Spiritual Living in a 9-5 World
Action Steps for Everyday Mysticism
By Wisdom Teacher Sri Ram Kaa and Angelic Oracle Kira Raa



Six a.m. again? The alarm sounds, the kids wake up, the dog needs to be fed, and you need to look great! Where in the frantic daily routine can you fit in conscious spiritual connection? After all, your heart is yearning to consistently hold loving presence and the idea of quiet time is forever appealing…  Yet, your job is demanding, the mailbox is filled with bills, dinner needs to made, and a relaxing bathtub seems forever away. Sound familiar?

Often on the path of seeking an integrated life; one of activity and spirituality, the balance of the two becomes slanted in one direction or the other. Commonly, we lose perspective and begin to believe that we must sacrifice one for another. We assume that spirituality can only be maintained within the ashram or yoga studio experience, and begin to schedule our spiritual time the same as we schedule any other activity. Simultaneously, in our quest to find the spiritual path, we often dismiss our own discoveries of spirituality as inappropriate or unrealistic for “the real world”.

Given this cycle of discovery and disappointment, the common mantra today is: “If only I could find a moment of peace!”  This is a powerful mantra because it is the catalyst for action that keeps you searching for more. What if you could accept that your current situation is serving your soul perfectly right now?

What if you could allow yourself to begin by simply smiling at the Divine process being played out in front of you every moment of every day? What if the alarms, the demands, the bills, the traffic… all of it, were in front of you to offer the gift of breaking-through?

These are powerful questions for they invoke deep self introspection. The irony of introspection is that when we are full with life’s demands, self reflection feels either like a luxury or yet another demand of your time! So, how does one break free from this continuous cycle and embrace the balance of activity and spirituality?

Simply put, there are only three simple action steps that you need embrace. You can begin now and gift yourself with the deep connection you seek, regardless of your current life experience. Taken individually, each step is simple. There is, however, a secret to mastering them. The key to your success is your commitment to follow through, every day. It is the daily commitment to our balance that often becomes the challenge.

If you really want to break through the challenges that seem insurmountable, then you must take the first step. So, ready or not, here it is:  Commit to choosing joy in all your experience!

Yes! Choosing Joy is a strong statement to the universe that you “get it” and that you are ready to accept the Divine at work in everything you experience. One simple way you can apply choosing joy is to recognize when you are experiencing something other than joy.

The word joy in and of itself often invokes a strong response. This is because we commonly filter joy through our emotional bodies. Emotional joy is yet another form of imbalance as it is an expression of dependency energy. The emotional body believes that something outside must change, like a better job, a new relationship, etc. Soul Joy is experienced through the recognition of Beingness. This is an important discernment. When you are faced with any situation and you consciously choose joy, you can immediately back-check yourself by asking the question: Is this joy dependant upon anything?

If the answer is yes, than you know you are responding from the emotional body; a wonderful discernment. Smile at this and get clear that true Joy does not need anything from the outside. Keep choosing joy until you feel this energy as a loving energetic hug rather than an emotional band-aid.

You must fully embrace this first step before you move onto the next. Remember that patience with yourself is one of the greatest gifts you receive along the way. In every moment it is imperative to bring to your consciousness the recognition that you are doing the very best you can with the situation in front of you, given the resources you currently have. This is why choosing joy in your experience is so powerful. This one simple choice will begin to reflect in your consciousness in profound ways. You will find that it will influence all areas of your life, including the resources you call to yourself.

Now that you’ve committed to the first step and are experiencing the benefits of choosing joy, you are ready for step two. See the Divine in Action in everyone and everything!

You now realize why step one was so important. Whether you agree with another person or not is irrelevant when it comes to recognizing that all Beings are the Divine in Action. Each event in our world, every action we take or receive, are all Divine in nature. When you allow yourself to recognize that the Divine exists in all beings and experiences, you begin the process of depersonalizing your experiences and expand into the role of the observer.

Allowing this process to integrate into your daily life takes practice, just like step one. After all, you have spent most of your life responding to those actions around you rather than being the observer of them. A simple way to begin this process is to sit down with a piece of paper and write the name of someone or some action that is causing you pain. As you gaze upon the paper begin breathing deeply and bring your hand to your heart. Allow yourself to remove the “you” from this interchange and simply open up to seeing how the Divine may be at work in this interaction.

There is no time limit on this exercise. It is important to just be honest with yourself. Know that if you are unable to move too deeply in the beginning, that having taken the step is a wonderful way to begin. The more often you repeat this process, the simpler it will become to begin recognizing the amazing ways the Divine reveals itself. You will discover that regardless of any situation you are confronted with, the recognition of the Divine in Action expands your spiritual awareness and you will likely shift how the situation resolves. There is great freedom in cultivating this awareness.

Now that you have embraced the process of choosing joy, and have acquired the habit of seeing the Divine in Action in all beings and circumstances, you have set the stage to fully experience a spiritual life 24/7. So, how can you anchor your spiritual self in your 9-5 world?

The third step in this journey offers perspective. Get clear on what you really want in your life.

This may sound obvious, however most of us are not living spiritually empowered lives. This is due to the inability to offer clear signals to the universe on how to support us. Your heart may declare one set of objectives, while the brain is offering another. You may say you want one thing, yet all of your actions support something else. By choosing Joy and recognizing the Divine in Action you set the stage for your soul’s mission to rapidly unfold. When you listen to the inner yearnings and get clear, the universe will support you unconditionally. Remember, the universe is already supporting your life right now, the magic is to shift where that support is anchored!

Instead of feeling lost or trapped in the world, see the Divine, feel the Joy, and trust your life! A giant step in the right direction is when we stop complaining about our life and begin energizing affirmative declarations. How many people do you know that constantly repeat affirmation after affirmation yet nothing seems to change in their lives? Affirming what you want without soul clarity will simply make you really good at repeating affirmations!

There is one sure way to get clear. Begin by being really honest with yourself about what brings you joy, (see Action Step One). Recognize that Joy is the signal from your soul that you are doing exactly what you should be doing! Write about this on paper, avoid a computer. Allow your body to receive the signal that you are serious about clarity. Avoid judging what you write and how it is written. Simply write until you are clear, and keep refining the clarity! Then, as you are ready, repeat this process again and again.

Remember, you are already living a spiritual life because you are here… now! It is how you balance your consciousness that will ultimately offer you the peace, love and joy that is yours to delight in moment by moment! When you change your perspective, the outer world will shift to support your true Joy!

Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Raa are best-selling authors, columnists, radio personalities, and Master Avesa Quantum Healers. They will be featured at the Conscious Life Expo, Feb. 9-11, where they will debut their newest book “2012: Ascension! Atlantean Revelations for A World in Chaos”.   Read the monthly Archangelic messages and learn more at: www.SelfAscension.com

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