You Are What You Love
An Interview with Vaishali
By Stephen McCrory



"Vaishali’s You Are What You Love is a spiritual recipe for serving up wisdom at its best. This book shows you how to take the knowledge of the ages and mix it with the clarity of a flawless diamond.”
—Dannion Brinkley, Acclaimed speaker and best-selling author

Vaishali, a mystic in her own right, has written a loving and empowering book that will help everyone attract abundant wisdom and happiness into their life and fulfill their hearts’ desire. “You Are What You Love” shows us how we can transform our lives by being aware of what we love and give our attention to. This fun and down-to-earth book, based on the brilliance of scientist and mystic, Emanuel Swedenborg, offers many thought-expanding insights.

In talking with the vibrant and almost magical Vaishali, I was stunned to learn that she had survived an extremely stressful childhood — her parents had drinking issues. A grade school teacher, who served as her beloved mother figure, was brutally murdered when she was ten. If that wasn’t enough, she also shared that she had been diagnosed terminal twice — once from an illness, then ten years later, from a deeply-traumatizing auto accident. As a result of these events she experienced pain beyond measure for years.

These were not her only challenges; she has been cheated on and lied to by almost every major intimate relationship she has had.   What touched me most was when I asked Vaishali how she survived to be one of the happiest people I have met. Her response was, “By knowing and identifying with the truth, which is: we do not have love; WE ARE LOVE! We do not have value, power and worth; WE ARE VALUE, POWER and WORTH! And nothing that happens to us, in our lifetime, has the power to change that!”

In “You Are What You Love”, Vaishali shares how she learned to recognize only one power, and that is the power of Divine Love and Wisdom. When she galvanized her attention to the truth, she was able to heal her physical body and mental outlook from these events, thus allowing her to assist others in their healing.

Stephen: Can you tell me more about the concept of humanity as spiritual beings in a physical reality which you talk about in your new book, “You Are What You Love”?

Vaishali: The earth was created as a place where spiritual creatures could come and practice giving their attention to the truth, to the exclusion of everything else. As mystic, Emanuel Swedenborg, refers to it, the earth is the place where the limited, the physical, and what lives in duality shows up. We as Spiritual beings are beyond the physical, the limited and duality. What we really are does not even show up here. Only the stuff we are here to get over shows up so we can practice realizing ourselves as beyond it, in an arena we cannot fake.

You are what you love, and you love whatever you give your attention to. In the spiritual world, Swedenborg says, we cannot learn that lesson, as well as loyalty to unconditional love and acceptance, as thoroughly as we can on earth in a body, where we have to feel the consequences of what we give our attention to. A feeling body is the “keep it real” arena.

Stephen: In your book you speak about a wave of awareness. How is it relevant to our daily lives and the choices we make?

Vaishali: The wave is a Swedenborg metaphor for human consciousness. The wave is simply meant as an imaginary vehicle, a method for visualizing something as vast and infinite as consciousness itself. Through the wave metaphor we can perform a visual forensic examination of consciousness itself. For example, this image allows us to see how superficial what we think and believe is, as it corresponds to the white frothy foam that merely surfs along the surface of the wave. The crest, or top 10% of the wave, corresponds to the part of our consciousness in which we live, of what we are aware.

We came here to practice, in our everyday life, expanding how we define and see ourselves. In other words, the truth is, the wave and the ocean are authentically one. However, most of us only consciously reside in the top 10% of the wave; we have not yet realized our indivisibility with Prime Source. We have not claimed that we do not have God consciousness, we are God consciousness. Where we identify ourselves as residing only in the crest, only as the wave, Swedenborg is illustrating the bigger picture. The relevance is in the Gestalt that connects us, as one with Prime Source, in the exact same way the wave is one with the ocean.

Stephen: If one isn’t fully awakened, how can they be-gin the discernment process of ultimate truth and ultimate lies?

Vaishali: This is why the earth was created: to give spiritual creatures an arena in which to practice their powers of discernment. If you find yourself on the earth, in a body, heaven has already set you up with everything you need. How do we begin the discernment process? The same way we get to Carnegie Hall: practice, practice! You see, that is the gift behind suffering on the earth! Suffering is the wake-up call! Suffering keeps us honest! Suffering gets our attention! Suffering is the “keep it real” gift. When we give our attention to ultimate lies, the suffering increases. When we give our attention to ultimate truth, the suffering decreases. All sacred traditions state that when we get tired of inflicting suffering upon ourselves with our attention, then and only then will we stop.

