Embracing the Goddess Within
By Susan Hart

Visions emerge through the Light of my Soul; I see a window opening as a New Year begins. As I embrace the emergence of the Great Goddess within, I feel the vibrant buzzing and joyful awakening of my heart. As I walk these streets, I acknowledge each set of eyes as we meet: man, woman and child. As I honor the sacred union of Mother/father, God/Goddess, Creator of All That Is, I feel an excitement pulsating within each cell of my being.

As we embrace the God/Goddess within, we bring balance and harmony into our world. Within each soul, both feminine and masculine energies co-exist; these energies need to be honored and balanced, in order to once again, draw harmony and wholeness into our being.

 For millenniums, The Great Goddess was honored and worshipped as the Mother of Creation. She was known as the giver of life, the one who birthed life from her womb, raised life from her heart, and released life back into spirit when life was complete. Even as the Great Goddess was revered during these early matriarchic cultures, females did not rule alone. Rather, people lived in harmony sharing ruling partnerships between women and men.

Our world experienced the darkest of days when the patriarchic society stopped honoring the Great Goddess. Stripped of her dignity and value, the Great Goddess was dethroned, disrespected and all but forgotten. Conditioning of the collective consciousness against the strength and sacredness of the Great Goddess has hindered and harmed the healing balance of Mother Earth for centuries.

Now, with blessed joy, the Archangels reveal that the year 2008 marks a New Time of Rebirth within the hearts and minds of Men and Women; for in this time, we will remember and reawaken the divine feminine goddess within. We acknowledge the Great Goddess within by listening to her wisdom, experiencing her grace and understanding her courage. As we do, she unfolds within the colorful fabric of our journey, speaking through the truth of our own story. In this space, we discover the beauty, courage and faith eternally beating… breathing… and becoming from within.

As we dive into the richness of duality and embrace the beauty in both male and female energies, we bring harmony and balance into this world; we come to know ourselves as true creators. We can discover where our male and female energies are unbalanced, by taking inventory of our feelings, and the relationships we have with our Mothers and Fathers. Inner exploration of our social conditioning to the roles both men and women are expected to play in our culture, reveals much about how we express and value our own feminine and masculine energies. How do you value the Goddess within? How are those around you valuing the goddess within themselves?

By owning and honoring the whole of Who We Are, in both Light and darkness, yin as well as yang, feminine and masculine, we allow ourselves the freedom to heal; the opportunity to release any shame, guilt and blame we have fought against for so long. It is through honoring the whole of our experience, as well as acknowledging our role in the creation thereof, that the true evolved goddess may reclaim her grace and place within the heart of all humankind. As such, we are free to receive and reveal the feminine qualities of compassion, kindness and forgiveness.

As we journey with courage into the Unknown and uncover the face of the dishonored goddess, we discover the parts of ourselves that have remained imprisoned and condemned. This darkness reveals to us the strength and wisdom that has always remained Present in our souls, awaiting our simple recognition. The goddess within brings new vision and passion, a renewed Love toward our dreams and our life.

From this sacred place of truth and illumination, we once again place our hearts into the fertile womb of the Great Goddess. As we emerge bathed and rebirthed by her Light, we are held in the arms of Love. We look into the eyes of the Great Goddess and recognize she has remained pure in heart and intention, silently waiting for us to remember the sound of her voice, the softness of her touch, the strength of her truth, and the music of her soul.

As you hold the Goddess close to your heart, share with her your dreams and hopes for this New Year. Align your heartbeat with the rhythm of the Great Goddess, and honor the beauty in every breath of life. Feel the force of creation within the womb of your Soul… for this rich and vibrant space that holds You, also holds the mystery of Eternal Love.

Susan Hart is an Angel Oracle, Healer, and Visionary. Susan’s passion is to inspire you, to connect with your life’s purpose and live your dreams. In 2005, Susan was honored as a Spiritual Healer, in the LA CONFIDENTIAL article: GOOD MEDICINE. Visit: www.angelheartconnections.com

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