Manifesting A Dream
By Roseanna Jackson

As a small child, Joanne Lakin, owner of the Myztic Isle Bookstore, lived her world travels through books. She always dreamed of having a bookstore. That dream manifested when she was led to a space where she could finally open a bookstore and gift shop.

When you visit Myztic Isle Bookstore, you will not only find books you are searching for, but you will experience joy and peace far beyond any shopping spree you have known.
Myztic Isle is the result of a vision of two women for the creation of a well-rounded spiritual and life awareness center.

When Joanne received Leslie Monahanís phone number in January 2007, little did she know that she was ready for her dream bookstore to become a reality. As the women began to nurture a relationship based on the search for an understanding of oneís life path, they found a common goal. And the course of their conversation soon gave Joanne the answer to her search for the name of her dream. So, with Leslieís permission, the new Myztic Isle was born.

With the support and love of her husband, Bill, Joanne put a key in the lock, opened the door and took her first step on a journey that has unfolded exciting experiences and a meeting of souls far beyond her imagination. As the first shipments of inventory began to arrive it was like Christmas to see her open each box. The love in her eyes has passed into each item.

Books were her dream, and the store is constantly gathering more. Youíll find books from astrology to theosophy, feng shui to recipes, healing to meditation and many, many more. Youíll also find gifts to enchant the heart, put a sparkle in your eye, or bring a soft memory to your mind. The aroma of candles, oils and incense relaxes and cleanses your being as you discover jewelry and gifts from countries far and wide.

There are readers and healers, crystals and oils, and music fills the air and relaxes your cares. As you enjoy the ambiance of Myztic Isle, let your mind envision the classes, demonstrations, seminars and workshops that will be coming in the New Year!

On the first Saturday of each month, Myztic Isle welcomes everyone to its psychic fair. From 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. there are readers, healers, aura photography, reflexology, crystal healing, art classes, jewelry and much more to experience.

The store is located in the La Mesa Springs Shopping Center at 8036 La Mesa Blvd, La Mesa, CA 9l941. Hours: Mon. 10-6, Tues. thru Sat. 10-7 and Sun. 12-5. Email or call (619) 4653005.

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