Suffering has a purpose... it jump-starts the discernment process!

Stephen: You talk about how one can either expand into truth or contract back into illusion. How does this work?

Vaishali: This all goes back to: you are what you love and you love whatever you give your attention to. No one can be expanding into the truth that they do not have love, value and power, they ARE IT — and, at the same time, be contracting into a story that it is going to work out for everyone else on the planet but them. We are either building a monument to heaven’s truth with our trust in life and love, or we are contracting back into the illusion of being unsupported and separated from love by worrying, criticizing ourselves and others, and by seeing only the most negative of outcomes. We are either growing in the light of a higher truth, or we are stagnating in the blindness created by the ego’s agenda.

Stephen: With the discovery of the Indigo and Crystalline children and their heightened awareness, how can a parent guide their children to ask their heart for their truth, not their brain... especially when the majority of schools and society as a whole tends to teach otherwise?

Vaishali: Well, it is not just school that teaches them otherwise; there is a systemic cultural pressure to use the brain, not the heart. Society in general praises people for thinking their way through life, not feeling their way through it. We all know the “feeling place” and we all know how our intellects can rationalize away anything. We all know how we can think one thing, yet feel another.

Parents can remind their children that they have the capacity to drop into their hearts and allow the feeling intelligence to guide them. When children are learning the needs of others, parents can guide them, by asking, “How would you feel if someone threw a rock at you and called you a ‘freak’?”, or whatever the situation requires. Parents can support their children in setting their internal compass to point to what is honest and real in the feeling world, because as Swedenborg points out, what we feel in our hearts is our highest intelligence.

Stephen: In your book, you talk about perception as being a magic carpet ride that either elevates us to heaven or plummets us into hell. How can one change their negative perceptions, when they believe they are accurate and fixed?

Vaishali: One of the major points I am making is the value of letting go of any and all belief systems. Does anyone on this planet know what reality is? As Lilly Tomlin says, “It is nothing more than a collective hunch.”  In other words, if you don’t know what reality is, what are you doing forming a belief system around it? If you don’t know what reality is, then practice showing up from an open and innocent heart, and let reality tell you something about its self-evident nature. Then, when you have that one down, you can move on to the next level of mastery. Just remember spiritual truth says that you have to live according to what you love... so choose wisely.

Stephen: How does one begin shifting their perceptions if they are in the habit of operating from years of negative conditioning?

Vaishali: Honesty is essential. If what you are doing is not working for you, meaning it does not support you in a relationship with unconditional happiness and a meaningful existence, then let it go! The truth is we are all brainwashed. If what you have brainwashed yourself with is not empowering your spiritual identity — that you do not have love you ARE love — then program yourself with an alignment that does.

Again, this is where suffering is designed to be your teacher. If the negativity is recreating suffering in your life, it is nature’s way of saying, “Put the negativity down, step away from the perceptual weapon, and no one will get hurt.” 

Only you can realize that you are a timeless, immortal being. Years of negative conditioning are nothing; you are beyond time and the grasp if its limitations.

Stephen: How does a person begin the process of surrendering and “Waking Up” when fear, pain and negative patterns are keeping one asleep in the disease of duality?

Vaishali: The suffering is not what keeps anyone asleep. Suffering is the Divine design to let you know, in no uncertain terms, that you are surrendering your attention to something outside of heaven. Remaining loyal to the suffering, defending your relationship with limitation, that is what keeps one asleep.

Choosing to remain in bed with familiar fears, rather than face the uncertainty of learning by giving attention to truth, is what keeps anyone asleep at the wheel.

Stephen: When one surrenders their fears, can they master the human experience?

Vaishali: That is why I wrote the book. This type of authentic probing lies outside of our culture’s love for soundbites, fast food and instant gratification. This question, in order to answer it honestly, requires giving it its multifaceted due. But the most concise way it can be said is this: realize that you are what you love, and you love whatever you give your attention to. You came here to practice giving your attention to the truth, to the exclusion of everything else, no matter what the world throws at you. Unconditional conscious alignment with the truth is mastery at its finest.

Stephen: What revelation would you like the readers or listeners of “You Are What You Love” to walk away with?

Vaishali: Identify with pure love and nothing else, no matter what the world throws at you, because when you do, Heaven is where you will live, unconditionally! 

For more information on Vaishali and her new book “You Are What You Love” (Purple Haze Press, 2006) visit, e-mail  or call (239) 513-3313.

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