Our New Solar System
Astronomy Vs Astrology!
By Kay Walburger



Gaye Nelson has spent a lifetime creating magic in the worlds of metaphysics and entertainment. She is known as “The Professional Fairy Godmother” because she teaches about ‘cosmic energies’ that are conspiring to help express your natural talents and gifts via your Map of the Heavens, Planets, Astrological Chart and Horoscope!

You will learn about specific aspects of your personality. Your Natal Chart reveals what is in your “spiritual suitcase”. Your Star Chart explains ways to improve your health, fine-tune your timing of daily events, and increase your income by choosing a fulfilling profession. Astrology reveals clues to your destiny and how to fulfill it. It also shows what is needed for your relationships to work! Best of all you will make peace with your Past! Choose wisely in the Present! Create the Future as you would like it to be!

Our New Solar System — Astronomy Vs Astrology
“With all this reclassification going on, what is an astrologer to do?”  Gaye Nelson, an expert in astrology and tarot, reminds us that for many countless years, Astronomy and Astrology were the ‘Same Science’ and considered a Sacred Divination! Until about 250 years ago, Science and Spirit were complementary and now they are considered adversarial.

*Astrology = ‘Astron’ (Star) plus ‘Logos’ (Word) describes the language or story of the stars. It is a magical, mythical story showing us that “as above... so below!” The Language of the Stars!

*Astronomy = ‘Astron’ (Star) plus ‘Nomos’ (Law/Numbering) describes the laws governing pathways of stars including placement, numbers, sizes, weights, and compound make-up! The Law of the Stars!

On August 24, 2006 the International Astronomical Union convened in Prague and ratified the new definition of a planet, which changed our solar system by reclassification of several asteroids, and a former planet. By designating new “Dwarf Planets”, Pluto’s planetary status was stripped, and Ceres, Eris, Zena (2003 UB313) status was elevated. This changed our solar system from nine planets to eight! 

“For me personally,” proclaims Gaye, “I feel it is imperative in this time in which we live that ‘Science and Spirit’ must reunite to resolve the global conditions facing humanity and our great and good Mother Earth!

“This recent reclassification is encouraging to me as I look at the new story of the stars. The symbolism is stunning because the archetype Pluto (Roman God of the underworld) is often associated with misuse of power. Everyday we read about misuse of power by (local and global) institutions of education, religion, law, local and federal governments, and financial and business fields.

“Ceres (Roman Goddess of the home, hearth and mothering) gives us what we need. As an earth goddess she teaches us to live in harmony with our Mother Earth. Her motto: ‘As you sow... so you reap.’
“This recent reclassification may well be a part of all the good that is intended for Earth and all her children! What the world needs now is a balancing of Male and Female gifts and energies. A harmonious honoring of All Humanity!  Archetypes Pluto and Ceres and their new status is an examination of balancing the best of both Male and Female qualities.”

Gaye Nelson’s 2007 Forecast
“2007 could prove to be one of the most uplifting and positive times in many years. Most of the year Jupiter will travel through Sagittarius (the sign it rules). I call it Santa Claus, the Wizard of Oz, Steven Spielberg, Walt Disney and the Fairy Godmother rolled into one, because it is “The Big Happy Planet”. Jupiter only returns to its home sign once every twelve years, so it is a special pattern.

“I liken it to the joy Santa must feel when he returns home to the North Pole for a nice cup of hot cocoa by the fire after all the presents are delivered and he knows he has spread delight all over the world. What happens in 2007 is related to what you were hoping for and trying to manifest in 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983 and 1995 and where you would like to expand by 2019! 

“Jupiter and Sagittarius are associated with laughter, humor, optimism, enthusiasm, travel, higher education, religion, morals, ethics, philosophy, truth, honesty, integrity, marketing, advertising, broadcasting, publishing, international concerns, athletics, the great outdoors, adventure and a heightened sense of unlimited possibility.

“Especially now, we need to believe that right can triumph. Perhaps we will hear more about the good being done globally by so many, since Sagittarius has much to do with the media.” 

Gaye began her long career in show business at age three as the Campbell‘s Soup girl, followed by more than 30 years on stage, in film, television and radio, both as actress and singer. She is a member of AFTRA and the Screen Actors Guild. As a cover girl for Seventeen Magazine, Gaye was featured in an article about successfully combining a show business career with her spirituality as a member of Self Realization Fellowship. She is Vice-President of AFI Associates, fundraising group for the American Film Institute; and a member of Gather the Women and The Fairy Godmother Guild.

Her radio program “Corners of the Heart” went on the air in 1990, and soon moved to local cable television in Los Angeles, discussing various inspirational topics. She also belongs to the Southern California Astrological Network (SCAN) and the San Francisco Astrological Society (SFAS).

Gaye served as the Community Health Educator for Planned Parenthood and was a Bradley Method Childbirth Educator. She was one of the creators of “A Sound Beginning”, a unique prenatal parenting program. The main element is a “musical umbilical cord that never has to be cut”, created through the use of a 30-second “womb song” which is sung to the baby in the last weeks of pregnancy. Gaye is still available to serve as a doula (birth companion) during labor and birth.

Gaye has co-created a program called “Astrology To Go” using the wisdom and messages she has to offer the world. Each visitor to the site has an opportunity to sign up to receive her free twice-a-month astrology report called “The Spiritual Weather Report”. Please visit or and sign up for these free emails.

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