Ancient Future Body Wisdom
By Katrina Troolines


The art of ancient future body wisdom is as simple as dropping into your own feminine form and then attuning with Gaia, Earth Motherís Core. Of course, there are techniques, pathways and nuances one might utilize with the intention of deepening and opening to this communion. However, please donít let that stop you from simply finding a sacred spot and tuning in to the Earth Motherís Core and just listening.

There is, however, nothing like weaving your sacred journey into Earth Motherís Core within a circle of women. To witness and be witnessed within the gaze of loving women, without judgment, all women, all the same. The myth this culture has perpetrated that women do not flow in harmony within a group will be dispelled. Perhaps it is time for you to reclaim this sisterhood for yourself.

You might find that many myths have been perpetrated as ancient wisdoms, however, your own body wisdoms tell you otherwise. Our very bodies themselves have been demonized and shamed for their most natural and gifting natures of life, nourishment and especially pleasure.

The second step into Ancient Future Body Wisdom is Self Authority. We as a culture have been disconnected from our own authority in a multitude of ways, with one of the most essential being the Self Authority of our own bodyís wisdoms. This disconnection has become so engrained and deeply rooted in our own patterns of being and reflexive responses that we actually disregard our own bodyís pleas: for rest when we have a cold, for food by skipping lunch, or for affection, when individuals or groups of people demand otherwise from us.

Self Authority brings a freedom of knowing what you know, and then offers an opportunity to step into the responsibility (ability to respond) within this knowing. There have been many books written about how we humans claim to want our own authority, freedom, and then we turn right around and give it away. Perhaps this has been a truth in the past, perhaps this truth was fostered by people in authority claiming it was true. It is my observation that we are ready and able to respond to our own Self Authority and there is no better place to begin than within our own bodies and our own lives.

As women, within the very embodiment of the feminine form, we have a significant advantage to establishing our communion connection with Earth Mother Gaia. Our very bodies reflect and contain the very same energetic and physical expressions of Gaia, and as such are conducive to immediate awakening and weaving, within which the deepest, richest and sweetest access to lifeforce or Kundalini is accessible.

As this lifeforce communion with Gaia becomes entwined within your every breath and action, you have the opportunity for a clarity of self authority, an ability to listen to and translate your own body wisdoms, and an unlimited possibility of what you can create and birth together.

The essential key to this path is that access is directly from within your body into Gaia Earth Mother. It is about staying in your body and your wisdom and living your truth. You do not need anyone else to enter into this path, only you and Gaia. If you choose to venture into your personal communion with Gaia, within a circle of women, it can be fun. It may accelerate your experience, but it is not necessary.

Katrina Troolines has been a professional healing artist and spiritual guide for twenty years and maintains a studio in Costa Mesa. Ancient Future Body Wisdom Introductory Experiences are held here monthly. Call her at (714)376-8248 or also visit


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