Messages from Your Animal Companion
By Angelica del Mar

Ever wonder what your best non-human buddy is trying to tell you about their behavior, health or well being? I found out very easily by using a 55-card deck called “MESSAGES FROM YOUR ANIMAL COMPANION” by Angelica del Mar, Southern California’s emerging expert on mind/body/spirit issues.

In just three easy steps (an instruction card is included with the deck), I learned that my cat Lulu was not happy with her food options simply by: 1) Taking a few moments to get quiet and tune out distractions. 2) Shuffling well until my intuition told me to stop, and 3) pulling the card I was guided to. That card was titled “VARIETY.”

Messages are printed right on the card along with delightful photos of animals. Possible meanings for the Variety card include that one’s animal companion either wants or needs a change in diet, flavors, texture or some new toys, or that possibly their food bowl is empty and they’re hungry! In this case, I intuited that Lulu wanted different food. Armed with this knowledge, I promptly switched cat food brands and now have a happy cat!

I am grateful for the informative readings from this highly-reliable source of intuitive communication. A portion of profits from sales of this deck goes to animal rescue/advocacy organizations.

The “Messages From Your Animal Companion” deck makes a great gift for a friend or your
special someone this Valentine’s Day.

Visit for more information, testimonials, images and the list of shops carrying this deck.

Submitted by Caryn Richert

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