Is It Hard to Be A Woman?
By Katherine Agranovich



When I wake up in the morning, prior to the alarm going off, I already have a mental list of things needing to be accomplished during the day. With a cup of strong coffee I go to the office and compare my “mental list” with an actual written one from the previous day. I check my e-mails and messages, read my textbooks for college, check my business correspondence, and like a giant snowball gaining speed, my daily responsibilities accumulate as the day progresses. I get the kids ready for school, my husband ready for work, plan my family’s activities, feed the pets, water the plants, buy groceries, pay the bills... trust me, the list is endless. I feel like a general in the army: overseeing, organizing, directing, disciplining, encouraging, but nonetheless being able to successfully balance my hectic life with an equal amount of love and compassion.

And one more thing... I teach myself to put ME as my number one priority. This is something I am still in the process of learning how to do without any guilt or justification!
After years of giving and nurturing those around me, I realize how important it is for women to get to know themselves. We need to love ourselves and fall in love with the one and only Goddess in the universe — US!

What makes this so important and how do we achieve self-love and appreciation?

It might sound simple but it is certainly not easy. There is a thin line between being selfish and loving yourself, and we need to establish where to draw this line.

I came to a very obvious and simple conclusion. When I feel good and happy, so does everyone else in my family. Everything revolves around a woman’s mood, so I started thinking about what makes me happy and content, then established some realistic goals for myself. It did not take much: a good workout, a massage, a date with my husband, lunch with an old friend, sitting down with a good book, or watching a show I wanted to see. It felt good to be my own priority for a change.

As a result, I found that by filling my inner cap with personal happiness, I can share my love with the people I care about. I realized that the whole process of self-discovery can be perceived as an adventure, helping us to find our self-esteem and allowing us to really fall in love with ourselves and be better at meeting our own needs. Getting to know and accepting ourselves a whole being, even with ourimperfections, takes courage and wisdom. We should applaud ourselves and really be proud of our accomplishments. And the most important part of this adventure is doing it entirely for ourselves.

People will begin to sense our inner presence of self-respect and power, and in return will learn to respect us and value our wishes. As we develop the proper attitude and really feel this power of self-knowledge we tend to attract more happiness and love into our lives. The old principle of Homeopathy teaches that “like attracts like”.

I am sure there are millions of women, just like myself, who are doing their best, going through life learning, making mistakes and then learning from them. As we approach this holiday season, I would like to thank God for my humbleness, all the madness, chaos, and emotions that accompany a woman’s hectic life.

Katherine Agranovich is the Director of Achieve Health Center, Inc. She is a Doctor of Natural Health Studies, Medical Hypnotherapist and PHD candidate. To learn more please call (949) 706-2300 or visit

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