If You Knew You Could Not Fail?

By Allison Maslan, H.H.P, CCH





•Would you ask your boss for a raise?
• Would you venture out on a new career or start a new business?
• Would you stop choosing unhealthy relationships?
• Would you stop settling in life because you finally realized you deserve better?
• Would you face the issues in your relationship and do what it takes to make it the best ever?
• Would you re-kindle that childhood dream and finally make it a reality?
• Would you finally figure out what your passion is and bring it into your everyday life?
• Would you challenge yourself to increase your finances to a whole new level?
• Would you walk away from all the drama in your life?
• Would you choose happiness over worry, anger and grief?

Believe it or not, you could completely transform your life if you began to make new, healthy choices. The only harm upon you are the thoughts of fear swimming in your head like a whirlpool. The self-inflicted mental torture is the most painful process of all.

Yes. Your biggest fears are merely a figment of your delusional reality!

You have adopted someone else’s fear, watched it on television, or were raised in a home that shared fear freely. If each anticipated obstacle were faced pragmatically, like a child’s first steps, you would find ease even in the falls because they are simply part of the learning curve! “Ok, that hurt my bottom a bit, but I can get up and take another step!” Living in self-judgment, fear of criticism and fear of failure is a state of imprisonment that is holding you back from embracing life to the fullest. As an adult, you have the choice whether you want to continue living this way. You can choose to live by doing rather than by fearing.

The Reward: A brand new life!

• The world is a scary place.
• Better safe than sorry.
• Money does not grow on trees.
• Do not look at life through rose-colored glasses.
• I will not amount to anything.
• True love only exists in fairy tales.
• Opportunities only come to the wealthy.
• I am not good enough.
• I am not smart enough.
• I am not beautiful enough.
• I am not thin enough.
• I am not successful enough.
• I am lazy.
• I am not capable.
• I cannot do it on my own.
• I cannot depend on anyone.
• It is never good enough.
• It has to be perfect.
• You might end up on the street (one of my family’s favorites).
• Life is hard.

Do any of those sound familiar? Just writing those thoughts feels draining! What would life be like if these thoughts were deleted from your brain chemistry. How different your life would be if your daily thoughts were the complete opposite….

• The world is safe and full of beautiful and exciting possibilities.
• Money is always available to me and my bank account is growing every day.
• I enjoy challenging myself because I know I can achieve whatever I set my mind to.
• Opportunities are falling into my lap on a daily basis.
• I am successful at all of my endeavors.
• True love is mine for the taking because I deserve it.
• I am dynamic.   
• Perfection is a waste of time and energy.
• I am a winner in every realm of my life.
• My life is fun and full of new adventures!

In time spent with thousands of clients over the years, I have heard many say to me, “I feel stuck and trapped in my current life situation.” To those of you who connect with this statement, I am here to share with you that your idea of stuck or trapped in your career, relationship, health, financial situation or unfulfilled life… is simply not true!

Unless you are literally chained to the floor or locked in a closet (which is highly unlikely), your stuck or trapped perspective is truly an illusion you have chosen to live by.

This illusion is a creation of your misbehaving imagination. Yes, it may seem completely real. You can give me all of the evidence and circumstances, and I will say the same thing.  Whatever the data, know that your current situation is simply a belief that you have chosen to settle for in one or more realms of your life. Settling can stem from misaligned ideas of your self worth, fear, self-imposed obligations or the unwillingness to take risks. 

As a child, you may be a victim to these beliefs. As an adult, you can make the choice not to be.


So many of my clients tell me they are striving for perfection and it is killing them. What is the point of “perfect” any way? They want a perfectly clean house, to say the perfect words and to do perfect work at all times. Pressure-filled expectations are a sure way to turn any goal into a ball and chain. Many people resist attempting new challenges or setting new goals because they are afraid they will not perform up to their ridiculous expectations. The result, they give up before they ever begin. Then the feelings of disappointment and failure set in.

I began taking modern dance in my 30’s. The room was full of young women and men who had been dancing since childhood. My mind was aghast as the dance instructor got in front of the class and proceeded to dance several eloquent steps that we were supposed to immediately mirror. I knew I was in trouble as the class was spinning one way and I was tripping the other way (Picture I Love Lucy and the Rockettes). Through this experience, I learned to laugh at myself and let go of the notion of doing it perfectly.

It was not possible to keep up with these experts; and attempting to was just way too much pressure. Once the light bulb came on that I could do something for the fun of it, I relaxed about the outcome. And wouldn’t you know it, I was able to perform in several dance presentations and I had a blast.

Are you living your life to the fullest at this moment in time? Do you have the life of which you have always dreamed? If so, congratulations! Meditate a few moments each day on the goodness you have experienced from your great fortune. If your answer is no, it is never too late to start.

Tips to Make It Happen Now:
1) Do not waste another moment. Eek out 45 minutes of time for yourself as soon as possible.
2) Find a quiet spot where you will not be disturbed. (The beach, your car, the bathtub, a closet… whatever it takes to get some privacy!) Tools needed: a pad of paper and soothing music. Candlelight also has a nice calming effect.
3) First close your eyes and focus on your breath or the music.
Take deep long breaths in and out until you feel your body relaxing. (No inspiration comes from a stressed brain.)
4) Once your head is clear, think of three words describing the state of your life in the present moment. (For example — boring, suffocating, tiresome, pleasant, routine…) Write down those three words that sum up the feeling. Be totally honest with yourself.
5) Now don’t get bummed! There is possibility for change. It is totally up to you. Now I want you to write three words that would be the total opposite of any negative words you just wrote. For instance, opposite of boring could be exciting, suffocating could be expansive.
6) Meditate on those three NEW words. Visualize yourself doing something completely different that would bring out this new state of being. Even if it seems impossible in this very moment, visualize yourself breaking out of your norm. Now write five sentences about you doing this new activity. Write it in the present as if this action is already a reality.
7) Now write three small action steps toward making this new thought a reality. Every day, take three small steps toward your goal. Before you know it, the small steps have added up to big changes. The trick is just doing it. The alternative: you could just stick with your initial three words and stay stuck, bored and routine!

And Most Importantly, Live and Love Passionately
Do it today! Not tomorrow. Not next month. Not next year. The present moment is all we are certain of. Live it passionately, creatively and lovingly. These are the moments we will look back on and cherish. Make sure you are taking the path that is meant to be.

Dreams are gifts of the soul. We need to make every effort to cherish them, to live them. Otherwise they only surface in our sleep. A soulful life is an awakening and actualizing of our deepest dreams within.

Allison Maslan is Director and Creator of The Now to Wow Abundant Life Coaching Program. She has successfully propelled thousands of clients (Professionals, Entrepreneurs, and Individuals in Transition) to reach their desired accomplishments in career, relationship, financial, health and in the spiritual realm. Available for One-On-One Life Coaching, call (858) 794-0787 or visit the website: NowtoWow.com


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