The Leap: Living Our Divinity,
Ending the Ego’s Delusion
By Sharon Haddy and Ruthanne Ali



“It is time to face reality. Our former and current ways of responding to human cries and crises — our own and others — are no longer sufficient to enable us to break out of the human tragedy the world is experiencing. We find that even when stepping up the intensity and frequency of our traditional spiritual practices such as meditation and prayer, we meet with discouragement and waning hope. We experience limitations in what they can affect in terms of rapid healing and transformation needed to bring results NOW which will prevent more disaster and suffering. It has become evident that we need to LEAP to another level of awareness and spiritual practice.”

That was my introduction to Connie Kellough. Her view of the circumstances of the world, and the need for spiritual renewal and self-transformation mirrored mine. When I learned she was a student of Eckhart Tolle and had published his first three books, I knew she was a dynamic lady and much was to be learned from her. To get a better understanding of her process of deepening consciousness and this leap in awareness of which she spoke, I asked her to tell me how an association with Eckhart Tolle had impacted her life. She gave me a peek into her journey to this awareness.

“In 1996, I was ensconced full-time in my second career as a management consultant in Vancouver, Canada. My first career of 10 years had been in the college system as both an instructor and Department Chair in English Literature. At that time, a yearning emerged within me to sit in spiritual practice with a Sangha. I was surprised as I watched my feelings emerge, as up to that time in my life, I had always been very private in my spiritual practices. A friend asked me to join him in a meditation session. A week later, at the end of the work day, our office door opened and in walked a gentle, almost diminutive, unassuming man who was introduced to me as Eckhart Tolle. Synchronicity!”

At the first session of sacred sitting, Connie recognized the energy of Eckhart’s Presence and his ability to put perennial spiritual Truth into an idiom that was appropriate for her Western mind. During weeks of meditation sessions, Eckhart led her beyond intellect and into the awareness of Stillness and Presence. Connie spoke of crossing her own “inner bridge” to the realization that she and all the people of the world are being called to move beyond world views and cultural patterns to affect the world’s healing and transformation. “Faith the size of a mustard seed, dropped into the fertile soil of consciousness” was all that was necessary to begin the work toward that end.

Out of this developing consciousness, Connie’s mission emerged — “to bring a vision of divine nature and inestimable worth into the awareness of every individual on the planet. Can there be any more important work than to serve as a means through which the love consciousness pressing to emerge on the planet at this time can move? This new consciousness will recall our ineffable value, beauty, and power as the Sons of God that we are.”

Through what Connie believes was the Law of Attraction, Eckhart asked her to be the publisher of a book he was writing. With no publishing experience and a previously unpublished author as her first venture, she founded Namaste Publishing. The book was entitled “The Power of Now” and the rest is publishing history. “One needs to have a foot in both worlds when pursuing a mission called by God, one in the “real” world and the other in the Spiritual, and you must always remember which one to lean on.”

We must “come to the felt awareness that we are the one God”. We can no longer just mouth it, or chant it, or say endless affirmations on it; we must believe it with our heart and soul.”

We must:
1. End seeking outside of ourselves! We have been seeking long enough! We are the BEing we have been looking for. We are the God-self!

2. Accept that we need to live our Divinity!  We must change our rituals and experiment with new behaviors to see the differences they make in our lives. We need to discover what it means to love as God, i.e., divine love where there is no room for judgment, fear, pity, jealousy. This leads us to BEing our Truth.

3. Live the spiritual awareness that we are all One. When we do this, we take personal responsibility for our world.

Get to know Connie better and learn more about her teachings at Unity of Tustin on February 25 at 1:30 p.m. as she discusses: “What Is Involved in Making the LEAP?”, “Victimhood, Be Gone!”, “Realizing Your God Self”, “BEing It — Practices”, “Healing Before BEing”. For more information and registration, call (714) 730-3486 or register online

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