Music Reviews
By Jim Brenholts


(Reviewer’s note: When the editor told me the theme for this issue was Women’s Issues, I suggested that I should review CD’s only by female artists. She agreed, so I searched my collection and found dozens of female artists and well over 100 CD’s that fit the theme. I have narrowed the list down to these five discs — and it was not easy! I might be introducing you to a new artist or two — perhaps five, and I genuinely hope that you enjoy them! You will notice that I use the terms “joyous sci-fi” and “joyous space music” frequently in these reviews. That was not my goal but the music unfolded that way.)

Elivia Melodey
Terra Firma
Crystal Vibrations

Elivia Melodey has been creating psychosonis wellness for about eight years now. She has released four CD’s and helped countless souls in that time. She is an ordained minister, vibrational healer and a trance medium.

Terra Firma, her fourth CD, is “a healing gift from the Elemental Kingdoms and Mother Earth, channeled through Elivia’s vision.” The ensemble that she gathered to assist her features many healing instruments and sounds but the focus is on the crystal bowls. Elivia uses her collection of 48 bowls to generate deeply psychoactive drones and atmospheres.

This CD is a winner from top to bottom, left to right, inside to outside — from any and every angle! The overtones sweep and surround deep listeners to promote chakra alignment and psyche centering. The journeys from this set are abundant, pleasant and invigorating. Each meditation has its own focus and the foci are related so that the set has continuous flow and focus as well.

Musically, the sound design is flawless and the soundscapes are vibrant. The music shimmers with grace and ease. The elements complement and contrast each other as the airs wend their way around the listening area. Remarkably, there are no electronics on this CD. The acoustics have electronic properties but the overtones are natural.

Elivia is a gifted individual with unique vision. Her musical interpretations are superb. This is an awesome CD, worthy of inclusion in any healing and/or ambient collection.


Deborah Van Dyke
Traveling the Sacred Sound
Current: Divine Chants and Sacred Tones for Healing and Meditation
Sound Current Music

Traveling the Sacred Sound Current: Divine Chants and Sacred Tones for Healing and Meditation is the companion CD to the book “Traveling the Sacred Sound Current,” a book of keys for conscious evolution by Deborah Van Dyke, “a visionary teacher and sound healer whose impassioned work with sound as a key for higher consciousness merges with her love for nature.” WHEW! That is a magnificent description of a magnificent woman.

This is a CD full of overtone chants, overtone bowls and deep spiritual passion. Deborah translates her visions through her sound design and her zest for her music. These are traditional chants performed by Deborah and accompanied by crystal bowls, gongs and nature sounds. The overtones take listeners on a journey of enlightenment, alignment and discovery.

That is the imagery! This is a soundtrack for exploration, discovery and birth/rebirth. There are no perils on the journey. The music foresees and prohibits any barriers that may exist. It is a smooth path with several optional roads.

It is very difficult to describe the experience accompanying this CD. It is like watching a science fiction movie unfold in the mind — slowly, steadily, deliberately and gently. The entire voyage has been planned to the nth degree. Deborah is the pilot and the navigator. The journey culminates with new life, new energy and new vision.

This is a great CD! It has no flaws and no shortcomings. Deborah has several such discs but this is the best of the lot.


Suzanne Doucet and Gary Miraz
Only New Age Music

Suzanne Doucet is one of new age music’s best friends. She is a hero to independent musicians and recording artists everywhere although too few folks are aware of that. She is also one of the world’s leading authorities on all things new age. (Some would go as far as calling her the leading authority, but I digress.) She is a world class musician and vocalist although she has concentrated on her instrumental prowess for many years now.

Gary Miraz does not have as impressive a bio but he is, nonetheless, an extremely talented and well-rounded artist. He has been performing electronic since 1983. He has released four CD’s, including this one.

Resonance is a set of deep relaxing atmospheres designed to accompany relaxation, meditation, massage and/or any of the healing arts. The melodies and experimental sounds are smooth and sweet. The airs float gently and softly into the biosonic feedback center and dance a mellow dance in the neuropathways. Deep listeners will drift away on clouds of gentle ambience. The experience is restful and rejuvenating.

It also works very well as an ambient background for one’s daily activities and routines. Its subtle tones help listeners focus and maintain while going about their tasks.
The craftsmanship, sound design and performances are excellent. The music is delightful and smooth. This CD is velvet.


Constance Demby
Spirit Trance
Valley Entertainment

Constance Demby is the premier female performer of electronic music, with nods to Wendy Carlos and Suzanne Doucet. Indeed, she is one of the genre’s premier performers, regardless of gender. Over the past 30 years she has created some of the best space music ever. Some of her albums are legendary.

Spirit Trance is an extremely personal spiritual experience. Of the eight pieces, four are from her soundtrack for the film “I Am,” a movie that provides a view of man’s cosmic genesis, the beginnings of life on earth and the evolving cultures that create the world as it is today.

Two of the compositions are remixes of previously-released material and one track is a sample from the film score from James Dean: An American Legend. The eighth selection is a “spirit trance” mix of Franz Schubert’s Ave Maria. That track and The Anointing, a mix of Om Mani Padme Hum, are the highlights of a wonderful CD!

Constance paints vivid imagery with her soundscapes and atmospheres. While much of the music is, indeed, from a soundtrack, the imagery exists independent of the film. The imagery becomes the movie as the adventure and exploration unfold in the imaginations of deep listeners. It is a joyous sci-fi experience.

Constance is an amazing woman and a gentle soul. Her music has helped hundreds of souls to heal and has graced the hearts of countless others. This is an essential CD.

Ann Licater
Following the Call:
Wood and Clay Flute Music for Meditation and Inspiration
Cul de Sac Mystic Productions

The Native American flute is an extremely deep acoustic instrument. It has inherent overtone and psychoacoustic properties that allow it to be a natural meditation and healing tool. In the hands of an expert, it transcends reality and ventures into surreality and beyond.

Ann Licater is such a master. Indeed, she holds a master’s degree in creation Spirituality and is a life-long silver flute player with classical training. Following the Call: Wood and Clay Flute Music for Meditation and Introspection is her debut CD. It is on her own “Cul de Sac Mystic” label. A Tibetan singing bowl accompanies the flute on track five — Sacred Moon. The rest of the CD is Ann on wood and clay flutes.

The music soars! It takes focused listeners to new heights and new depths. Each note vibrates within the heart and speaks to the soul. While Ann has a unique touch on the flute, she allows the resonance of the flute to be the tour guide. The tour is a spiritual path to the heavens — perhaps to Heaven itself. The only limits are those imposed by listeners.

This is a breathtaking performance and a different perspective on joyous space music. It celebrates humanity’s inner spaces.

There are dozens, perhaps hundreds, of CD’s of acoustic Native American flute music. This happens to be one of the better ones and it is highly recommended.

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