Feng Shui Concepts
By Jenny T. Liu, M.A.
2008 Feng Shui in Our Homes and Offices


One of the highest levels of feng shui practice is knowing how to apply the Flying Nine Star Chart to your home or office every year. This allows you to understand which directions offer positive potential, such as wealth and promotion, so you may reposition your desk or bed and activate the energies to your benefit. By the same token, knowing how to avoid or neutralize potentially-problematic areas that can bring financial loss, illness or conflict, provides protection and avails your resources for progress.

The importance of annual feng shui adjustments has been recognized for many generations. Those who consistently adjust their feng shui every year benefit far more than those who do not. Take the initiative to invest in yourself by making feng shui adjustments for a successful year. We are all connected. By putting your best foot forward, you set off a chain reaction for all of mankind.

The following is a short version of what we may expect in our homes and offices in 2008, excerpted from Liu Feng Shui 2008 Guidelines.

The water Star 1 comes to the center this year. The center is associated to earth energy, which defeats water. Associated to water Star 1 is the middle-aged man. Those using the center room need to be careful of kidney, prostate ailments, sexual diseases or adultery. With Star 1 in the center, families and offices need to be careful of being taken advantage of by others or experiencing money loss. Be aware of water damage to your home

Adjustment: Place a gong or a meditation bowl in the center room. Place a clear quartz sphere in the center. Place six golden gourds in the center room for health.

The metal Star 6 promotes the north water energies. Those with a north room or door can enjoy wealth, expansion and meeting helpful people abroad. This is especially true for males. Children enjoy scholarship and academic success in the north room. The north direction is associated to the Year of the Rat and related to the year of challenge, or “tai shui.” Take extra precautions to avoid trickiness, greed or unethical ambitions. Do not break ground in the north this year.

Adjustment: Place six coins at the north door. Place a golden dragon facing north. Place a coin sword pointing north.

The violating Star 5 flies into the south. Secure south rooms to avoid robbery. The south is associated with the middle-aged female. Those using the south room may be prone to emotional instability, aggression, lawsuit, money loss or crime. The south is aligned with, or “faces,” the north “tai shui” energies, as well as carries the violating Star 5. This is a dangerous combination that warrants extreme caution for those using the south room or door. It is best to avoid using the south door and room. No ground breaking.

Adjustment: Put a set of three bronze chi ling facing south for protection in the south room. Place rose quartz in the south room.

The wood energies of the east overcome earth Star 8. This brings wealth, prestige, growth, focus and scholarship. However, with Star 8 associated to children and the digestive system, those using the east room need to watch what they eat as they may be prone to food poisoning or stomach aches.

Adjustment: Place eight lucky bamboo in water with nine amethyst and eight clear quartz pebbles in the east corner for wealth. Place a pair of jade turtles facing east for health.

The fire Star 9 is promoted by the southeast wood energies. Star 9 is associated to the middle-aged woman and second daughter. If they are compatible to the southeast room, they enjoy promotion, achievement and fame. Because southeast wood energies feed the fire Star 9, the eldest daughter associated to the southeast room tends to give or help others more.

Adjustment: Place a nine-tiered pagoda on your desk for achievement. Place a fountain in the southeast room to strengthen success.

The northwest metal energies are promoted by the feminine earth Star 2, bringing those compatible to using the northwest room or door, love, happiness, good news and power. For persons who are incompatible to sleeping in the northwest room, this can bring marital problems or adultery. Businesspersons with a personal gua of 2, 6, 7 or 8 enjoy wealth in the northwest office.

Adjustment: Place a water fountain with eight coins in it at the northwest corner to bring in wealth. Place a yellow calcite on the desk for prosperity.

The metal energies of the west defeat the masculine wood Star 3. Having a west door, office or room brings business opportunities, especially for those with a personal gua of 2, 6, 7 or 8. However, because Star 3 is weakened, if you have a personal gua of 1, 3, 4 or 9, be extra cautious of injury to limbs, travel, love and liver.

Adjustment: Place an aquarium or fountain in the west corner. Place three gourds along the headboard or rainbow obsidian crystals to the left, right and center bottom of the bed to release negative energies.

The southwest earth promotes the metal Star 7. Associated to the Star 7, young ambitious females will be supported in getting ahead and attaining wealth and success. Senior females — especially those with a personal gua of 1, 3, 4 or 9 — sleeping in the southwest room may be prone to catching colds, emotional instability, nightmares or reproductive ailments.

Adjustment: Place a pair of elephants facing southwest for strength and protection. Use red, pink and burgundy accents.

The feminine wood Star 4 defeats the northeast earth energies. Children in the northeast room may bicker and be prone to allergies. Elderly sleeping in the northeast room may experience mood swings or lower back problems. Be aware of paperwork problems, employee conflicts or financial issues in the northeast office.

Adjustment: Place rose quartz crystals in the northeast room to relieve stress and create positive relationships. Use red, pink or burgundy accent colors. Place a bishou facing northeast.

Jenny Liu holds a Bachelors’ Degree in Environmental Design from UC Berkeley and a Masters Degree in Architecture from UCLA. She is an expert in the 8,000-year-old Chinese philosophy of Feng Shui who also shares her knowledge through seminars, workshops, periodicals and the Internet. Awarded for her Master’s Thesis on Feng Shui, Ms. Liu is a fourth-generation practitioner with her own consulting firm. For more information, please see her website at Liu-FengShui.com or call her at (626) 272-4901.

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