Self-Esteem Sampler
Ayanna Mojica Creates A Bridge for Those

Who Dare to Burn Brightly!
By Kay Walburger


“I believe that this is a most unique Time for Transformation in the real world today!” proclaims Ayanna Mojica. “So many women, and yes men, are searching for the lost parts of themselves and till now, in all the wrong places. We are now in a Portal of Possibility for Those Who Dare to Burn Brightly!” extols Ayanna.

“No one understands this more than I do as I have spent so many years searching for my True Divine Authentic Self and appropriate ways in which to express my talents.”  Ayanna remembers, “I was a woman from a culture and religion that fostered limited views of a woman’s worth, and my natural talents for dancing, music, and developing creative performances were demonized!  I had been told that I was made in the image and likeness of the Divine and Loving Creator… but denied the expression of my own creative talents.”

“I was literally on my knees in the closet calling on the Divine Holy Spirit to show me the way. My path was slow, and at times painful and heartbreaking. I remained faithful to my self-discovery and as we all know,  ‘When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.’  Awe-inspiring teachers and mentors modeling a new way of being, showed up and created a safe space for me to delve into the depths of my spirit and release all the creativity waiting for so long to be free! What a powerful feeling of Bliss to express my divine nature through my art!” 

As Ayanna Mojica, Spiritual Teacher, Healer, Dynamic Speaker, Expressive Artist, and Dancer, weaved a tapestry of spirit, arts and healing into her unique and powerful programs with individuals, groups, and couples, A Renaissance Woman emerged. “As an Expressive Arts Therapist I urge clients to enter the realm of their imagination and develop a creative dialogue with art. Together we notice physical qualities such as the color of a shape, or the tempo of a song, without interpreting these qualities. They are encouraged to receive the images that arrive in their art-making as an aesthetic experience giving rise to feelings, thoughts or ideas that can be informative and ultimately transformative.”

“I integrate various art disciplines — visual arts, music/voice/sound, dance/movement, poetry/writing, and drama with an emphasis on the art-making process creating a bridge for students to cross over safely. For instance, a client may begin with a mask, and continue with movement or poetry as a response to the mask. The choice of art discipline depends on where the individual or group is in the process.”


The Painting Dream
Paint Your Way Into Your Dream Life!
“Day Dreams, Lucid Dreams, Night Dreams, Dream Life, Dream Time, Prophetic Dreams, Visions & Dreams; Your dreams are directing you, pointing to the next step, and sending you messages in the language of images, symbols and metaphors. When you give your dreams shape and form you will discover the layers and deeper meanings.

As you explore practical applications from your dream messages, using movement, deep listening, and journaling, you will allow colors to choose you, shapes to spring forth, and the paintbrush to dance with acrylic paints onto large sheets of paper. You will delve into the dreamtime of creativity and create large paintings that will speak powerfully to you.”  explains Ayanna.


Deep Treasures
Exploring the Powerful Dynamic Relationship Between Sex AND Money
“When you put the topics of sex and money together in a unique format and dare to explore, understand and deliberately harness and master sexual energy and the energy of money, then you have powerful, masterful, and purposeful creative forces at work for you!”

“My class will fill quickly!  Men and women desire to understand how and why — whether celibate, sexually-active, single, or married — our sexual energy drives us in one way or another. We are either consciously or unconsciously directing or inhibiting this powerful creative force. In what ways are these powerful sexual dynamics connected to the energy of money?”

“When sexual energy is deliberately harnessed and transmuted, this powerfully creative energy can be focused to achieve desired results. In a safe and sacred space you will: Explore your money and sexual blueprint; Look for and identify your patterns and relationship between sex and money; Identify blocks and begin to create free-flowing money energy; and Learn foundational skills for transmuting sexual energy into money.

This class is experiential and interactive using breath, visualization, movement, art, and left-brain and right-brain activity for the purpose of facilitating self-discovery, empowerment and creating conscious change.

Ayanna Mojica, MFA, is a dancer, choreographer, artist, poet, educator, and Expressive Arts Therapist who has been involved for many years in creating and teaching dance, and facilitating the arts for healing and transformation. She has begun intensive Post Graduate studies towards a Doctorate in Expressive Arts Therapy at the European Graduate School in Saas Fee, Switzerland. Expressive Arts integrates the five art modalities (dance, visual arts, music, literary arts and drama) and explores the art making process in the areas of education, therapy, and coaching. Ayanna offers creativity coaching, individual and group therapy, and workshops for personal growth. For Those Who Dare to Burn Brightly.


*Coming Soon…. Secrets to Lasting Intimacy
Valentine’s Weekend Couples Retreat & Seminar
Enjoy and indulge in a Valentine’s Day retreat that will unleash your full capacity for intimate connection and joy with yourself and your partner, rekindle your passion and rejuvenate your body and spirit. You will learn in a safe, respectful and joyous environment: How to create fulfillment, joy and pleasure in your relationship and life; How to rediscover the source of your creative energy; How to let go of blocks or conditioning that prevent you from getting what you want.

For the woman: How to tap into and reawaken her luscious feminine energy; The secrets to being in her flow, aliveness and playful joy; How to receive and trust while opening her heart.

For the man: How to support a woman in the rediscovery of her feminine creative energy; The secrets to being strong, confident and fully present; How to be grounded in his manhood and open in his heart.

“If I Love Myself, I Love You.
If I Love You, I Love Myself.”
— Rumi

This event is February 15-17, 2008, Friday 2pm-Sunday 3pm, Newport Beach Marriott® Hotel & Spa, 900 Newport Center Dr., Newport Beach, CA 92660. For further information contact: *Ayanna Mojica, Regional Coordinator and “A Vehicle for Divine Expression”, at (949) 395-3359 or visit:

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