Fat No More
Release the Subconscious Blocks that Prevent Your Weight Loss

By Marylin Stompler



If you struggle with losing weight, or if you lose weight but always gain it back, it is important for you to read this article.

Losing weight is not just about dieting or exercising as proven by the countless number of failed diets and exercise programs. First, you need to identify and let go of the many Mental, Emotional, Subconscious, and Spiritual blocks that prevent you from losing weight. I call them the M.E.S.S. blocks; they are limiting beliefs, thoughts, or fears that prevent your weight loss.

They keep you overweight regardless of enormous effforts and numerous attempts you make to follow different diet and exercise programs. If you do not let go of these blocks, you will continue to have an extremely difficult time losing weight and, if you do succeed, you will continue to gain the weight back.

I have struggled with losing weight and keeping it off all my life. I started my first diet when I was eight years old. Because of this first early diet, I started becoming obsessed with diets and my weight at a very young age. Most of my life, I have been up and down in weight; unfortunately I always ended up overweight. I was never really able to keep the weight off until a few years ago. For the last 30 years or so, my weight problem was my number one concern.

I tried many diets! I wanted to lose weight and be thin. So, I tried hundreds of diets, over and over, and after each diet, I always regained the weight and often even more. Sound familiar? So, after many years of struggle, I started thinking: “I always get whatever I want in life as long as I really put my focus on it. Why don’t I simply lose weight and become thin?” My failure at losing weight didn’t make any sense to me. I felt powerless and miserable.

I started wondering if there were a part of me that did not want to lose weight. Perhaps, consciously, I wanted to lose weight and be thin, but at another subconscious level I did not want it. It sounds crazy, doesn’t it? Bear with me for a moment. Realizing perhaps at some level I did not want to lose the weight, opened a new door for me and with this realization I embarked on a journey to discover the many surprising and often odd reasons why I had been struggling to lose weight for so long.

For the last ten years, I spent hundreds of hours researching, analyzing and compiling the many conscious and subconscious blocks to weight loss, whether they are limiting thoughts, beliefs, or fears and why it is so difficult for us to lose weight and keep it off.

Before we go any further, let me simply define conscious and subconscious. A conscious thought is a thought of which you are aware. A subconscious thought is a thought of which you are not aware.

It would seem logical to us that the conscious mind would have all the power. Research has shown that 90% of everything we do comes from our subconscious. Basically 90% of our life is governed by the subconscious and only 10% is governed by the conscious. In brief, the conscious mind never wins. The subconscious mind controls 90% of our actions and behaviors. The subconscious mind makes us do whatever we do.

Let’s go over how both the conscious and subconscious can affect your weight loss. On the conscious level, you are really motivated. You know if you stick to a good diet and exercise routine for enough weeks, you will lose the weight and become thin. The conscious mind supports you; it makes you eat healthy food and drink a lot of water; it makes you go to the gym, exercise and sweat these extra pounds; it helps you be disciplined and really focused on getting what you want.

However, the problem is the conscious mind only produces 10% of your results. If the subconscious mind, for some odd reason, does not support your weight loss, you will have a very hard time losing weight. It will slow your progress by blocking your weight loss, creating a weight loss plateau, and/or causing you to gain weight back. Unfortunately, you are often not even aware how the subconscious affects your weight loss.

So, what can you do? You simply need to change the subconscious programming which blocks your weight loss by identifying and letting go of your subconscious thoughts, beliefs, and fears. Women have so many limiting, subconscious beliefs regarding our body and our physical appearance. These subconscious beliefs drive our lives until we identify and get rid of them.

For example, “I always fail at dieting” is a limiting belief, a pretty common one, actually. “I cannot lose weight” is another one! How about a more complex belief such as: I do not want to lose weight and be attractive because I fear that if I am attractive, I will get too much attention and might be harassed or abused. This profound belief can come from a deep subconscious fear of which you might not even be aware.

How about: “I can only be smart or beautiful, not both”; “I have to give up my looks to succeed”? According to the law of attraction, you attract what you think about and what you believe. If you truly believe that you always fail at dieting, you will always fail. If you fear to lose weight and be attractive because of a subconscious fear, you will not lose weight.

Even though these beliefs may have been true for you until now, they are not necessarily true for you in the future. They are limiting and they do not serve you. Once you have identified them, you must let them go. You need to be sure that both your conscious and subconscious minds support your losing weight so you can easily reach your weight-loss goals, and become thin!

Marylin Stompler is the author of  “Fat No More, Release the Subconscious Blocks that Prevent your Weight Loss,” available on www.amazon.com or www.fatnomore.com. For information on Coaching and Fat No More seminars in San Diego (January) and Los Angeles (February), visit www.fatnomore.com, (760) 730-375

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