuncture, and as you tap on certain meridians and verbalize your core issue, you will find everything keeping you from love and forgiveness dissolves.

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Aileen Nobles is an intuitive EFT practitioner and writer. She hosts her own television show and is the author of "Divine Abundance" and "The Power to Heal Now." Aileen is a popular guest on radio and television.

Visit:, email or call (310) 317-2060.


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