Tips on Keeping Mind and Body Young

By Jesse Anson Dawn

Jesse Anson Dawn (at age 63), author of the national award-winning book Never “Old,” plus The Rejuvenator’s Bible, speaks out about a most stirring subject: how to control the unwanted effects of “aging.”

Presently answering the question:

“How do sleeping habits affect how we age?”
Dear Readers,
Being an avid “thinker” I often find myself thinking when what I really want to do is fall asleep.

”Welcome to the having-trouble-sleeping club,” you might say, as insomnia has become an increasingly common problem. But by examining the sleep issue thoroughly, I’ve come up with a way to fall asleep that offers some truly good benefits.

As I again take my Human Body Instruction Manual a step further, continually discovering that “aging” is the MOST complicated subject. And although this column has been running nearly 14 years, my Never “Old” (via Awareness) Body Manual is still a long way from being finished.

And as to the sleeping habits question presently being addressed, first let me emphasize that while you sleep, many changes can happen to your body, changes that can be quite positive or quite negative.

The negative effects are often obvious, for example, when we get a “cold” or the “flu,” it usually hits most intensely when we first wake up in the morning, because while we sleep, the immune system can weaken, unless we do certain pre-sleep healing-booster procedures (which I’m about explain):

I call this sleep-producing/self-renewing technique CLEAR-SLEEP-HEAL because quite simply that’s how it works.

First, to help bring about the state of mind that is needed to easily fall asleep, I use a “mantra” effect of repeated suggestion whereby all distractions are neutralized by repeating these words: “CLEAR, SLEEP, HEAL,” over and over, until eventually the mind is clear enough to drift into dreamland.

But just as I feel this CLEAR-SLEEP-HEALING process is about to let me slumber, BEFORE I let that happen, I go a step further by telling myself basically this:

“Heal, dear body, heal my face, my neck, my arms and hands, heal my hair, heal my WHOLE body of unwanted effects, heal-old-cells-making-them-new like creative energy is SUPPOSED to do! For I am NOT separating from my body as I ‘age,’ but getting CLOSER and CLOSER to it.”

I do this “auto-suggestion” (or what could be called self-hypnosis) just before falling asleep, because any form of hypnosis works best when you’re most relaxed. And although many still have doubts about any kind of “hypnotism,” a large number of forward-thinking hospitals are now getting wonderful results using hypnotherapy, not only to ease the pain of burn victims, but also to make damaged tissue heal MUCH FASTER. Plus it helps create MINIMAL SCARING.

As to my pre-sleep, ENERGY-directing, talking-to-my-body “self-hypnosis,” after that, it’s THEN I am able to fall asleep confident of a positive journey into the wonders of deep-sleep-healing.
“Do any of these so-called ‘body changing’ procedures of yours actually make much of a difference?” you might ask.

Well, simply take a look at the accurate and unretouched, recent photo of me (included with this ­— real me at 63) and see for yourself.

Yes it’s true, although I’m very near so-called “retirement” age, I look only half that number — and not because of surgery or any other relatively ineffective gimmicks. But it’s mainly because I clearly realize that anything alive truly IS a work in progress, as change for the better (or worse) is ALWAYS an interdependent, unfolding and MULTI-FACETED process. A process amid which there is a mysterious, barely visible emanation of creative energy that clings us to life.

 Or as the great Honore de Balzac put it:

“The Word is forever generating the substance, amid which the spirit is supreme over form...”

And it was also the prophetic Balzac who let us know that within himself he felt, “A life so luminous that it might enlighten a world...”

And it feels that I too have found my way back to the womb and source of life, a source that keeps reminding me that even if this world is continuously “dying” — it is also continuously bringing itself BACK TO LIFE, back to REALITY! For reality is the REAL LIFE, whereby instead of getting brainwashed by fantasy, we get REAL BRAINS via REALITY!

Bless REALITY! That which does not deceive or foolishly mislead, but revives and SUSTAINS LIFE! Reality is where I am coming from, for deception has never been my way nor will I ever practice it. This is why I painted a self-portrait entitled TRUTHMAN.

This is why the IDEAL REALITY to me is a world where the human body will no longer be denied its true significance, a world where we give thanks that it IS quite possible to revive and CONTROL self-renewal.

And it’s quite possible that YOU too can use this knowledge, dear reader, whereby the temple of my works is NOT invisible, but both visible and understandable as a way to grow not down but UP...

 Jesse is presently on a sabbatical in the Philippines, thus he’s not readily available for his Hawaii Island seminars. He can be communicated with in Asia by emailing

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