The Heart of Love
Many Paths, One Love

By Dr. Scott and Shannon Peck

How can we ever find peace with so much division between us in politics, religion, lifestyles, and even within our families?

We can adopt the amazingly powerful theme in our personal lives: “Many paths, one Love.” It’s extraordinary how simply this theme can pull you into unity rather than separation.

For example, have you ever felt stung by a family member judging you for your lifestyle, decisions, or path in life? Most of us have. It’s so easy to be judgmental when someone is doing something against our own values or good sense — whether it’s their religion, choice of mate, beliefs, actions, or politics. Such judgments, of course, can tear a family or friendships apart emotionally.

But even when there seems to be no solution to peace, there is one. You can actively practice the healing attitude of “Many paths, one Love.” Quite simply, what this means is that you decide to honor, without judgment, whatever path someone else takes, even though it may feel wrong or silly to you.

So, for example, if you are a parent feeling judgmental towards a son or daughter, you can decide to release your judgments and replace them with honoring. And why not? It’s not your life. You made mistakes in your life. We all do. That’s how we grow. We all need the freedom to individualize and self express!

But there’s an even deeper healing insight here. You can honor the idea that there may seem like a zillion conflicting paths in life, but, behind all this confusion, there is one divine Love guiding us all. Think of it this way, we are climbing up the same mountain but taking different trails. Some will take the easy, prepared route. Others fight through the thickets.

Some parts of the mountain speak other languages. Some parts practice different religions. But we are all slowly climbing upwards towards the top of the mountain and we will all arrive at the “one” summit together.

It takes insight and courage to be a leader in living the principle of “Many paths, one Love,” because we have to act towards unity despite the “mind set” we wake up to every single day on Earth. The daily news inundates us with division — large wars and mini-wars continuing all over the world between ethnic, religious, racial, and political groups. And our personal lives are often full of large wars or mini-wars with different people.

No one ever said that being a peacemaker or unifier is easy. Creating love and peace are very advanced love skills. So here’s a practice exercise to help you get really good at living the theme “Many paths, one Love.”

The next time you feel judgment towards someone — either personally or politically — stop in your mental tracks and let your Highest Self reason like this, “Well, this person’s views or actions seem absolutely wrong to me and I can feel the judgment, even hate, filling my senses. But I want my life to contribute peace and love to the world, not hate. Let me take these feelings higher.

Let me view everyone on Earth as worthy of being loved. They may be making what look like terrible mistakes to me, but I trust the divine power of Love to guide each of us home.” Such inner reasoning softens the tension in your body, heart, and mind. Your life moves towards unity rather than division. Remember, with every thought you think and every action you take, you either create unity or separation. So what’s your next thought? And action?

The theme of “Many paths, one Love” guides us personally as Co-Founders of TheLoveCenter. The words “TheLoveCenter” naturally embrace all humanity. Love doesn’t exclude anyone. We can’t leave anyone out — even if we want to some days! We have no choice but to practice “Many paths, one Love.” This is an attitude as much as a love skill.

It’s helpful to remember that the divine principle of Love knows how to speak to every individual on the planet because Love transcends politics, religion, personal differences, and race. Love has its own language and each of us is able to be Love’s voice and messenger. Let our hearts be filled with Love!

Of course it’s not easy to honor all paths, but do you think our world will be any different for future generations if we don’t learn the skills of honoring and creating unity? This is the big event taking place in civilization right now and you are part of it whether you want to be or not. Your thoughts and actions — with your spouse, family members, friends, co-workers, and even strangers
— are rippling through the universe. And our collective thoughts (and actions) are forging tomorrow’s civilization.

Thank you for every thought and every action in your life that creates more unity in our emerging new world of “Many paths, one Love.” Welcome to the heart of Love.

©Copyright 2007 Scott & Shannon Peck

Dr. Scott Peck & Shannon Peck are Co-founders of TheLoveCenter, a non-profit organization “Calling everyone home to Love.” They are authors of books on love and healing, including Love Skills for Personal and Global Transformation: Secrets of a Love Master. For lots more love and a free Love Quiz, please visit www. We are holding the space for you to receive all the love you deserve!

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