Superbrain Yoga
Hope for ADD, ADHD, Autism & Alzheimer’s!
By Dr. Eric B. Robins, M.D.



There is a rising epidemic of both children and adults being diagnosed with attention deficit disorder (ADD). These people suffer greatly, as it not only causes difficulty with concentration on academic studies and work, but also interferes with their interpersonal relationships, impulse control, and general level of happiness. In the past few decades, we have had little to offer them other than giving medications.

I would say at least 20% of the children whom I see in my practice have been given this diagnosis. The issue came even closer to home with a relative who had been given no formal diagnosis, but whose parents noticed was hav-ing increasing difficulty sitting still, and being able to focus on his homework. His grades were consistently average, his motivation to do well in school was just not there, and it was causing quite a bit of stress in their household.

When I told GrandMaster Choa Kok Sui about the dilemma, he recommended my relative begin practicing Superbrain Yoga®. He explained the energetic cause of this problem was that too much energy was tucked down in the lower energy centers of the body, and not enough was flowing up to the brain. He said Superbrain Yoga® would cause the sexual energy to flow up and energize the brain. The effect would also energize the higher centers, so that thinking and focusing would be much easier. Superbrain Yoga® also has a calming effect.

I taught a family member the technique, which only took about two minutes in the morning and was easily learned by him. The changes we noticed over the next month were miraculous — and I don’t use this word lightly. He suddenly became very focused when doing his schoolwork. It was like a different child was sitting quietly at the table, motivated to learn, with his attention directed at the homework. His report card that semester improved by one full letter grade. The changes have continued to mount as he recently entered a very competitive school, and raised all his scores by one or two letter grades, and has five A’s and two B’s out of seven subjects at the time of this writing.

Since that time, I have taught several of my younger ADD patients this technique. Invariably, when they returned to the office for a follow-up, the parents have a gleaming smile on their faces, and tell me of a dramatic turnaround their children have experienced. I am so thankful to GrandMaster Choa Kok Sui for bringing this simple, but powerful transformational technique to the world.

Dr. Eric B. Robins is a Board Certified Urologist and co-author of “Your Hands Can Heal You” with Master Stephen Co, both disciples of GrandMaster Choa Kok Sui, originator of the Superbrain Yoga® and Pranic Healing®. For more information on books and classes, please call the U.S. Pranic Healing® Center at (888) 470-5656 or log onto and also receive a Free Self-Healing meditation CD!

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