Hunting for Treasures
Living An Empowered Life
By Linda Drake



Who am I? Where am I going with my life, and what do I want to be when I grow up? At some point in our lives we all stop to ask ourselves these questions. Through our daily struggles to keep up we have to know or feel there is more to life than just survival. Whether you are sitting in traffic on the way home from a long exhausting day at work or preparing supper for your family, you find yourself thinking “what is my purpose in life?” We need to know there is some purpose to all of this. I’ve asked myself these same questions.

Many of you were taught in your religious backgrounds to pray for others but it is also important to pray for yourselves, asking Spirit for your own healing and direction. Through prayers you can connect with your own spiritual support group. This is giving them permission to step up their work within your life. They have always been there working but not as powerful as they could have been if you were working together for your highest good. They love the acknowledgement and you will greatly benefit from your connection with them. Don’t worry about names — they are not necessary but you may eventually hear them as you work more closely together.

If you can learn to open your hearts to ask for help from Spirit and your spiritual support system you can learn to open your hearts to receive all you deserve. The lesson of receiving is often much harder to achieve than the lesson of asking. When many of you gave away your power, you established the belief that you are not worthy of receiving blessings in your life. Whether love, money or success, there is subconscious fear or belief that you do not deserve it. This is where fear takes away your power. Through gaining a better understanding, you can overcome that fear and take back your power.

Begin by taking the fear apart, when it was first established. What is the fear about? Who gave it to you? How can you overcome it? You may find that there are multiple fears. Deal with them one at a time. These are all tools of knowledge that you hold. Some of you may need a therapist or a friend to assist you with this in the beginning and don’t be afraid to reach out for help. This is part of taking back your power and that first step is the most important part. If you do not start somewhere it will never happen and your life will continue as is.

This is your life and finding your life purpose can be quite an adventure. Finding this life purpose is seldom as difficult as you may expect. Many of the lessons you have learned, and lessons you have taught others, are an important part of your life purpose.

You do not have to be an important person in the history of humanity to affect humanity in a big way. Once I was talking with a woman who was distraught because she had not found her life purpose and was afraid she was running out of time to accomplish this great purpose. She explained to us that she had gone to college to get her masters in political science. She always felt that her destiny was to change the state of the world.

After college her life took a sharp turn as she had fallen in love and put her goals on hold to have a family. She was anxious to get back to her destiny of saving the world but three small children were her priority at this time. She wanted to know why she always had a knowing about the importance of her destiny but couldn’t figure out how to make it happen.

Her spirit guides began to explain to us that she was already taking some huge steps in changing the world by teaching her three children a different philosophy. She would shape the lives of these children so they would have the confidence and power to help her in future efforts to change the world. These children would help to create a world of peace. It is the ripple effect of how her love, support and teaching each of her children will reach everyone they touch in a positive way. The job of parenthood is so powerful, far beyond what we might initially see.

Some of you are currently out in the world standing in your power, working to fulfill your purpose to release the fear of change gripping humanity. Your efforts are working to change the world at this time. Some of you are working behind the scenes as parents to better prepare humanity for the challenges of the future. And bless your hearts, as some of you are juggling life while trying to accomplish both.
Know the power within you and be all that you desire.

Linda Drake is a renowned intuitive life path healer, author and acclaimed channel of Abraham who uses her gifts to help the bereaved find comfort, healing and understanding. In her new book “Reaching Through The Veil To Heal”, she shares powerful, true stories that underscore vital lessons in accepting loss, coping with grief, understanding death and reconnecting with life. She is currently doing a nationwide book tour and is part of The Learning Annex. 

© Linda Drake 2006

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