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Revs. Sandy and Kirk Moore are the co-founders of the Center for Universal this New Thought spiritual community to bring individuals of various religious and spiritual faiths together so that their lives could be empowered by applying practical principals. This column has been developed to allow people the opportunity to seek additional answers about spiritual insights. If you would like to ask a question, please send it to the Center for Universal Truth, 27121 Calle Arroyo, #2200, San Juan Capistrano, CA92675, or visit . You can also call (949) 481-4040.

Q: What do you think about making New Year's resolutions? Every year I say I will do certain things, but by February I am back in the same old rut? What am I doing wrong?
Laguna Hills

A: A question to ask yourself is: "What is my purpose in making a New Year'sresolution?" Be willing to go deeper than the superficial desire to be thinner, or fitter, or richer or more popular. Visualize yourself in a month, 6 months, 9 months and a year, having practiced some regular behavior that brings you closer to the "feeling" you desire to experience. Feelings reinforce the experience of success in any endeavor.

Anchoring a new behavior to the desired feeling makes us want to practice that behavior regularly. A regular practice of affirmative prayer, or Spiritual Mind Treatment as we call it, helps align the body, mind and spirit in a singular focus. Each day give thanks for your choices and learn to trust in the Divine Outcome.

Q: The news is filled with stories of a financial meltdown in this country and a cataclysmic global collapse. I cannot help thinking about this and worrying about how I will survive. I still have a job, but don't know what I would do if I lost it.
Irvine, CA

A: For what it is worth, you are not alone. We are in the midst of fundamental change, and change can be very uncomfortable, especially if we resist it. We view what is happening in the global financial markets/span>,,, the auto industry in the U.S. and the political landscape as part of the transformation of consciousness that is taking place globally.

As conscious humans, it is our responsibility to look within our own hearts and minds and identify where we may be feeling a collapse or meltdown of our underlying support structures. A very powerful visualization is to recognize that whatever comes to you is a gift for your awakening, no matter how it may appear.

It is often beneficial to reach out to another who may be experiencing the same concerns and offer them your support. We are being called upon tore-establish community for mutual support. Now is the time to extend your heart to others and know that there is a power greater than you are, and you can use it for good.


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