2008: The Year of Infinite Possibility
By Christina Allen

Most of us plod along through our normal everyday lives on a predictable track of probability. Warped, molded, tempered by our reactions to the past, we march steadily toward eventual death. But the shaman insists on possibility, not probability! Her job is to shift us out of the old stories and limiting beliefs that lock us into suffering and disease. Through Soul and Destiny Retrievals she gifts us instead with the wings of infinite possibility.

Many cultures believe that before we choose our parents we choose a destiny. We pick a time in history that will be the most effective for what we want to accomplish or experience this time around, then we choose the appropriate parents and we come through. But we all have traumatic events that shape and color our perspectives along the way, moments that derail us unconsciously from our original intentions. We make decisions and life choices based on these perspectives, reinforcing the beliefs that we have developed as a result of them.

Our lives gain a certain momentum and travel along a new line of destiny that requires us to face these issues over and over again until we resolve them. This journey becomes our story, our fate, and eventually our destiny. The more we tell it, the more we relive it and the more imbedded in it we become. As we continue, the energy required to propel our lives forward onto an alternative destiny line keeps increasing until it becomes almost impossible to change.

While there are other possible outcomes outside this momentum tunnel, they have a very low probability of occurring without catastrophic events such as illness or near-death experiences. Through energetic interventions, however, a shaman can redirect the momentum of our lives gracefully, lovingly and peacefully back onto to its original track, or beyond.

From the shamanic perspective, a part of our soul can be lost when we have a traumatic event in our lives that we don’t know how to process. A quantum of our Light Energy Field (LEF), or soul, stays locked in that event and is no longer accessible. It anchors us to that time in an unconscious way, asking us to relive it in a myriad of ways. We have all met adults who seem stuck in a certain period of their lives. More often than not this is what shamans call “soul loss.” 

An aspect of the shaman’s training is learning to step into infinite or circular time where the future informs the past and the past informs the future. By stepping out of linear, cause and effect time, and into circular time the shaman travels to any point on a time line, expands it infinitely and then steps in.

She finds where we were derailed and disconnects our energetic field from the cords anchoring us to that moment. She collects any parts of the soul that were lost in that time period and brings them back in their whole and healed state. As we integrate the missing soul pieces into our lives again they realign us with our original destiny track. This profound and life-transformative process is called a Soul Retrieval.

A shaman can also travel forward along a time line, step into our future, and anchor in a destiny that serves our highest good. As we know from quantum physics, the future is probabilistic and there are many possible outcomes to our lives. Each choice we make along the journey opens one door while closing another. The shaman sorts through the probable outcomes, but also the remotely-possible outcomes, searching for a destiny that will best align us with our dreams. She brings back a quantum of information from the future and installs it in our LEF.

As we integrate this piece into our lives it can realign us with an original destiny track, or even better, take us beyond those expectations. By creating possibilities and thus momentum in that direction, our destiny shifts to a consciously-chosen track. In physics we say this moment of realization collapses the wave function of possibility into certainty. In shamanism we call it a Destiny Retrieval. Whatever we call it, it opens the doors to dreaming our highest potential into being and making the wildly possible probable!

As we slide into the end of this era, marked by the Mayan calendar as December 21, 2012, we see accelerated changes shifting across the earth’s faces. We can’t help but notice global warming, terrorism, and staggering technological advances unfolding all around us. Most of us chose to come into this time period for a reason. Many of us have been derailed and we’ve lost our way.

With all that is going on in the world right now, the time is now to remember what that purpose is and to get back on track. It is time to take our lives out of the ordinary and remember we are extraordinary! Participate in dreaming this new world into being. Let 2008 be the year that you step out of the past, reconnect with your future, and soar into infinite possibility.

Christina Allen, shaman and yoga instructor, is on the Sr. Staff of the Four Winds Society (thefourwinds.com), an adjunct professor at CSUSM and owns Blue Raven Yoga and Healing Center, 1001 W. San Marcos Blvd., Suite 165, in San Marcos, CA. In addition to doing healings at her studio she does them equally effectively by phone. Call (760) 510-6880.  BlueRavenYoga.com

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