Weight-Loss Countdown Is On
By Chitra Gunderson



Got the Holiday Blues? After celebrating and feasting over the holidays you suddenly realize your favorite clothes are uncomfortably tight and you have an extra layer around your middle that wasn’t there a couple of months ago. For me, it has always been the area between my knees and my waist that attracts those unwanted pounds and seems to shrink my clothes before my eyes. Looking in the mirror as I try to flatten my tummy enough to squeeze into my jeans, I realize the weight loss countdown is on... Spring is right around the corner and Summer will be close behind. It is time to get in shape before vacation season arrives.

Personally, I have to admit that I have struggled with the yo-yo weight gain/loss syndrome over the years. I have a wardrobe consisting of “fat” clothes, “skinny” clothes and a few “in between” that I rotate wearing as my size fluctuates according to season or emotional state. Refusing to buy new clothes when I am uncomfortable wearing the “fat” wardrobe — I instead take it as my cue to get serious about changing my eating and exercise habits. This year, once and for all, I want to make an eating-lifestyle change that lasts.

I have tried almost everything you can imagine from the drastic measures of eating only fresh fruits and vegetables, to raw food, even fasting, and of course, working out at the gym, which starts out okay for a couple of weeks, then drops off to an irregular half hour here or there, soon to be nothing. With weight-loss clinics on every other corner and a different eating program for practically every week of the year, it leaves most of us perplexed and asking the big question… “How do I know which one will work for me?” 

Lynn Grieger’s, RD, CD, CDE advice to anyone who is embarking on a weight-loss program is to ask the following questions:

Is this way of eating something I can easily continue for the rest of my life? 
Weight loss can be difficult, but maintaining that weight loss can be even harder. Any plan that allows you to lose weight should also be a plan you can continue indefinitely, in order to maintain that weight.

Does the plan exclude entire groups of foods? 
If a weight-loss plan excludes an entire group of foods (grains, fruits, vegetables, dairy), you are in real danger of missing out on essential vitamins and minerals. If you are vegan or vegetarian make sure you are eating foods that supply the necessary nutrients.

Does the plan require extremely low calorie levels? 
Most experts agree that women need at least 1,400 to 1,600 calories each day to maintain a healthy body; men require at least 1,800 to 2,000 calories. If a weight-loss plan restricts calories below these levels, it isn’t nutritionally adequate and may actually cause weight gain.

Is exercise an essential component of this plan? 
Experts agree that exercise is crucial to both losing weight and keeping it off. Exercise may be as simple as walking — the main idea is to get your body moving on a regular basis.

Once the eating and exercise plans have been chosen, it is time to fine tune your weight loss regimen. Unfortunately, the importance of including a good detoxification program is usually left out of weight-loss plans.

Bombarded daily with environmental toxins in the water, air and food, we are constantly drinking, breathing, and eating pollutants. These toxins build up in the body accumulating in organs like the liver and spleen. When the organs are over burdened with toxins they cannot function properly, which affects our digestion, absorption of nutrients, elimination process and ultimately our weight. If our bodies do not absorb enough nutrition, then food cravings intensify and we end up eating more calories than we can possibly burn during a normal day.

Now, most of us are on very busy schedules, so following a detox program that lasts 7-10 days is extremely difficult or completely out of the question. “For me, the Cleanse and Detox Pack from Amazon Herb Co. has proven to be most effective for my busy lifestyle,” says Theresa White, Real Estate Agent.  “I can take the products daily with no interruption in my normal schedule and it works wonders on my body to help eliminate sluggishness, and shed extra inches.”

Lynnette Streeter, Editor, and her daughter, Rachael Nobel, started taking the Amazon Herb Total Health Pack and found that it quickly stabilized their weight.
“... Without craving any sweets,” Lynnette piped in, “over a 3-month time period, I went from a dress size 1X to a size 16 and Rachael went from a size 16 to a size 10 taking Amazon Herb Total Health Pack, as well as Metabazon to help reduce food cravings. The weight just naturally melted off and clothes became looser without even thinking about it. We also walked at least 45 minutes a day at a fast pace — if it felt good, we walked longer.”

Tips for Success:
• Make losing weight about you!  Not to impress the boyfriend, girlfriend or spouse. Lose weight because it makes You look good, feel better and improves your health.
• Make your new eating regimen a lifestyle change, not a diet. Diets come and go, and weight follows along.
• Reward yourself regularly for accomplishments.
• Follow a detox program to optimize nutrition absorption.
• Exercise at least 40-60 minutes per day — a brisk walk on a regular basis will go a long way. If you can’t walk that long, start with 10-15 minutes and gradually increase.
• Simple eating changes that will make a big difference:
• Eliminate fast foods, soft drinks, sugar and chips. Replace them with healthy, low-calorie snacks like fruit, veggies, a small handful of almonds, and use stevia as a sweetener.
• Increase fruits and vegetables, especially green leafy — organic if possible.
• Decrease but do not eliminate fatty foods and carbohydrates — your body needs some fats and carbs. In fact, fat intake should be 30% in grams of your total target calorie intake.
• Drink one glass of water before every meal and one glass in between every meal. Drinking enough water is very important for maintaining your good health and desired weight.

When deciding on a weight-loss program consider your dietary and schedule needs, remember to ask the four questions, follow the Tips for Success, and when making any drastic changes to either your diet or exercise program, consult a physician first. The bottom line, whether you decide to follow a program or go it on your own, be sensible — eat whole food, drink plenty of water, and exercise regularly.

Good luck with your New Year eating lifestyle... be healthy and happy.

For more information about the Cleanse and Detox Pack, contact Chitra at (888) 310-2570 or visit www.RainforestCanopy.amazonherb.net/wellness_2_1.aspx

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