Vision for Women
Excerpted from The Art of Conscious Creation, How You Can Transform the World
By Jackie Lapin, Founder of United World Healing

Today millions of women are oppressed all around the world — not just politically or physically, but spiritually as well. Without freedom of life and spirit for women, we cannot have a fully enlightened world, based on love, peace, consciousness and Universal harmony. So let us unite in our Vision for Women, and use our vibrational energy to manifest this awakened future.

As you zoom around the planet, you see women smiling everywhere. Women feel their power. If a woman comes from a rural background, she has the courage to go forth in the world, or if she wishes to make a life at home in her village, it is a life that fulfills her — one that has desirable options. Shall I be a teacher? Can I create a home-based business? Can I do childcare for others? Can I get a job at a local store? Do I want to stay home with my own children?

Women growing up in a city and the suburban regions are filled with optimism, freshly bursting with ideas. They have learned how to benefit from the city and there is little they cannot do! Education is available to all who want to pursue it. There are no barriers placed in a woman’s way by self, education, lack of money or vision or allowing men to hold her back.

Since men have achieved a more enlightened view of women, such attitudes are, in any case, rare. If she desires a goal, she can make it happen, and the resources are there to enable her. Opportunities are abundant.

 If a woman experiences a set-back, she is strong enough, self-confident enough to bounce back with greater wisdom. She harbors no fears of her own inadequacy and seeks no judgment from others. She knows she is protected and loved as a woman created by the Universe to bring light to the Earth.

Women are accorded equality in all professions, and given equal pay. There is no glass ceiling and they find themselves supported and helped by mentors of both genders in reaching greater heights. Women are strong and independent, but also loving and able to create warm bonds with men and women.

They are the peacemakers, conciliators, and mediators — a balancing force in the office, at home and out in the world. They are rising to local, regional, national and world leadership, providing the voice of peace and wisdom in the world, creating harmony. Their gifts are manifesting creative new solutions for the evolution and advancement of the planet. Their voices are heard and honored.

In this world, women are honored and revered by families, bosses, boyfriends, lovers, husbands. They make wise choices about their lives based on their own hearts and desires, and they partner with men who allow them to grow and evolve. Their relationships reflect their emotional health. Such women know they are personally responsible for their own happiness and come to the relationship not putting expectations on the relationship to provide their joy. Joy comes because both partners feel complete in themselves and share the wonders of the journey together.

If the men they attract turn out not to be in their best interests, they leave without fear or harm. These women do not allow men to diminish them, hurt them or make them feel insufficient. However, they also do not blame their partner if a relationship fails. They acknowledge their part in it and are grateful for whatever they learned from the experience.

Often a relationship ends not because of wrongdoing by one or the other party, but recognition that the partners are just not growing in the same direction. In such times, these women honor their experience and may even maintain a warm long-time friendship with a former partner.

A woman may create an intimate and fulfilling long-term relationship with a man (or a woman!), but if a partner does not come along, she nonetheless can experience a happy, joyous and rewarding life as a single woman, single mom or part of a close community of friends. In this life, you can have as many children as you want, when you want them, or you may choose not to have children and be just as happy.

There are no societal expectations, either way. If you choose to, you really can have it all — with a little help from the Universe. A woman creates her desire, her vision and asks the Universe to provide the help she needs to balance family, work and time for herself and voila! It arrives.

A woman’s life is filled with enjoyments she chooses to give herself — exercise, reading, education, art, hobbies, travel, children and grandchildren, family activities, cooking, sports and entertainment. Where these options are not abundant, women simply enjoy the society of other women.

Women revel in their role as bringers of new life, nurturers, teachers and missionaries of loving kindness and wisdom to the planet. They embrace their intuition and the interconnection between spirit and the Universe. Their spiritual lives are rich with meaning, ritual, gratitude and trust in the innate goodness of the Universe. They see themselves as loved and protected by the Universe, safe in its embrace.

You are a woman living at a time where you can be who you are, free of outside pressures or expectations. You can do what you desire, and share your life with those who bring light to it. Your freedom extends to your inner self, where you have released all bonds of fear and welcomed the liberty of love and the knowledge that you are a Conscious Creator.

You are a man who treasures all women, who respects and loves them as fellow humans on this incredible journey called life. You live in this time when women can be truly independent and yet full, equal partners... in love, life and work. You honor them and welcome their wisdom and gentleness as they soften the world’s harshness and challenges and bring balance to the planet.

Just reflect on the feeling of peace and contentment. Revel in those emotions of being alive in this time when women are fulfilling the ultimate potential. Feel it in your emotional center, feel it in your heart. Now thank the Universe for allowing this time to come. Feel gratitude for being a woman at this time or being a man having the honor of knowing so many women of grace. Express your appreciation. Know you have played a positive and powerful part in the future. Know that you have begun the transformation.
See it, feel it, so be it.

Jackie Lapin tours the world teaching Conscious Creation and Personal Frequency Management. She is the author of “The Art of Conscious Creation; How You Can Transform the World.”  Sign up at to learn how you can become a master manifestor!

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