Does the Human Experience Make
 My Spiritual Butt Look Big?
By Vaishâli, author of "You Are What You Love©" and "Wisdom Rising"



Everyone has heard the expression that we are Spiritual Beings having a human experience. However, remarkably few understand what that really means, and even fewer can incorporate the concept into their everyday lives.

For example, women in particular are in the dark about what this means when it comes to being in right relationship with their body image. Whew! Just looking at those words "body image" is enough to send the average Earth Goddess into an uncontrollable crying jag.

If we are Spiritual creatures having a human experience, wouldn't it make sense that we would approach this "body image" thing from a Spiritual perspective first, and from an anatomical agenda second? Yeah, right!

How many women do you know who are asking, "Does this make my butt look big?" because they are not identifying with themselves Spiritually? So how did this happen? How did we get all turned around and start putting the human cart before the Spiritual horse? When did the human tail start wagging the Spiritual dog? It happened the way most things claim their origin... it started with our perception.

If Lily Tomlin is correct, and reality is little more than a collective hunch, then that collective guess began based on some perception - how we see the world, or in this case, how we see ourselves.

We habitually do not look in the mirror and recognize our Spiritual identity staring back at us. When we inspect our reflection, it is the carbon-based form in front of us that becomes the singular, myopic point of our focus.

That is the tricky part about having a human experience. It comes complete with five sensory organs that override everything else. The physical world has a very nasty proclivity for getting right up in our faces, like a child begging for attention.

Whatever we see, hear, feel, taste, or smell has a tendency to distract us, supplanting what is  not immediately seen, heard, felt, tasted and smelled, such as our Spiritual, physically- invisible nature. All of our attention zeros in on that extra weight we cannot seem to shed. Those horrible wrinkles that creep in no matter how many botox parties we attend. The cellulite on your thighs, the short eyelashes, the blotchy skin, the crooked teeth, the boobs that are either too big or too small, and the list goes on and on.

Suddenly without realizing it, we have become a highly- critical human being having a deeply dissatisfied present moment experience, completely void of anything even remotely Spiritual.

The temporal, limited, human portion of the program has completely over-shadowed the primary, unlimited, eternal Spiritual presence. Welcome to another day in paradise.

What would life look like if we could reverse that? How would the dreaded "body image" perception change if we viewed our Spirituality foremost, with more than the same intense scrutiny we normally apply to the physical? In order to answer that question, we must first understand and accept our Spiritual identity.

It was 18th century Swedish scientist/inventor/mystic Emanuel Swedenborg who pointed out that the source of all our unhappiness, depression, anxiety and disappointment with ourselves stems from our not knowing who and what we really are: we are not seeing ourselves as Spiritual Beings first, who are presently learning by adopting a human experience second.

Swedenborg is in the Guinness Book of World Records for having one of the largest IQ's. In a recent study by Stanford University, he was acknowledged as one of the most brilliant people to have ever lived. Clearly, the man is more than qualified in his viewpoint. Swedenborg wrote over 35 volumes on the Spiritual nature of human beings and how our perception affects our relationship with our Divinity, our Spiritual identity.

Swedenborg says we have allowed the physical world to eclipse our attention from the greatest and most profound truth about ourselves, that we do not have Divine Love, we are Divine Love. Love cannot be taken away from us. It is not earned. How can we possibly earn what we already are?

Furthermore, Swedenborg says that as Divine Love, we are also value, power and worth, because when did Love ever lack value, power and worth? For women this is liberating news. Your value and power is not in your dress or bra size; it is what you are. Try and trump that Victoria's Secret!

If you have been struggling with weight issues, or if you are battling anorexia and/or bulimia, this is what you have come to the Earth and taken a body to learn. You are Divine Love right now, and no one and no thing has the power to change that.

Your physical packaging can and will change, but you are not your body. You are Divine Love right here, right now. You came here to claim, own and embody your Divinity as Divine Love. What is getting in the way is that your perception of yourself is something other than Divine Love.

Here is where the whole human experience gets even more confusing. Your body listens to what you give your attention to. More than that, your body reflects back to you what you are doing with your attention. Your attention is designed to recognize your True Nature. Your awareness, ironically, is supposed to set you free. And it does . . .  when owned and operated correctly.

But when you give your attention to an inner dialogue that incessantly finds fault with yourself, your body will go out of its way to give you that imperfection, because it is under the impression that is what you want. That is what you are obsessively focusing on, and that is what the body hears.

All body image challenges, whether stemming from too much or not enough weight, all have the same origin. Whoever is looking in the mirror is not seeing a force of Divine Love looking back. The Spiritual Being got lost in the shuffle of the human experience.

Imagine how different your life would look and feel if the first thing you said to yourself when you became self-reflective is, "I do not have Divine Love, I am Divine Love, and I will not allow any other definition to come between my awareness and my Divinity. This is my story and I'm sticking to it.

I show up as a force of Divine Love first, and then as a bag of protoplasm second." When this inner narrative occurs, the body then replies, "Okay this is what I am! I am Divine Love," and then goes about reflecting that back.  So much of the excess weight people struggle with is held in place by unresolved emotions created by misplaced perceptions.

When we give our attention to holding on to anything not aligned with our true Spiritual nature, we carry that burden around in some form or another. If you have tried every diet, sampled every weight loss pill and still find yourself carrying more than your Divinity, maybe it is time to go on the "I will only tell myself the Truth about my Divinity" weight loss and body balancing program.

It has zero calories, all you have to exercise is your attention, and there are no gym fees or sweaty, stupid human tricks to perform. All you have to do is value yourself for the eternal Being of Divine Love that you are. That Being existed before your body did; that Being will exist long after the body has fallen away.

All you have to do is refuse to pack any additional critical weight. You are a Spiritual Being having a human experience. You are not a defective, "less than," broken human being who has lost touch with their Divinity.

After all, since you are really a Spiritual Being first, imagine how breathtakingly perfect you will look and feel when you drop the weight of that ugly human perception!

Vaishali is the author of "Wisdom Rising" and "You Are What You Love" (Purple Haze Press). She is also a radio host "You Are What You Love" on KTLK 1150AM 11-noon Sundays (greater Los Angeles and surrounding areas). Join Vaishali at The Conscious Life Expo February 13-15th or visit:


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