Stay In the Flow and Avoid the Mine Field of Life
By Lisa Cherney


Today I am feeling lucky, even blessed, to have such a fulfilling life. I credit this to following my heart. You see, after many years of self-exploration, I have a low tolerance for not being happy. In other words, I can no longer ignore my heart when it speaks to me. This can lead to having to make “difficult” decisions, but it ALWAYS pays off in the end. The result, I am in the flow of life and this leads to prosperity in all ways.

Part of being in the flow is being of service. When you give to others, you also reap the reward. This giving can be a talent you offer in a business or service you provide to your family. You see, the universe has an ebb and flow to it. When you give you receive and when you give from your heart you receive tenfold. How can you give of yourself so you are receiving and giving at the same time?  That is the key. And in business this is the ultimate reward. This is when you feel in the flow and all is well. This is when you have achieved a symbiosis and you can rest easy knowing you are flowing with the laws of the universe.

When you are not in the flow, what does it feel like? 
• A struggle
• Lack and scarcity
• You are not following your heart and it aches
• Swimming upstream
• You are a rebel (without a cause)
• You have gone too far to follow/give to others and now you are alone

So, are you in the flow now?  What can you do today to get in that flow? It’s like in the movie Finding Nemo when Crush and Squirt, the green sea turtles, ride the East Australian Current (EAC) to expedite their journey. Make a small shift today. If you put your toe in, you will get caught up in the current and have to expend far less energy to get where you want to go.

Ask yourself in the coming year… How can I be more in the flow, in life, my career or business? Am I willing to follow my heart to the letter and release the outcome? See, when we follow our heart we are following the flow of the Universe and everyone is served. Our ego wants us to believe that if we change our mind, cancel commitments or shift focus, everything will fall apart. The truth is we get all the support we need and could want. We are lifted up to the highest good and are rewarded.

When we don’t listen to our heart, we are stuck and feel stuck (and our bodies know it too). We feel stiff, sore and lethargic. It’s like swimming in a thick sea. What is your body telling you right now?  Notice and listen to what it says. Our bodies are an amazing source of wisdom. Imagine that every ache, pain and symptom is a clue to your path, that your body is having a conversation with you. It’s sort of rude not to listen. Think about when someone is not listening to a toddler, what does the child do? They speak louder and louder and yell, and then maybe throw a fit. That is what our bodies do as well.

The additional risk for going off the path that your heart is illuminating is you will blow up your peace, happiness, health and dreams, like taking the wrong step on a path through a mine field. Be mindful and you will know the next steps to take. Follow these steps with the importance of safe steps through a mine field, and you will be giving your heart (and life) the importance it deserves.

Lisa Cherney is a Business Intuitive, Marketing Consultant and President & Founder of Conscious Marketing™. For more information on her new workshop, Balancing Head & Heart in Business, visit or call (888) 771-0156.

© 2007 Lisa Cherney

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