Tips on Keeping Mind and Body Young
By Jesse Anson Dawn



Jesse Anson Dawn, author of the national award-winning book, Never “Old,” plus The Rejuvenator’s Bible, speaks out about a most  stirring subject: how to counteract the unwanted effects of “aging”.

Presently answering the question:
”Although you have said that pure water is the best thing for the skin (due to the skin’s natural water content), is there any other substance that you recommend for healthy skin renewal?”

Dear Readers,
“After studying real self-renewal for 40+ years, when it comes to healthy skin, the only substance that I have found (other than pure water), to be healthfully absorbed by the human flesh is pure aloe vera. Aloe vera, as you may know, comes from the blessing of the aloe vera plant, something that has been used for centuries for skin health, and rightfully so — because it WORKS (to a certain extent).

And as we are coming to realize, due to the fact that there is no real verification of the working validity of any of the junk that is sold on TV, etc., (especially when it comes to the gadzillions of junk skin products peddled on the tell-lie-vision), I suggest that one sees these products as just what they are — junk. Mainly because anything that is oil-based CANNOT BE ABSORBED BY THE SKIN), for only water, skin’s true essence, can be purely and healthfully absorbed by human flesh.

 Thus, real chemistry tells us that because our body is made mostly of its pure essence — water — to replace that via pharmacology would be as difficult as inventing a cloud that rains some form of junk skin product. In other words, it just ain’t gonna happen. A magic skin formula? — lots of luck, but my studies say get real and fugetaboutit.

Other than the hopeful fantasy of seeking a skin product that actually works (other than water or aloe vera (somewhat), its better to grasp a real understanding of how the body functions via:

Involuntary Muscles: These are the parts of your blessed body which are perpetually automated, the muscle groups called “visceral” and/or “cardiac” muscles — muscles which operate vital organs such as the heart, liver and intestines. Involuntary muscles are the ones controlled by what is dubbed the “autonomic” nervous system (which is a fancy “scientific” way of saying automatic). But the most useful focus of our word-to-deed conversion right now is to get ourselves better acquainted with those body parts which we can (woo-ha!) consciously direct, the ever-at-your-service —

Voluntary Muscles: Also called “striated” or “skeletal muscle”. these are the body parts commanded by what is called the “somatic” nervous system, a network of nerves which voluntarily controls tissue function and condition (but too often the control is lost). Basically, the voluntarily-directed body parts are these: the muscles of the neck, arms, legs, fingers and toes, plus the outer stomach and back muscles, and yes the SKIN, the skin is most definitely a somatic, voluntarily-controlled muscle (as is the skeletal muscle directly beneath the skin).

Thus what we are accurately and factually exploring here involves much more than the simple command of a few muscles, but FULL-BODY control, whereby every living cell is consistently connected to the power source in charge. As we again face the important question of how to activate and manage the body’s natural control tower, focusing on that (invisible?) energy which makes the whole interconnection of muscle-to-form/mind-to-body happen (or not happen).

As I again remind you that the most important thing we can do together is tap into the all important conversion of word-to-deed. This is where I the TRUE YOUTHMAN can be of real help to you…Selah (forever)…

Jesse is presently on a long sabbatical in the Philippines, thus he is not readily available for his Hawaii Island seminars. He can be communicated with by emailing

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