Be A Voice For Change
By Kathleen Malone



We seek it, avoid it, long for it and fear it. The word change means to modify, revolutionize or transform. It instills hope and encouragement for some, anxiety and fear for others and is dependable in its inevitability. Either way, this simple word stimulates modifications, alterations and shifts that result in how we step into change and choose to view it.

For most, as we stand in the eye of the storm of layoffs, swinging market fluctuations, banks failing, the mortgage predicament, unending war, stimulus packages, bailouts, escalating debt, and the word 'crisis'peppering our headlines, change simply cannot come soon enough.

Long before Barak Obama's campaign promising change, the words "A Voice For Change" poured into the consciousness of internationally-renowned intuitive and conference producer, Tammy Holmes.

President-Elect Barak Obama built a solid, historic election campaign on the word change, rousing and infusing hope in even the staunchest disbeliever sand naysayers. More than 800,000 books have the word 'change' in the title.

Tammy Holmes too, takes the onus out of the word change by pulling together the country's most influential, inspirational voices to one stage for a3.5-day intimate gathering to restore, rejuvenate, instill hope, and inspire change and connection through The Awakening Conference Series, 2009.

"This is my way of giving back," says Holmes, "inspiring and instilling hope in the hearts and minds of our fellow human beings at a time when we most need it. We are rapidly and dramatically breaking down old paradigms, making way for new systems and worldviews.

The Awakening Conference Series' mission is to replace the fear with expert guidance on how to achieve lasting joy, peace and abundance with ease throughout this shift and beyond."

Tammy has called upon co-producer, Kathy Scott Perry in Texas for her expertise in promoting, sponsoring, producing and presenting spiritual workshops and conferences. Tammy and Kathy are focusing on removing the trepidation of change and empowering people to face it head-on with faith, positivity and connection to one another.

As a Spiritual Coach and A Course in Miracles (ACIM) teacher (a Marianne Williamson protégé), Tammy began producing enlightening, transformational conferences in California nearly a decade ago. Spiritually guided, Tammy created Stay Awake Productions to inspire us to do just that... Stay Awake, stay connected and pass it forward.

Tammy has drawn together internationally-recognized, expert speakers as well as a devoted team of supporters and volunteers to achieve her mission. In 2007, The Awakening Conference featured Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith, Ricki Byars Beckwith, Dr.Judith Orloff and 15 other headliners including 6 nationally-known musical guests for an extraordinary, powerful weekend with over 500 attendees.

For 2009, The Awakening Conference Series: A Voice for Change is slotted for San Marcos, Texas and Phoenix, Arizona. Featuring Oprah favorites Marianne Williamson, Dr. Joe Vitale, don Miguel Ruiz, Sophie Uliano, Rhonda Brittan, Dr. Patch Adams, Dan Millman and 18 additional speakers and musical guests.

It will also feature a dance and concert featuring BT, international all star, award-winning music producer, composer, singer, songwriter, and pioneer artist in the trance genré for the Gen Y's.

The Awakening Conferences are a safe and friendly haven for participants to experience a body, mind and spirit banquet for lasting inner peace, joy and profound wisdom while forging lasting relationships and support. Voices share their expertise on spirituality, ancient universal truths and wisdom of the ages, metaphysics, human potential, perspectives, principles and practices to cultivate a deeper connection to our higher selves.

They stimulate elegant, connected self-inquiry to understand our individual life paths, live our visions, heal through laughter, joy and creativity, while providing insights to master emotional fears and live a green, eco-friendly lifestyle, with musical inspiration to fuse this information into our DNA!

An emotional, mental and spiritual feast... A Voice for Change empowers participants to come together in community to walk the journey of life mastery with grace and ease.

Tammy Holmes is nationally acclaimed for her inspirational speeches, spiritual coaching and police assistance in solving serious crimes. Recently interviewed by People Magazine, she helped to locate the remains of Loretta Bowersock, mother of entrepreneur and inspirational speaker, Terri Bowersock.

She also works closely with "Spirit Sister" and special musical guest Lucinda Drayton of Bliss from London whose lush, tender, stirring voice, music and teachings are also featured at A Voice For Change. This is the CHANGE we all seek and desire and The Awakening Conference Series delivers it on a Silver Platter.

For more information about Tammy Holmes and The Awakening Conference Series2009, A Voice for Change, please visit:  or call toll free: (877) 347-7799.


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