2008: The Year of Action!
By Wisdom Teacher Sri Ram Kaa & Angelic Oracle Kira Raa



The time leading up to 2012 offers ever-greater energy and stimulation to the inhabitants of planet earth. Yes, we are being given a wake-up call!  Cosmic forces are conspiring to lift our consciousness so that we might embrace our full potential. This increased energy is demonstrated through heightened polarity and chaos in our world, and is stimulating many to find their ascended hearts and seek oneness.

As you observe global events you will witness people who have chosen to participate in the polarity will be called to act-out with more vigor in the coming year. For example, tension between political opponents will increase and “act out” more violently. Our beloved earth is also acting out, releasing the millennia of low-frequency energy and discord. We will see more extreme weather in the coming year. Mt. Shasta will soon remind us of its tremendous volcanic power. We will witness a rise in activism.

Remember, energy is directed by consciousness. Energy can be used however you choose.

So the real challenge is not to accelerate the disharmony in the outer world by fueling them with your attention. When we react to disturbing news, our emotional energy is directed toward those streams of consciousness that generated the disturbance. This actually sustains the level of consciousness that created the “problem.”  Quantum physics and Einstein have taught us that creative solutions can not be found from the level of consciousness that generated a problem.

Our consciousness will empower polarity or oneness — there is no middle ground!

The true challenge facing humanity is to lift from a reactive ego-centered orientation and become conscious co-creators. True co-creative consciousness is at peace with the perceived challenges of the outer world. It recognizes that everyone is creating from the level of their awakening. Wisdom teachers throughout the ages have pointed the way, universally sharing that non-reactive love is the foundation for healthy compassion. By lifting ourselves into our ascended hearts we can see the outer world with deep peace and compassion. This is the foundation for Conscious action.

So where to begin? It starts in your daily life by watching where you place your attention and noticing the intention underpinning your actions. Mass consciousness is addicted to drama, fear and separation. It is challenging at first to lift out of this stream of consciousness. It becomes quite natural after one learns to anchor in the ascended heart. This requires practice.

Many old paradigms simply do not work with the new energy. The galactic energy can assist in lifting you where you want to be if  you will consciously work with it. The earth environment is in a transition period as we approach an age of enlightenment. Times of transition offer great peril and great opportunity. This is why it is essential that each of us get clear on what we want to co-create. To lift, we must unplug our energy from beliefs and structures that generate fear and disharmony and place our commitment into our own divine expansion. We call this process Self-Ascension™.

One can not transition into an ascended state of being without some training and support. That is, one must have some practice discerning the difference between ego and soul. A person needs an energetic mentor as they expand their consciousness, a friend along the path. Ultimately, we each seek to find our own  Inner-Guru, that state of consciousness that is the peaceful eye within the storm of emotions and outer stimuli! No one in the outer world can do the work for you. Yet there are those who can point the way. A true teacher will offer experiential environments and energy that support your own discernment and inner evolution.

A true teacher will offer universal love and respect, for each person has their individual pathway home to Oneness. There can be no judgment of a person’s chosen path, for all are finding their way. Judgment always divides and wounds consciousness. As we evolve, we naturally release judgments and doubt.

Growing to Oneness is contrary to the outer world’s flow. Humanity has cultivated the illusion of separation from the divine through generation after generation of external orientation. This belief in the external world has reinforced fear, lack and a sense of powerlessness. All reinforce a habit of doubt. Internalizing energies of lack and powerlessness has become an unhealthy norm that displaces one’s essential trust in the divine and invests our life energy into illusionary conditions. We begin to doubt ourselves and then project that energy onto the world. Doubt disconnects us from our inner guidance and interferes with our ability to navigate life.

All wounds can be healed through love. All! When we recognize that our doubts are the first line of healing toward reclaiming ourselves, we open to extraordinary healing energy. Imagine what your life would be like in this very moment if you no longer had any doubts… about anything. Self love first offers the energy of acceptance.  That is, one must accept their life situation as being a divine gift. 

Even if you are in pain and bankruptcy, until you can celebrate that your situation has brought you to the point of claiming your mastery, you will not fully heal. Anything short of celebration means that a part of you is still holding doubt energy, believing that your life should be different. Thus, the first step is to stop blaming anyone for your problems. There is no one, or no thing worthy of this blame!

Instead bring your hand to your heart and declare: “In this moment I trust myself!”

All pain is simply a reminder that you have forgotten the truth of your divinity and have swallowed the illusions of the external world! This simple practice is actually a great gift. Let pain be the reminder to claim heart-centered peace and trust in one’s soul. As you re-unite with your authentic Soul energy, doubt releases. This renewed soul alignment calls into action a boundless source of energy, the authentic energy that will empower the Law of Attraction. No amount of wishing and dreaming will create a lasting peace. Only soul alignment, true Knowing and Trust, will offer permanent Peace.

There are many other practices that will support your Self-Ascension. We look forward to sharing these teachings with you so that you might be reminded of the glory of your own Divine Mastery. Each of us is a spark that will ignite a new era for mankind. Please join us as together we reclaim our mastery and conscious co-creative power.

Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Raa are best-selling authors, radio personalities and travel the globe teaching the path of Self-Ascension. Known as the “Mystical Couple of our Time”, they are considered authorities on 2012, Archangelic communication, and Atlantis. They will be offering experiential workshops in Los Angeles on February 8th and 9th at the Conscious Life Expo. Learn more at www.selfascension.com

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